Class of 1.3 Applicants

If you are interested in becoming a member of class of 1.3, please post a short note here letting us know you're interested. You don't have to repeat information mentioned in your profile.

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I would like to participate as a member of the 1.3 class. I am another Maine techie (friend of Cheryl and Alice - previous participants) and have been very impressed by them in our discussions of the academy.
I presently am working on changing the paradigm of professional development for my staff into personal learning spaces. Webcasting is the next step.

I would like to participate in the open house next Sunday, but will not be at home due to earlier commitments. Is this a requirement for joining the next class?

Hello, this is s fine opportunity to learn the ropes in webcasting technologies. I'm invited by Niels Damgaard, Oslo to form the Nordic, Scandinavian team, and we plan to use our section to promote usage and listening to Nordic languages; Swedish, Norwegian, Danish. I've been working on a project for teachers in the Nordic countries and we had an all online conference in November 05. I'm currently preparing a course where online multimedia will be introduced, taking place at a Danish college of education in Copenhagen. For many reasons, I feel that audio and webcasting is a multimedia skill that I should know. Hopefully my tech skills will be enough. I'm working on this, aren't we all these days!

I am looking forward attending the next webclass 1.3

I am trying to collect som nice people from the Nordic contries for this course. Most of these are working with education and with Information Literacy and some have started to listen and making the first podcasts.

We would like to podcast on the Skandinavian languages: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Perhaps people from other part of the world would like to join us for that?

I am working setting up courses (on internett and local) for school librarians and teachers in Norway, and feel a need for know-how and hands-on the new wonderfull world of podcasting. Hope you will see the rest of our little Nordic group soon signing up :-)

I am not able to join you on the of October - I am sitting on a plane from Copenhagen to Oslo at that time, sorry - but I will hear you all via recorded podcast in my car the week after.

We have had our webroom in the OPAL-system for a year now produsing some of our courses for remote places in Norway.

Niels Damgaard

I am a swede who have followed podcasting for a long time with interest and made some podcasting. Mostly for experimenting with it as a tool in education. I am a elearning teacher and course developer. Our school are at the moment developing podcasts as a way to develop mLearning.

At the moment in swedish but who knows what happens in the future.

Here is an example.

I made it to make people understand that using RSS doesnt have to be that isnt rocketscience.

Well, every class needs a disruptive influence and I guess that would be me.  It's been a long time coming but if you have one more space available in the academy for me, I'd appreciate it.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

Finally, I feel ready to join the academy. When I first heard about it in July during the Blogging in the Classroom Summer Institute, I was psyched but realized that I was not yet ready. I was a bit like my 7th and 8th grade students: all reved up and ready to go but with little notion in mind about how to procede. I have since been dabbling in blogging, podcasting and participating in others' webcasts. I now have a better idea of the work involved. Recently, I thought I would create a series of engineers talking with students about engineering ( to augment my class this semester in design technology, but I am not quite up to speed on that as such. What I am up to speed on is a new club at my school: Radio Free BSGE. My students are, at this moment dreaming up podcast shows they will produce. I see my roll as facilitator. My first goal is to learn the ropes in Webcasting in order to facilitate going live with webcasts from my school that the students produce. One of them, Kristin S, an 8th grader partiicpated as a Skype-in listener/speaker in the ElRo Webcast on Oct. 13th hosted by 9th graders at Elanor Roosevelt HS. --Madeline Slovenz Brownstone, Teacher

Hi - I've been listening to EdTechTalk for too long! Surely it is time to get more active! I'm open to ideas, though my background is UK higher education. I'm looking forward to joining others in 1.3. Speak soon I hope.

Hi in this new world we need to know more & more. I listened about webcasting & I search for it many times . I think it is time to get in webcasting. I really need to know about it because I am going to work in TV channel.

I have a brand new, dual processor HP with Plenty of storage room...and will have time after the first of the year to be more involved.


Absolutely Elderbob. The learning and collaboration never end here at the Academy. Congrats on the new machine. I suspect it will help a lot.

Greetings from Denmark. I have just finished working with Sus Nyrop and Niels Damgaard in our project for Nordic teachers and am co-producer of a podcast. I am involved in several other projects where I feel that webcasting could make a contribution so I hope that at this late stage you might consider allowing me to be in the 1.3 class.

I promise to catch up with the orientation meeting last weekend when I was in the attending a family party.

I am looking forward to being a part and figuring all this out! Looks like an interesting group will be a part. I shall be the quiet one -- with bursts of laughter -- I get tickled quite easily.

Thanks for letting me be a part


Hi there,

Looking forward to be a part of Sunday's first webcast. Just wanted to tip my hat.


Now that I have upgraded my equipment, can I just attend the classes and intern with Lee?



Well, here goes nothin, I am terribly busy but I can't imagine a time when I won't be so I'm just going to free fall into webcasting! Looking forward to learning and doing.

My Kindergarten Classroom.  I'm on the right.KDShields


I would like to produce a dvd using slideshow, and video clips of the recording process,jam sessions,and artist interveiws on location from the hottest night spots for broadcast on PBS,and indie podcasts via Myspace,You tube,CD Baby,Music submit,and commercial FM stations.

Requets for content have already been received based on the favorable reception of the CD

I would appreciate your ideas and input.

Having a problem posting, so I will keep it short. I am new to podcasting. I would like to podcast additional class lectures for my students (there is never enough class time!)

OK Gang,

I'm jumping in. I have several goals if I am successful.

- hosting a help desk webcast after school hours for teachers

-hosting informative sessions from my central office to get news to the community

-working with our local education foundation to spread the word about the great things they are doing

Time is an issue for me also, but I am moving this to the top of my list.

Cathy Evanoff     

North Carolina

My name is Sarah Hansen. I'm part of the management teams for and I've done some webcasting before, but not using the latest software. I'd like to learn how to webcast independently so that Pusanweb and Koreabridge can improve as sites with more multimedia content.

I was supposed to be a class a 1.2 intern, but could not participate. So, I'm back for 1.3 and excited to be here. I just ordered a snowball mic to use with my students, but I might have to make use of it as well.

I'm hoping I can sneak in here...

I'm thankful for the Worldbridges gang and the opportunity to participate in a webcast academy!

Skype Conferences, SkypeCasts, Vyew, are all new to me... Luckily I have used audicity and created a podcast and several screencasts.

Here goes...



I wish to Join all.