Week#1 Site Orientation & Academy Policies, Basic Recording/Audio Specifications

Resources: Welcome Newsletter,  Site Orientation, Certification and Graduation Audio Specifications, Webcaster KitLee's Book of Audio

 Meeting Agenda & Assignments Below

 NEW Audio Recording of Class

Meeting Agenda 

  • Welcome to the Academy
    • What is a 'collaborative community'?
      • Everyone's a teacher, everyone's a learner
      • You should > We can... ,
      • Aim to make the Academy better than when you found it
    • Site Orientation  http://www.webcastacademy.net/Site_Orientation
      • Look for answers in the FAQ, Book of Webcasting, & Search
      • Post questions to the Forums or Group Skype Chat
      • Post reflections in your Blog
      • Adding signature to Account
      • Post all audio by clicking 'create content/audio'
      • Joining skype chat - not going crazy


  • Post a short text introduction in the Class of 2.4 Introductions thread.
  • Record a 1-2 minute audio introduction using audio specifications  (Filename: your-name-Introduction-2007-10-xx.mp3) and publish it (create content/audio) on this site.
  • After participating in or listening to the recording of our first meeting and completing the above assignments, post a text blog entry (create content/blog entry) about anything related to your academy experience.
  • Post any questions in the forums or group skype chat.
  • If you are interested in connecting with others in a smaller group during the week, add your info to the Webcast Academy wiki.
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