major recording issues

Alice, Maria, and I are trying to record a telephony conference.  I followed Jeff's screencast to the letter and seem to have caused more problems.  Audio Repeater shuts off my voice and creates an echo.  Audacity won't record anything but my voice, Alice can't get VAC to work, and Maria is using a mac and having trouble setting up nicecast.  HELP!


sorry was me..Lisa Parisi

Calling you! 


Well, you are going through the normal, ahhhhh!!!** of a webcaster. You think you have your settings, your cables, your connections but there are some connections for Maria, in Nicecast, that switch to the default, even when you save them. I find I have to make my settings, then quit, then open up Nicecast again to be sure the settings have stuck. My 2 cents.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD