1.3 Visualising our progress

In the session last week the question was raised about how can we work together when we may be working at different speeds and possibly in a different order? My response was to have a road map where we can place icons of ourselves (some of us may be icons already of course!).

Here's the info for the road map (Tentative Curriculum):

  1. Recording telephony calls and basic audio editing
  2. Basic Streaming
  3. Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills
  4. Post-production and advanced audio editing
  5. Different webcast environments and telephony programs (i.e. Second Life, Paltalk, Gizmo)

So what tool do we use if we want to show our progress on a map? The whiteboard in Vyew  or an editable concept map (like Cmap or Freemind) or something else from the Web 2.0 toolkit?

Let me know whether this visual approach would be useful and whether anyone has any ideas for ways to represent our progress and support each other.

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

I like the idea of being able to check off what skills we have attained. It might be as simple as a table with areas for us to check off with a date completed. I took an online class where we had to do that for each assignment we had completed. That checklist could also link directly to the parts of the webcasting book that we need in order to complete the milestone.

The table is a great solution. Be warned - I always suggest the complicated solution to anything! So, still looking for a reason to use Vyew! (Actually right at this moment still looking for that progress table! I'm sure it will turn up in a minute...)

I worry about standardizing a thing like that. I quite like the fact that there is no set 'skill set' that people are directed toward on the WCA. Once you break it down into a received cannon, some of that flexibility and user createdness of it falls away.


mmm... but i'm pushing my agenda here. Could the table at least be populated by the student themselves and not chosen from standardized cannon? Or maybe a book with a non-limited list of acquirable skills that people could add to and then choose from. mmm... maybe that would suit...