The dreaded echo in Nicecast!

The dreaded echo! While streaming and using Nicecast and Skype, I would experience an echo chamber and I would have to delay my speaking. I checked my system preferences, the microphone was selected. I checked SKYPE and the microphone was selected. I checked Nicecast and the microphone was selected! However, I still had the echo. Then just by chance I checked effects in Nicecast, then editor, then advanced and viola, the hijack had mysteriously taken over and hijacked  all audio streams instead of one audio stream. As soon as I checked that back to select one audio stream, I've been good!

At the end of a 75 min. show, I begin to hear a little echo, but I believe that is just my intel imac and skype dualing.


Good luck.

Cheryl Oakes


PS  The audio stream for the most part still is usable.