NEW Screencast - Nicecast Set-up for Headsets

­Check out the new Screencast ..or .. MacCast for Nicecast Headset Set-up! ­­­­


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Thanks Lee, great information on how to get the feed with headphones. Can I send you some questions?


Thank you for your kind words. I love mac. Yes. feel free to ask any questions or find me on skype anytime. I am lbaber on skype. Thanks,


Hi, Lee.

Thanks more than I can say for the excellent tutorial session today. I understand far more than I did before, and I also (thanks to you) learned about, downloaded, and installed Sound Source. I hit (or forgot to hit) something during the streaming session in which I was using both a desktop mic and headset for input and output, and it wasn't archived. That's OK, though; I know the settings to check, and I think (I hope!) I can function much better now because of the help you gave.

Take good care, and thanks again.

D. O.

Dennis Oliver: ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona.
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