Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0
Planning Session
January 7, 2007
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Deep Probing Questions
(see text answers on FAQ page)

Channel Access

  • When I determine the date(s) for my webcast how do I book the time?
  • How do I access Channels 1 & 2 for the actual webcast?
  • How do I access the shoutcast screen? I don't have the user name and pw and mine don't work.


  • I ran simplecast and recorded externally but I had also set simplecast to record a backup. My external recording was intact, my simplecast recording only picked up my input.
  • Which settings do you think I had wrong and how should I remedy this problem?


  • Is there a mini script of acknowledgements thanking webcast etc that can be a standard read at the beginning and end of each show?


  • After I have the stream going exactly what should I do next?
  • Should I make Skype calls to each of my guests and fellow hosts?
  • Should I open the Skypecast?
  • In other words is the which comes first the Skype conference call or the Skypecast and can they run simultaneously?

- Groups & Class Nomenclature

Webcast Academy EVO2007 Session

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