Session 2.4 Introductions

 If you would like participate in the class of 2.4 you can apply and send us a note to let us know you're interested.  Once you've done so, please post a short introduction below.

The Class of 2.4 begins with an Open House on Jan. 13, 1800GMT
First class Jan 20, 1900GMT

Hi Everyone,

I will be a co-facilitator for this session with Jeff Lebow and Pam Shoemaker.  As a teacher I am always trying to foster collaboration and peer learning through blogging and wikis for my students. And for my professional development I couldn’t imagine a more supportive learning environment for exploring webcasting.

For those of you feeling uncertain or looking for suggestions on how to prepare, Jose Rodriquez’s advice is to join a conversation and participate in as many live events using the internet as you can including Skype, chat, Second Life, Ustream, etc.

I’m looking forward to what should be a great session!

Derrall Garrison, sixth grade math and science.

My name is Sarah Sutter and I’m a high school art teacher at a small public high school in midcoast Maine. I’ve been at WHS since 1995, and before that did a few other things, one of which was teaching briefly at a private school in Long Island, NY. I also adjunct lecture at the University of Maine at Augusta in the photography department. At WHS I teach photography, digital imaging, ceramics, Chinese brush painting and a class I designed called Media Literacy (which was a more serious name than “Fun with Digital Media”).  I’ve been dabbling in digital technologies for years, but in the last couple of months it has ramped up significantly.  The web2.0 opportunities have contributed to my headlong tumble into blogging, podcasting, Ustream, Voicethread, wikis, ning sites, and on and on.  I’m fascinated and see great applications for many of these tools in the classroom, for distance learning, and for teacher professional development.   The supportive community at EdTechTalk has been inspiring and instrumental to my rapid learning curve, and I look forward to a focused forum for learning with others in a similarly supported and open environment.  

Hello everyone,

I would like to join this session, because I want to know more about webcasting and of its use in the school life. I'm afraid I know too little about all this to be a good participant.

Best regards,


My name is Karen Dennis and I am an instructor at a large midwestern university.  I teach health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and such.  I am also a doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction.  During my coursework, I have had several classes in educational technology, and have developed a huge interest in incorporating technology in the classroom.  This spring semester, I will be teaching my first online class, and I really want to learn about webcasting, so that I can include it in my online classes.  I am very excited for this class to begin!

My name is Sarah Sutter and I’m a high school art teacher at a small public high school in midcoast Maine. I’ve been at WHS since 1995, and before that did a few other things, one of which was teaching briefly at a private school in Long Island, NY. I also adjunct lecture at the University of Maine at Augusta in the photography department. At WHS I teach photography, digital imaging, ceramics, Chinese brush painting and a class I designed called Media Literacy (which was a more serious name than “Fun with Digital Media”).  I’ve been dabbling in digital technologies for years, but in the last couple of months it has ramped up significantly.  The web2.0 opportunities have contributed to my headlong tumble into blogging, podcasting, Ustream, Voicethread, wikis, ning sites, and on and on.  I’m fascinated and see great applications for many of these tools in the classroom, for distance learning, and for teacher professional development.   The supportive community at EdTechTalk has been inspiring and instrumental to my rapid learning curve, and I look forward to a focused forum for learning with others in a similarly supported and open environment.  

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the class of 2.4! Please send us your Skype ID. 

Pam Shoemaker

Karen D

Hello again!

I thought I posted a comment last week, but I don't see it up anywhere.  I am very intereted in participating, and plan to use the knowledge I gain from this experience in my Illinois State University classes I teach. 

I am so new this this that I am scared out of my mind!!  However, the curiosity and interest are outweighing my fears!  Can you tell me when I know I will be accepted into this program, or is it "automatic"?  Also, do you have any dates of when it is to begin?

I will be on tonight with Julie Schumachers gradcast, so this will be a great learning experience for me!  Thanks to everyone for helping me learn this technology!!

Hello everyone. I am an educator from Northeastern North Carolina who is presently "on loan" to the state department. I provide staff development to other educators around the state on integrating technology into the curriculum. I am completing my fourth year in this position. This will likely come to an end this June, so a change in jobs is around the corner for me. I am going to try this again. I participated in the last webcast session (2.3) and was able to complete the first couple of assignments. I must admit it was my own lack of motivation for not completing it. Setup was frustrating at times, but there were many people around wiling and eager to help me through it. I can say with enthusiasm, that just the connections I've made in the past six months through the webcast academy and edtechtalk have been an awesome experience for me. I have learned so much! I look forward to making many more connections this time around.

Hi Deborah,

Welcome to the Class of 2.4!  Please send us your Skype ID.

Pam Shoemaker, Technology Coordinator from Michigan

Deborah B Goodman My Skype ID is dgoodman_1958

The Class of 2.4 will begin on January 13 at 1:00 EST.  For other time zones, click here.

Be sure to submit your Skype ID with your introductory note. 

We look forward to learning and working with you!

Pam Shoemaker

Hey there!  I'm a 7th grade science teacher on the seacoast of New Hampshire (soon to be the center of the universe on Jan. 8th). At some point in time, I've also taught everything in 6th grade and 7th grade technology. I'm intrigued by technology and try to integrate what I can in my classroom. I also teach an education course at the Univ. of NH which brings teachers to Belize in Central America. It's been a great experience to connect with educators and students in another culture and environment. (Did I mention we go during our winter break?)

I'm looking forward to trying something new and meeting other educators.

Sheila A., science teacher, NH

My Skype name (similar to my geocaching username): kmno4s 

Hi Sheila

i'm so glad that you have signed up to be a part of WCA. You will be great. It will be fun having another NH person involved with this. Looking forward to helping out however I can. I think you'll love this. You can have a Belize Bridges Show! I haven't graduated yet, so maybe we can do it together!

Maria Knee, Kindergarten teacher, Deerfield New Hampshire

Hello everyone, my name is Larry Chapman and I am a web developer/musician/entrepenuer from Plainfield, IL.  I have 4 kids ages 3,7,9 and 11 and have been married for 14 years.  I am very interested in web technologies in general but webcasting has become my passion.  I see the benefits of offering webcasting as a solution for training in just about any topic and I am interested in learning the ins and outs of this technology so I can offer it to my clients and employer. My Skype id is "larryc19".  I look forward to learning with you all!


Larry Chapman

Web Developer  

Hello everyone-

I don't know if I'm making this introduction at the right time or not as I believe I missed the deadline for the latest academy.  If this is the case, I apologize for wasting space here!  If there is an upcoming opportunity, then please consider this as my introduction.

I currently serve as an Instructional technology coordinator in the middle school at the University School of Milwaukee.  I teach several elective style clases to 5th-8th grade students, provide scaffolding for teachers who are making use of technology in their classes, and provide some leadership at our school in this area.  Over the past few months we've started to do much more with synchronous and asynchronous web 2.0 tools.  After  moderating a skype conversation for 8 other schools last month on the topic of "sustainable schools," I realized I needed some more experience and training in how to best conduct these kinds of sessions and opportunities.  I have a hunch we'll be doing this type of thing more and more in the future and I want to be more comfortable and savvy as moderator.

I'm looking forward to the experience of working alongside fellow interns to improve our skills in this area.



Matt Montagne


my skype ID is mjmonty


Hey Matt
You will thoroughly enjoy the Webcast Academy Internship!  It's probably been one of the most worthwhile, frustrating but so rewarding things I have done in my professional development.  Don't hesitate to skype/skype chat me if you need any help or need someone to do an assignment with!  Cheers!  NZ Chrissy

Hey Chrissy-

 Thank you kindly for your offer to help out on some of the assignments...I will definitely be taking you up on your offer! 

 I'm looking forward to the experience...Over the past few months I've realized that there is a definite skill set associated with moderating conferences conducted via skype and other such mediums-I look forward to learning more and forming more connections during this experience.

I hope you are enjoying your summer break!

Cheers, Chrissy!



Hi! My name is Sonja Gonzalez and I am the Director of Technology at a small  school in southern NH. I am interested in the Webcast Academy as a way of expanding my communication about tech, making new contacts in the tech ed world and improving my communication/presentation skills. I love working with Web2.0 tools and other technologies with students and hope that I can get them involved in this process. I'm also looking forward to working on the Academy with my friend Sheila Adams, so hopefully both of us will be a part of this session!


Looking forward to meeting the rest of the interns!!



skype: sonjagonz

email: [email protected]

Hello Sonja,

Glad that you signed up for Webcast Academy too. You will have lots of support in this community. I'll be glad to help with anything I can. I've already promised Sheila that I would. Besides - you and sheila will have each other.

 Maria Knee, Kindergarten teacher, Deerfield New Hampshire

Welcome Sonya! It will be nice to have someone I know in the class.




Hello everyone from Hays Kansas: 

I am excited about this new learning experience and getting to know everyone. I teach at a pre-service teachers in a small university and the new semester begins Jan 16. I have been busy getting my online classes ready to go.  I have no doubt that this learning experience will help me to improve my courses, impact my students make, new friends and be tons of fun.   I just hope I can keep up!  I would like to invite everyone to participate in our class discussions at our Classroom 2.0 site this semester, there are new topics for discussion each week and we really need Teachers from the Trenches to comment---

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University

Skype/Twitter/iChat/Aim:  cyndidannerkuhn


 Hi everyone, I'm joining the Academy from Sydney, Australia where I have been busy networking with the world via my blog at Heyjude. I've spent the last two years working with teachers in schools across K-12, supporting them with library systems, and integration of Web 2.0. This year I'm off to a new job - secondary school this time - and hope to have time to get involved with podcasting with students, teachers and fellow online colleagues. 

It's an early start for me at 5.00 am, so I am going to have to see how that works out once the summer vacation is over. However, I've been dying to get started so anything I learn will be a big bonus.

Looking foward to meeting and working with you all. Cheers, Judy


Julie Lindsay Head of Information Technology Qatar Academy

 Great to see you here as well. I am a very late contender.....fumbling around a bit tonight. I have been wanting to do this course for a while and happened to see it mentioned again on Twitter this week.


My name is Jay Bennett and I am a stay at home dad and online teacher for the Michigan Virtual Schools.  I teach social studies classes and I am also the Department Chair for the Multidisciplinary Department.  I look forward to working with all of you and I will see you later!


Jay Bennett

Michigan Virtual Schools

Hello everyone My name is Lorna Costantini. I am a facilitator for a parent involvement program. ( now as a volunteer as funding has run out} I have 16 years experience as a School Board Trustee. I am hoping to connect parents and educators to support student achievement. Looking forward to working with everyone using this technology.

Hi everyone. I'm continuing from class 2.3 which I was unable to complete. I am a technology integration teacher at Timberlane Regional Middle School in Plaistow NH. I am interested in learning as much as I can about Web 2.0 tools so that I can find ways to incorporate them into the classroom.

Karen Olmstead TRMS Technology Integrator

I'm a faculty support / instructional designer at George Mason Univ. and interested in online learning.

Hi Rick,

I am also an ID and do faculty support at Penn State (York Campus) HOw would you like to use webcasting? 

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to learn more about webcasting! I'm an instructional designer and do faculty support at the Penn State York Campus - I also teach ESL on my campus and am working towards a masters in Reading, too! - Yes, I'm a lifelong learner - another reason to be interested in this!!


I'd like to use webcasting to show faculty and to also make resources about teaching and learning for faculty 

Hi everyone, I'm back again for my 3rd webcast academy and hopefully will get up and running this time.  I'm and instructional technologist for a small school district in NC.  I've been hooked on the EdTechTalk channel since March 07 and am looking forward to becoming a contributing member.

Hi Everybody, 

After grasping all the material to be covered and the range of skills to be mastered, I feel being more of a sophomore than being ready to step forward as a potential senior graduate. Let's see how far I come.


Hi all,

I am wondering if I am "in" session 2.4 or not.  How would I know??


I am the Instructional Technology Specialist in Lake Travis ISD (Austin, TX), and am very keen to learn about creating webcasts (podcasts) so that I can share these options with the teachers here.



Laura Beckham

Skype: becksintex 



Laura, please click "Apply" in the upper left column to submit your info to us and to register on the Webcast Academy website.  Then post to the introductory forum.  Look forward to working with you in the Class of 2.4.

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator, Class of 2.4 

Hello all,

I am introducing myself late as I inadvertently slept in and couldn't attend live. But this will not happen again. :) I will put the alarm clock at the far side of the room next week. I have enjoyed reading through the other intros. See you all next week.

Jo McLeay Blog:

Hello to the class of 2.4

I am delighted to have had a snowday today so I could be part of the chat. You will have a great experience here at the Academy. There are  many of us in your network and this is a great thing since you are now in  my network too. Welcome and please feel free to ask questions and join in the chats!





Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 




I have looked at the screencast about doing the first assignment. My screen does not appear to allow me to create content so it is possible I don'thave intern permission yet. I just have links which say My blog and Member list. Hopefully that can be fixed. Thanks.

Jo McLeay Blog:

Hi Jo,

Make sure you have logged into the website.  You were given permission to add content over the weekend, so you should be good to go.  Post a note in the class Skype chat if you need help.

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4 


Thanks for sorting that out Pam. I am now trying to do audio intro


Jo McLeay Blog:

 Hello, everyone!

I am new here and I am looking forward to meeting you all and learning with you.

I discovered I like teaching English as a second language during my husband's visit to the math institute in Rio de Janeiro last summer when I took a TEFL certification course. The TEFL course was a basic preparation for practitioners, but I feel I could be a better teacher if I deepen my knowledge in information and communication technologies. And I hope to accomplish this with you all.

I have been moderating two online yahoo groups for English learners, Englishmates and English-Experts. These are e-mail exchange lists that focus on improving writing skills. My vision is to bring the yahoo groups into the 21st century by offering webcast classes, and virtual reality conversation practice and instruction by using Second Life and other technologies.   

 The English-Expert group supports a blog to which I have contributed a few posts, that can be found by searching the blog for Mary and Mary Ziller.  

My role in the Yahoo groups is to edit and correct grammatical errors in the messages that language learners post and to answer their questions about language and culture.  To this end I have been collecting links on English learning. and in this blog .

 I have a MS in Information Science and Technology. I think that my background in information literacy translates well to teaching English because  my expertise in retrieving, organizing, and explaining materials and fulfilling the information needs of clients is similar to finding instructional materials and organizing and explaining them to students to meet their learning goals.  

 As a library media specialist, I am trained to support teachers by collaborative lesson planning and information retrieval. I am so excited to be a part of the Webcast Academy, where I hope to become more fluent in the Information an commnication technologies hat will make my English classes engaging and amazing.                                                                           


Mary Ziller Philadelphia IHM Literacy Center ESL volunteer,                                    Englishmates moderator       EnglishExperts moderator and blog contributor Skype: Cariocamary, MSN: [email protected]

There's nothing like starting a class late! LOL. I thought I signed up to be a casual bystander, but as I have an official Webcast Academy badge now, I guess I'll jump into the mix. This will be my second semester teaching Educational Technology and school library science courses at a small state university in Southeast Kansas. I came to this position after teaching middle and high school math for 10 years. I received my MS in Ed Tech in 1999 and just never found the right way to use it. Well, my current job is everything I could have asked for and more! I get the honor of helping teachers learn all about technology and how to use it in their classrooms, I get to train teachers to become teacher librarians in our schools and collaborate with their colleagues, and I get to run the Instructional Resource Center for our College of Education (using my library certification after al!). All this and my classes are taught online -- HOG HEAVEN for me! LOL. :-) I am looking forward to learning how to webcast so that I can implement it into my courses and teach my fellow professors how to use it as well. After all, it never hurts to be the expert in something! :-) You will find that I like to smile and laugh a lot, so forgive me now for cheesy comments and LOLs. I truly am anxious to start down this new road! Follow me on Twitter: chellouise Michelle Hudiburg Ed Tech Instructor Pittsburg State University

Hello everyone- what an interesting class group this looks like! I am a teacher of English in a govt high school in the hills outside Melbourne  Australia and Jo Mcleay has captured me with her enthusiasm for this training programme in the hope we can improve our skills and maybe produce an Australian version of the show as time differences make it almost impossible for those of us down here to actually participate live in shows. It is for this reason that I, like Jo missed the first class but I will do my homework:)Thanks for making the time one hour later! Looking forward to meeting you all online all the best Sue T

 Hi everyone

I am so excited to be part of the Webcast Academy. Sorry I missed the Open House this week. I am an international educator, originally from Melbourne Australia (hi Jo! Hi Sue! and hi Judy from Sydney) currently at Qatar Academy in Doha, Qatar in the Middle East.

Julie Lindsay Head of Information Technology Qatar Academy

I realized that I have not yet posted an introduction.  My name is Pam Shoemaker (aka shoemap), and I'll be co-facilitating the class of 2.4 with Derrall the Great.  Both of us just finished the class of 2.3 and probably will graduate together sometime in the near future.  We've hosted a few shows with Dennis Oliver and have really enjoyed the collaboration and learning process.  It's been such a great experience for us... we wanted to give back to the Webcast Academy and help by facilitating the next crop of webcasters.  It looks like we have a fantastic group of folks who are ready to go. 

I am a technology coordinator for Walled Lake Schools in Michigan, USA.  We have a large laptop program and I work with teachers as they work to improve their instructional practices with the use of technology.  I love my job.  I taught middle school science and social studies prior to my current position, and before that was a Registerd Nurse for 10 years. 

I look forward to getting to know all of you and working together.  "See you" in class or in the Skype chat!

Class of 2.4 is off and running!  I participated in the Webcast Academy this past Summer.  I am interested in keeping up with the developments here.  Looking forward to a great session.  I am currently a third grade teacher. I am also a co-host on It's Elementary Webcast on the Edtechtalk channel.

Jose Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA.

Okay, folks, I've been here before. Not sure which academy I originally enrolled in, but I'm back again. Currently, I am teaching both middle school and high school technology in NYC.  Last year, I coached a gaggle of 8th grade girls through their efforts at podcasting ( . I attribute my ability to get that far to the kind folks in Webcast Academy. Especially Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim,  who inspired me and supported my efforts through Teachers Teaching Teachers webcasts and Lee Baber, who walked me through some rough spots.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to follow through on my interest in learning the ropes of Webcasting. Today, I'm poking around the site to see what I have to do to get up to speed. Sorry that I missed the first session. Thank you for allowing me back into the fold. 

Hello all!  I am an Instructional Technologist/Data Specialist in Kalamazoo MI (US).  I support our Regional Districts with Instructional Technology and our Special Education programs with the use of data.  I've been in my current job for about a year now after being a stay at home mom for 10 years and a teacher for 7 years.  I'm very excited about being part of Class 2.4!

Skype ID is gina.s.l

Hi everybody!

I'm Regine and I've been teaching English for the last 7 years at the Jerusalem College of Technology to Computers, Electro-Optics, Engineering etc.. students.

We've used the High Learn platform for on-line courses but I've never Webcasted anything...So, I'm very curious to try this and I'm looking forward to it.

What a terrific learning community this is !

Hello everyone, I'm Jess McCulloch. I teach Chinese in a rural school in SW Vic, Australia. I'm really keen to get much more Web 2.0 stuff into my classroom. 

I joined class 2.4 a bit late - I wasn't originally going to join this session due to time commitments, but was encouraged by Derrall and Jo McLeay to tune in and have a listen. Now, I'm here and I've got some catching up to do by the looks of things!

I would love to do some webcasting with my students and maybe create my own little show about technology in the language classroom. Here goes nothing! 

Hi everyone! Sorry to be late with this introduction. Got slightly overwhelmed at the beginning! I'm Regine Hoffmann and I teach English for Special Purposes at the Jerusalem College of Technology. We are essentially preparing our Computers,Electro-Optics, Engineering or Accounting  students to use English in a  professional environment. The material is sometimes quite 'dry' but believe it or not we still have fun

Since part of the course is also on-line, I'm always eager to learn new ways to use technology in order to enhance our teaching. Especially for oral and aural activities.

Oh boy! I sound too serious don't I? "See" you around!


I found out after the class began that this is something that would be of great benefit.  I work for the SUNY Learning Network, and we plan on doing webcasting for our summit at the end of Feb.