Listening Plus Graduation - A Group of EFL Students



Oí, Carlinha—and everyone connected with Listening Plus.

I enjoyed listening to the initial portion of the Listening Plus face-to-face
get-together presented here.­­Because I logged in late, I didn't hear this
portion at all as it was happening.

I was particularly interested in the opening remarks about how Thomas' first online
course came into existence—especially the part in which the difficulty of choosing
a venue for the course was explained.

The quality of the audio recording here varies, but that didn't bother me because
I knew why that was happening: it was necessary, at CTJ Sudoeste, to use an
external sound system for broadcast over loudspeakers.

I remember the last hour or so of the F2F meeting very fondly because I thoroughly
enjoyed speaking with you, Erikinha, and various students. Working with you and
Erikinha, Carlinha, was something very special for me. I was also thrilled by the
amount of interest and engagement that many of the LP students showed (thanks
to the well-thought-out teaching/learning materials and the skillful facilitation you
and Erikinha handled so well. In a word, I was both pleased and honored to play
a small rôle in LP, and look forward to more collaboration in future!


D. O.

Dennis Oliver: ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona.
Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.

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