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I feel excited about the accomplishments so far, mainly recording a telephony call. In the past, there were always technical issues with the computers I was working at, I never got to record both ends. There was always one voice missing!

This time, yes. A big YES! WOOHOO! OK, the bad part? It's always terrible to listen to ourselves and I realized how LOUD I am. Had to edit the whole conversation because of my so loud tone!

I could record a conversation between Erika and me. We talked about a traditional Brazilian sweet and had lots of fun. Erika is still trying to get all the configs to work for her, but I'm sure she'll do it, too. Erikats, thanks for being such a great partner and friend!

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Congratulations Carla! I am so glad you had a successful run this time around. Great job. :)


Hi, Lee,

Yes. This time the ride has been much smoother, but I'm dedicating myself to it. It's really about time, effort, and trial and error. Things just don't happen. We really need to test settings and get ready.

I'm glad to be finding my way around.






Great tasting conversation! I will try to post mine next week ...

Dear Bee,

 We're eagerly waiting for your recording. If you need partners, let us know. I'm around.