Audio Introduction Skypecall Webcast Chinese TV journalist Broadcaster

Hello, This is Jiang La, a TV journalist from Wenzhou China. Nice to see you all both new & old fellow interns at the webcast academy ;) I am looking forward to doing some real interview over here very soon. 


Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/ Jiang La

My Skype ID: voiceontheair

My SL name: La Looming










Hi Jane, I'm so glad you were able to solve your computer issues and come back for some more fun (?) Your voice sounded good and the music was a great addition. I had some problems hearing James, but this was probably an internet/bandwidth problem, not sure what to suggest there at the moment. I'm sure James will have some suggestions.  Two tech things to be aware of are, make sure to use "-" between your words for the file title name when you save from the sound editing software you use, and see if you can change the 120kbs bitrate to 64kbs, again I'm sure James can help. I know our Skype call/class times are not good for you because my fiance lives close to Guanzhou in a city called Foshan. So 3:00 AM is a hard time to participate. Hopefully some day you can share your experiences with the class :)

Hi Derrall, It's nice to hear from you. Thanks! Yeah, having lot of fun over here lol... going the way to webcasting :)

I enjoy my job very much and do it with passion all my life. Certainly, studying how to stream in live English challenges me...

Good to know that your fiance is in China. It takes around 2 hours to fly from Wenzhou to Guangzhou. I was assumed that you are married with 3 kids. Did I miss something in your audio intro in last class ? ;)

I'd love to participate in the session as possible as I can as always, but my schadule is demanding at work before Chinese New Year, not exactly beause of 3:00 AM is beauty sleeping time. I will try to join you at least once when I am able to later.

I have recalled Jose co-host mentioned of what you told me the same things about audio file's title and bitrate. I also read what Jeff commented this time. I will pay more attention to set it as standard to 64kbs as one of requirements at webcast academy  next time. I did speak to James about the issue of encoding the files to mp3 at 64kbs with winLame when it didn't come out as what I expected. James found it there hidden setting. Even so, I still couldn't see it in my side right now. I will reload the software to see if I can set it later and also make ID3tags right that I forgot it before I made the file. I will recheck recording the other end of telephoney calls too. I could catch skype lady and others audio fine. I have no idea why James audio was so bad. I remmber that his sound was not that bad in class earlier. Thank you all for supporting !

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/Jiang La

Hi Jane Jiang.  I loved the music addition to your audio.  You have a nice webcast voice.  I really hate that our time difference prevents you from joining in the class.  But, I look forward to being an intern in class 2.4 with you.  Hope to be able to correspond maybe through the blog entries here. 

Deborah B Goodman

Deborah, please add me via voiceontheair on skype if you would like to talk with me ( I am not on skype group chat anymore, not sure why I was out since I resigned in this new ID on my new pc. Our time zones are different, but sometimes I am online at your evening time. My job demands as well as flexible from time to time.

 Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/Jiang La

Hi Jane--

What a wonderful intro! I really liked the music and having another person on with you. I haven't figured out how to record a Skypecast yet, but hope to soon! You also have a great picture... did you take that yourself? You look beautiful!

Wonderful to meet you and looking forward to working with you more!



Yes, I enjoy broadcasting a lot. Webcasting is my new goal ;) I am glad that you liked the background music too. That is a song called “The Closest Thing To Crazy” from a British young singer. My friend Steve from the UK shared with me a couple years ago, but I supposed that I had never listened to it ( because I have most of my spare time to listen to news on BBC Radio when I do things around home ) until this time when I was searching for a piece of music as background to my audio intro. I was surprised that I found it and loved it very much because it fit my feelings for webcasting while it is a love song ;) BTW, you couldn’t record music at the same time on audacity when you were on skype calls, but by editing into files later. Sonja, Yes, it was my self portrait ;) I just wanted to record my baby/my new PC with me in a picture lol …to remember our growing at webcast academy when I ‘d graduate by then ;) Just check below for the link to see more photos of mine if you’d like to. Thanks! I look forward to collaborating with you in certain subject soon.

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/ Jiang La

Hi Jiang,

That was a great webcast - I loved how you actually sang along with the song at one point - it really brought your personality through which was engaging.

Hope your technical problems are gone this session and looking forward to working together! 

Suzanne, You are so kind. Yes, I could be silly sometimes, but mostly I am serious at work. Over here, there are so many nice people make me feel like at home, to bring out my nature. I have had another new PC now. Normally it acts fine, but the computer is a machine, occasionally it is dull as well. Thank you for the concern!

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/Jiang La

OK, so now I am really intimidated!!  Great Introduction, really enjoyed it.  I have two students from China who are student workers for me in the Learning Commons.  I am learning a great deal from them and hope to learn from you as well.

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University

Don’t be intimidated, Cyndi, I am a non-English speaker. I have so much to learn from all of you at webcast academy. And I am delighted that you are connected with some Chinese there. Hope we can learn more from the other.

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/ Jiang La