Graduation / Certification Issues

We finally have a basic 'Webcaster Portfolio' content type that can be used by interns to apply for 'certification' and  serve as a personal portfolio beyond that.   Interns can check it out by clicking ' Create Content/ Webcaster Portfolio'

A few issues to sort out:

A)  How can be make the portfolio content type better.

B) We discussed this during a number of 1.x meetings, but never really finalized any policy.  What qualifies as an interncast - simply a recorded conversation, a planned  show (i.e. announced ahead of time, with a topic, audience members, active text chat, etc.), something in between and/or a combination thereof?

C) How does assessment of certification applications take place, who does it, and what special accommodations need to be made for this first certification cycle.

We also need to address how best to keep interns involved (both learning advanced skills and mentoring new orientation groups) after their session is complete.

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

Does it have to be each week scheduled? Why can't you have a sort of at-your-own-pace series of modules that you open up for a certain period of time and close after a certain period of time. Then folks could progress through at their own pace. I have been unable to keep up with what's meeting when and how. I stay confused and feel disconnected. My thoughts, anyway. Yours, Chris Craft

I think that it can be a mixture of the two. A kind of check list that would allow you to progress from Easy to more difficult. As for a regular scheduled show, i know that RL can dictate a lot of what we are able to do and not do. How about a set amount of shows or minutes that are all around a central theme over a specificed period of time. So for example: To meet the intercast requirement, over a six month period the intern must conduct a series of webcasts that total or exceed 600 minutes. The shows should be no shorter than 15 minutes and no longer than 120 minutes. Any ways, these are just my thoughts... and are totally open for discussion.