Webcast Academy 1.1 Ideas/Reflections

I have learned so much from this Academy and the process of creating my webcast. I really appreciate the book of webcasting and the screencast tutorials. I put my rough screencast up there today...

Some thoughts/lessons learned...

1. You really need to get a usb microphone. It makes the sound so much better.
2. It works a lot better if you have a co-host for your show. Someone who's interested in the topic of the show, but has a different perspective. That's something I heard recommended for podcasting, and I would be in deep trouble without Arvind.
3. After your first couple of shows, all of the software confusion isn't so bad. I would recommend that you start with the fewest number of programs possible (on a pc), skype, sam broadcaster, and virtual audio cables. Don't worry about anything else at first. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!).
4. Interview shows are so much easier. I encourage hosts to invite many participants. Check out http://teachersteachingteachers.org/ for examples...
5. Make sure to have clear topics for the show. We like the 30 minute format, as it goes quickly, but think about the time you are going to spend broadcasting and how to break it down.

For the next class, I would recommend pulling together a list of the webcasts that interns can listen to to learn webcasting. I actually found the ones where you were teaching folks how to use the software most helpful.

My thoughts on next steps include building my own webcasting server and messing around with Drupal. I really like the drupal interface and find more and more sites that are using it. What Teachers teaching Teachers is doing with Wordpress is pretty impressive as well. We could have webcasting networks (I know -- I'm dreaming big). But Jeff and Dave are right --- the more the merrier.

Thanks guys --- for a really amazing opportunity. I appreciate it in ways you I can not really write.

no no I don't want it to be over!! Yes, we're up and running but just barely!

I agree about learning about the server and drupal... and what about skypecast and how many participants... and improving audio quality and editing tips... and yes, suggestions of great podcasts for listening!! please don't end!!

Susan, I see it as a commencement. Like college graduation, we have enough knowledge to be dangerous. Not it's time to get out and learn on our own, and from each other. Not an end, a beginning.