How To: Skype Conference Calls

I did this screencast on how to create and add callers onto a conference call.

Softare: CamStudio (open source Windows)

Issues: Audio did not record as I had it set up for record telephony. How do you record a screencast when you're on a Skype conference? Must be the equivalent of walking, chewing gum, and juggling? 

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Great job Alice!  Hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of editing your post to embed the video into the post.  Have also added it the Screencast page of the Book. 

That's fine. Can we AT A MUCH LATER DATE, look at the recording of screencast with telephony issue? I think that is definitely an advanced topic for me.

Yes, what Alice said and how does one embed html like that? 


Hi, Alice,

Thanks for taking the time to make it! It's great.