Practice, Practice, Practice

A few days ago, Alice Mercer and I arranged a practice session for ourselves so that we could continue to practice streaming, capturing audio and general trouble shooting. Alice has the first part of the conversation and what follows is the audio from when I kicked the stream and took over. Little did I know that I would lose Alice for a bit and would have to babble by myself. We were joined by Lisa Durff who reported that there was no sound but we were pleasantly surprised that the sound was there all along. I did some editing so that this audio could be about 10 minutes long.

 I've submitted this audio because it is an example of something not going as planned and the process we used to fix what's wrong. We stayed calm, used what we knew, had community support and moved on. What more could one want in a learning experience.

Because we were not doing a formal show, we did not do a proper intro. The outro was cut short because my time with freebie NiceCast was up and the static arrived. Yes - I will buy the full version. I just wasn't sure if I was cut out for this webcasting stuff and didn't want to buy something I wouldn't use! So I guess that means this old lady is in!

Here is the link to my Monarch Butterfly Wiki that was mentioned in the audio.




I spoke with the 1st grade teacher who only has internet at school. I think she will be interested. I will send her the link. We go back Thursday and will likely listen (yawn) to the principal all morning in the auditorium with no wireless. I will be so bored......