How do I publish audio on this site?

Interns can post audio on this site by clicking 'create content/audio'.  Choose the appropriate category for your content (introduction, assignment, interncast, etc.)
Please do not publish audio by attaching it to your blog post (as we did in the early days of the Academy).

All audio published to the Webcast Academy and Worldbridges sites should be:

  • an mp3 file encoded at no more than a 64kbs bitrate (unless recordings include music that requires higher bitrate for the sake of music quality) . Higher bitrate files can be exchanged as pre-edited raw files. 
  • Sample rate should be 22 or 44khz in order for the audio to work with audio flash players.
    Screencast: Configuring Audio Specifications in Audacity
  • ID3 tags should include the Title, Artist, website URL (in comments section), and Licensing information
    (creative commons licensing info)
     How to deal with ID3 tags (Audacity 1.2.x)
    Editing ID3 Tags (Audacity 1.3.x)
  • Filenames should always describe the content of audio, date produced, and be unique from any other filename. For example, intern introductions should be named like - jane-doe-introduction-2007-08-01.mp3
    Do NOT use spaces or special characters (i.e. # @ & $ !) in filenames. Underscores and dashes are fine.

Please post any questions in the Audio Issues Forum

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