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Friends at the Academy,


Would you like to save my PC or me disappearing through an upper window? Problem: Audacity refuses to convert aup files to mp3. Yes. I have got Lame. Have now deinstalled and installed Audacity and Lame four times. Audacity claims to have converted, but no mp3 device, including Audacity itelf, recognises what is generated. What would YOU do?


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NZ Chrissy

I promise not to jump, but I think I'll shortly give up and volunteer for useful social work. The saga continues.... I've been working on my PC all the time, so I installed Audacity and Lame on my laptop this morning and transferred the file I want to upload as an mp3 on a stick. Lame worked..... BUT, it only seems to have converted half the file , and at chipmunk speed.


1.   What does the fact that Lame sort of works on my laptop but not my PC tell us?

2.   I've heard of the chipmunk effect before. What does one do about it?

3.  How can you get Lame to convert the complete file?

4.  What would you do if you were me?

Answers by post so you can include a hundred dollar note  for each answer.

I'm going to try and post the original file via Yousendit  to Illya. Poor Illya. All she has done is try to help. 



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

Just found this on a podcasting tips site:

“My podcast sounds like THE CHIPMUNKS on Odeo.”
I’ve seen several people bail on Odeo for this reason, but Odeo is really cool, so I’ve learned to play nicely with them.

Several sites like use a Flash player to play podcast programming. The Macromedia Flash player has a problem playing files that are encoded at a rate that is not a multiple of 11.025 kHz. This effect is sometimes called the “chipmunk effect”: the file is played at double speed. To avoid this, encode MP3’s at 11.025 kHz 22.050 kHz or 44.100 kHz.




Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

Susan did it. SHE DID IT!  With a connection through Skpe , and some instructions through Skype chat, Susan took me through vital settings in Audacity, and my mp3 convert ion was made....You cannot imagine - my irritability, frustration, despair and defeated settings are down below zero.



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

Therefore, since I hear no objections, the motion is so moved! Susan you are now president - coffee all around!




 Thanks for caring.  :-)  Actually, I've managed to solve my own problem. I've CRACKED IT!

 Since I can record with Audacity, including a two-sided telephone conversation (a one-sided conversation would be rather unhealthy), I realised the problem must be Lame, or how Audacity worked with Lame. So I searched the good old internet and found: SWITCH. This free program converts many files to mp3, including . aup . I've tried it out, and it works. I don't find it much of a disadvantage to convert outside Audacity.


Now I'll see what frustrations await me posting my mp3 file to the Academy.


 SWITCH is at:



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

 Just a minute......I was over audacious. SWITCH isn't doing the job after all. I was mislead when I played what I thought was the file created by Switch - it was the original aup file. (File endings, after the dot are not displayed and it is a little hard to be quite sure which file you are playing. I created a file for saved file unique to SWITCH - and it is empty! I downloaded Lame yet again - the 6th. time? When I try to play it through Audacity, though, I'm told Audacity cannot recognise it. Any suggestions? Well-wishers keep asking me if I know I need Lame.........  Dennis



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

 Use Winzip to unzip lame. Then use it to export a file in Audacity.


This was so funny to read, it is what some of my teachers say about me! Co President Susan?
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Dennis: Have you tried this: go into your (aup) file, click on the File button, then click on Export As MP3...then, follow instructions in the MP3 file window that will open up?

For me, the key was realizing that this "conversion" of the document saved in Audacity can be done - provided you extracted the LAME folder inside the Audacity file - through this EXPORT function in the document's File menu.

Good luck! Lidija

Hello here is my problem i cant seem to fix.
I recorded a song from vinyl on audacity then i go to the "file" menu
and "export as mp3" but it says "could not open mp3 encoding library"
I did download "Lame" but is thier a sertaine place I should download the "lame" file to??? or is thier another problem im not aware of??

p.s I came across this forum no idea how if someone could email me about how to fix this that would be awsome or just write on here and I will try to find this page again I will add it to my favs.

thanx to who ever can help