Sound Card Requirements

I have summarized some resources about sound card requirements on my course notes 2.3 metalist:

After assessing my existing hardware and looking at some blog entries, I noticed that this issue has not

received much attention, even though the sound card is the central workhorse in webcasting.

I wasn't quite sure if my 16 bit Realtek sound cards on desktop and laptop were the real thing after

discovering that motherboard soundcards are not the choice of preference among experts.

Especially motherboard sound cards on laptops didn't get much praise.

Meanwhile, I've purchased a 24 bit external sound card for Euro 60 that I want to deploy. But there are

top-quality 24 bit sound cards, which range up to US$300, that employ X-Fi technology.

Who has experiences with 24 bit sound cards as compared to 16 bit sound cards?

And who uses X-Fi?



24 bit sound cards are a No-must requirement, up to now!

But as new evaluation reports emerge, it may unfold to be a

Must requirement because 16 bit sound cards have a significant

number of problem reports when it comes to making the settings.


24 bit, X-Fi: Dave Baron Recording Two-Way Skype Call


24/96 bit: 2008-01-07, Lee says: I have an Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 [bit] which is a sound card and break-out box for pro recording and acts as an interface to a DAW (digital audio workstation). I know that when working with pro audio recording the dedicated sound card or sound card not integrated on the motherboard is a must. The control on the card I have is through the interface offered on screen offering many options for routing sound in and out of the computer via the soundcard.  The beauty in this particular card and box are the mic preamps on the box. A good mic pre is worth its weight in gold. I will look over the RoMac interface. I am sure the options for routing are versatile. If you would like to see the one I have for my DAW see this older article. This product is no longer being made but it still works great for me.

The thing I like about these types of interfaces (or today's soundcard options) are the ability to plug in any line level input.  This lets you go from any instrument or vocal directly into the computer with good 24 bit fidelity. The ability have auto settings for each or your your programs sound convenient. I will be interested to look at the details. Perhaps there is  a software  available out there to do a similar thing for any card one assigns to it. Interesting. If I find any info of interest I will post it back here and on the wca site.

James/Eurominuteman... More reports are needed!