Week#1 Site Orientation & Academy Policies, Basic Recording/Audio Specifications

Resources: Welcome Newsletter,  Site Orientation, Certification and Graduation Audio Specifications, Webcaster KitLee's Book of Audio

 Meeting Agenda & Assignments Below

 NEW Audio Recording of Class

Meeting Agenda 

  • Welcome to the Academy
    • What is a 'collaborative community'?
      • Everyone's a teacher, everyone's a learner
      • You should > We can... ,
      • Aim to make the Academy better than when you found it
    • Site Orientation  http://www.webcastacademy.net/Site_Orientation
      • Look for answers in the FAQ, Book of Webcasting, & Search
      • Post questions to the Forums or Group Skype Chat
      • Post reflections in your Blog
      • Adding signature to Account
      • Post all audio by clicking 'create content/audio'
      • Joining skype chat - not going crazy


  • Post a short text introduction in the Class of 2.4 Introductions thread.
  • Record a 1-2 minute audio introduction using audio specifications  (Filename: your-name-Introduction-2007-10-xx.mp3) and publish it (create content/audio) on this site.
  • After participating in or listening to the recording of our first meeting and completing the above assignments, post a text blog entry (create content/blog entry) about anything related to your academy experience.
  • Post any questions in the forums or group skype chat.
  • If you are interested in connecting with others in a smaller group during the week, add your info to the Webcast Academy wiki.
  • ­


A matured course note summary from the Class of 2.3...



Workshop Template for Week 1 and 2

Audio Introduction / Recording Both Ends of a Telephony Call

Information captured and acquired from Class 2.3 has lead to the design of a template covering the above assignment structures and processes.

Newer enhanced topics have been blended into the webcasting process, such as the use of a 24 bit external sound card and its support softwares, as well as sound card setting software, audio production monitoring, and some new editing resources.


Please feel free to request an invitation for collaboration to this Google docs template by sending your deployed Google email. Your input is appreciated, as well as input from Mac and Linux users, who may want to derive a template fitting to their purposes.

Such templates could enhance the repeatability of this learning adventure and also create room and potential for further-going upgrades and innovations.