Euro mini meeting 06 11 06

Recording from Webcast Academy 1.3 euro mini meeting 06 Nov 06. Participants include Anne Fox, Dennis Newson, Andrew Middleton, Jeff Lebow. The recording is made in two parts. Participants encountered difficulties with Skype, and agreed to work together in understanding how Virtual Audio Cables fit into the Webcasting equation.


Apparently, Dennis (posted in his blog , no time stamp, so not sure when) would prefer postponing tonight's meeting. I could use more time to get up and running with VAC - and also another net meeting with a second priority is at the same time. I'll be looking for you, but eventually prefer another appointment, for example tomorrow Tuesday 14 or Friday 17. Any suggestions? Sus

I agree. We have the meeting on sundays from Worldbridges - I would rather prefeer meeting you in Europe (incl. the Nordic Countries) on Fridayes - next time the 17.11 kl 20 CET (19.00 GMT) - is GMT still in use, Andrew :-) I can set op a webcast if you others agree? OK?

I can't make it but look forward to tuning in later. Will someone be able to record and post it? I enjoyed Sunday's meeting and I like the way Jeff suggested the Nordic interns could work out how VACs work and write it down. I realise I must have Nordic blood in me!

Making two meetings a week and doing some WA work in between is tricky. However I will make as many meetings as I can as I value the Sunday meetings and the Euro meetings.

I will be not be available on Friday 13th as I will be attending a couple of Apple seminars in London (including this and a separate 'discussion on the development of podcasting as a professional medium in providing access to learning') where I'm hoping to hear about their plans for iTunes-U beyond USA, amongst other things. I'll feedback if I make any progress. If anyone has any questions they'd like me to raise at the seminar please let me know.

I have not posted on the difficulties we encountered on Monday. If anyone came looking for us we had several difficulties with Skype and, in order to retain a degree of sanity, we decided to take a deep breath ready for next time.

After a re-thinking - and a talk with my wife :-)

Perhaps this is better to set up our EuroMeetingtime on Thurdays (Torsdag) beginning at 7.00 PM in UK(GMT) = 20.00 CET(central european winter time) in Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

or do you have possibilities to meet some earlier? - Thurdays at the end of our "european working day" e.g. at 2.00 PM GMT = 15.00 CET for a one-hour-talk, and NO more!?

Please mail me on [email protected]

- I dont have all your mailadresses! Niels