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Class of 1.3 Orientation Meeting

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.1
Sunday, Oct. 22
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Meeting Notes

Chat Transcript and Show Announcement Newsletter Below

Chat Transcript

11:51:10 JL: Hello
11:51:19 DougS: Hey JL
11:51:22 JL: I'm thinking we might try this without a skypecast
11:51:27 JL: we'll see how many people show
11:51:30 DougS: sure
11:51:34 JL: feel free to skype worldbridges
11:51:36 DougS: sounds good
11:51:41 DougS: will do in just a sec
11:53:49 sharonbetts: Hi everyone - ready to go!
11:54:03 JL: skype 'worldbridges' to join in
11:55:06 sharonbetts: Jeff is really garbled for me. Anyone else?
11:55:59 DougS: getting garble on stream too
11:56:47 sharonbetts: Ok, thanks for the update - standing by. Kathy sounds like about 80 and very very slow.
11:56:49 JenniferW: good morning
11:57:24 cevanoff: Sharon- I feel like I am 80
11:57:50 JenniferW: can I join the skype??
11:58:06 sharonbetts: Jeff, you are getting better, but the gals are still quite garbled.
11:58:12 JL: yes, skype 'worldbridges'
11:58:26 JL: skype conf sounds fine
11:59:07 sharonbetts: Very very yucky streamed. I am on a laptop with wireless connectivity and am not certain I can skype in.
12:00:12 sharonbetts: Nope - still garbled. Hi Niels, Paradox and Jen
12:00:25 JL: please skype in to 'worldbridges'
12:01:26 JenniferW: I am muted -- and turned off real player
12:03:59 Parag: Hello everyone...
12:04:19 dave: hey folks...
12:04:36 JL:
12:08:57 JenniferW: vyew is being very tempermental today
12:09:54 Anne_Fox: Trying to listen on channel 1 but the stream keeps interrupting
12:10:26 JenniferW: view is getting stuck after the flash download
12:11:25 Andrew: I in vyew
12:11:42 sharonbetts: I got in and logged in - then it hung.
12:11:56 Andrew: It's very stuttery
12:12:31 Andrew: There's not much happening there anyway!
12:15:16 Madeline_Here: I have Flash 9,0,20,0 installed but do not see the desktop
12:17:45 Anne_Fox: Am suffering from constant rebuffering on the audio channel even though I'm on broadband
12:18:02 Sus: Anne, join the Skype call instead
12:18:09 sharonbetts: I am having the exact same problem - buffering and occassional static.
12:18:10 Anne_Fox: Am in Vyew OK
12:18:14 Sus: call jeff on worldbridges
12:18:16 marilynj8: My audio stream keeps stopping and rebuffering. I haven't gotten much of it.
12:19:35 Anne_Fox: Worldbridges on Skype does not answer
12:20:12 sharonbetts: This is a big class
12:22:35 elderbob: Hello all.
12:23:32 JL:
12:23:53 marilynj8: I am not getting most of this, though I have a broadband connection. I can leave.
12:24:32 marilynj8: Can I get this audio later?
12:25:14 Cathy_Evanoff: Good- cause that was way over my head
12:27:18 sharonbetts: Cathy, did you ever live in Ohio?
12:27:39 Cathy_Evanoff: NO- but I have an Aunt Cathy Evanoff in Ohio
12:27:53 Cathy_Evanoff: My husban's aunt actually
12:28:45 sharonbetts: I once had a Superintendent, John Evanoff in Ohio. Is Anne in the chat room?
12:29:07 Cathy_Evanoff: Don't think we are related
12:32:15 Cathy_Evanoff: I need drupal help :(
12:33:03 marilynj8: I am just listening on webcast, which is still dropping out. . I have just downloaded skype. Will try to join on skype. Maybe it's also a matter of permissions.
12:35:21 sharonbetts: Keep moving away from the page and losing the chat room - I need to get a new window.
12:37:05 Andrew: It looks like there may be a problem with the chat. I had it open in a separate floating windowing and it disappeared.
12:37:46 DougS: having trouble with audio in Skypecast and stream, will keep trying
12:38:23 Parag: Yes, the audio in the stream keeps breaking of. I am on channel 2... is it the same with channel 1 also?
12:38:35 DougS: have channel 1 back now
12:38:47 DougS: sounding good on channel 1
12:39:06 Parag: channel 2 is on again... oops said it too soon
12:39:06 DougS: just lost it again, channel 1
12:39:31 Parag: looks like both the channels step together
12:40:35 marilynj8: I am login out. I hope to hear the broadcast later on my office computer. The buffer on my home computer is not up to the task. Thanks.
12:41:39 DougS: still having trouble on Channel 1
12:42:02 JL: hmmm
12:43:03 DougS: same behaviour on Channel 2 for me
12:43:22 DougS: stop and restart player gives the same clip (~10 sec) and then no stream
12:45:08 DougS: Channel 2 now working for me
12:45:11 JL: try stream again
12:45:47 DougS: ok on Channel 1 as well
12:46:06 JL:
12:46:55 Cathy_Evanoff: The screencast are wonderful!
12:47:13 Andrew: Yes. I found them useful too
12:47:18 sharonbetts: Yes, I used the Audacity one and will watch many more.
12:48:12 JL:
12:50:06 JL: Wysiwyg editing
12:53:28 dave: is it just me that's hearing the choppiness?
12:53:54 Cathy_Evanoff: My sound is good
12:54:04 dave: thanks... must be my connection
12:54:14 JL: don't think so
12:54:15 JL: think it'
12:54:22 JL: s my connection
12:54:28 JL: skype is sucking it up
12:54:39 dave: it does do that
12:54:41 JL: try joining skypecast
12:54:47 dave: that's where i am
12:54:55 dave: was
12:54:59 dave: am
12:55:50 JL: try channel 2
12:56:00 Paradox66: What one could use is Cmaptools...making an conceptmap where we could work together
12:56:01 Paradox66:
12:56:46 Paradox66: But then it is probably be better using assignments to control the learning
12:57:55 sharonbetts: I tend to need a roadmap.
12:58:40 JenniferW: instead of writely -- could we just not make an additional page within drupal
13:00:17 Andrew: A mind map sound like an interesting approach
13:00:42 Andrew: or a wiki?
13:01:07 Paradox66: Cmap is like a wiki mindmap
13:13:26 Parag: We don't need no USB microphones :-)
13:13:34 Parag: HeHe
13:15:13 Andrew:
13:19:38 nielsd: OK thanks for today - meal is waiting!

Show Announcement Newsletter
If you would like to be an intern, you must post a comment on this forum thread:
If you don't post there, we won't know that you want to be an intern and will not be able to give you the appropriate posting permissions.  Here is a list of everyone that has posted there so far.
If you don't want to be an intern yet, you are still welcome to be part of the community and make use of the resources on the website, but only interns will be given access to the stream.
For those who signed up to be members of 1.1 and 1.2, but faded away, consider this a final chance to be part of 1.x.

The purpose of Sunday's meeting is to answer questions incoming interns might have, take the first steps toward producing live, interactive webcasts, and develop a learning plan for the Class of 1.3 .
The first assignment for interns is to record and post a short introduction.
For information on how to record and post one, please watch this screencast:
Please disregard the part that says a desktop USB desktop mic is required in order to webcast.  We have since learned that this is not always true.
Please post your introductions by Oct. 28.  Only those who post introductions will be considered 'official' members of The Class of 1.3 .
Introductions can be recorded in any language.  Personally, I'm looking forward to practicing my Danish :)

If you have questions or problems posting your introduction, please post them in the forums.

Just a reminder to all - this is a collaborative learning community, which mean we are all responsible for helping ourselves and each other learn.  Last time, I named myself the 'Class Coordinator for 1.2'.  I have since fired myself.  This time around, I hope 1.3'ers themselves will develop a learning plan and assign themselves class management roles, and that past interns will step forward to stream meetings on specific webcasting related topics as requested.

Speaking of which - a late breaking show announcement!  Brad Hicks will be webcasting a help session for Mac users Sunday, Oct. 22 at 1pmGMT (global times)

Webcasting issues can vary significantly depending on which operating system you use, so these sessions that focus on Mac Only issues can be quite helpful for Mac users.

Thanks again to everyone for your interest and participation in the Academy.
I look forward to virtually meeting newcomers and connecting again with Academy 'oldtimers'.

Fiberoptically Yours,
Jeff Lebow
Worldbridges Founder, Webcastaholic, Former Academy Class Coordinator

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Euro mini meeting 06 11 06

Recording from Webcast Academy 1.3 euro mini meeting 06 Nov 06. Participants include Anne Fox, Dennis Newson, Andrew Middleton, Jeff Lebow. The recording is made in two parts. Participants encountered difficulties with Skype, and agreed to work together in understanding how Virtual Audio Cables fit into the Webcasting equation.

Meeting 1.3.2

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.2
Sunday, Oct. 29
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Chat Log Below 


12:01:02 SusNy: hello friends
12:01:39 SusNy: is there a Skype conference open yet?
12:01:40 Cathy_Evanoff: hello sus
12:01:55 JL: skypecast link above chat room
12:02:04 SusNy: oh great
12:04:58 JL: Hi sue
12:05:03 JL: skypecast link above
12:05:22 JasonR wakes up
12:06:30 arvind_grover: jason, how can i increase my volume higher on an external mic on my mac?
12:06:57 Sue_L.: I'm not seeing a skypecast link...can I get a little more info?
12:08:26 JasonR: ?
12:08:40 JL: hop in teh skypecast if you can Jason
12:08:59 JasonR: here, what was it you needed?
12:09:50 JasonR: Yeah, skypecast working today
12:10:36 JasonR: JL sounds choppy, stutter
12:11:00 DS: not getting that, on the stream you mean Jeh?
12:11:42 SusNy: The Webhuddle is not accepting my efforts
12:12:07 SusNy: neither in Mozilla/Firefox noir in IE
12:13:42 DS: just got into Webhuddle
12:14:17 Sue_L.: can I get the link to the webhuddle? I've found the skype cast and am signing in... I believe :D
12:15:11 SusNy: Sue
12:15:37 SusNy: I'm into the webhubdle mow
12:15:58 Sue_L.: thanx sus! I'm going to focus on getting in the skypecast...I can't find the gang...any suggestions
12:16:34 SusNy: Sue, are you logged in on Skype?
12:18:01 JasonR: Getting stutter from JL in the skypecast
12:18:03 arvind_grover: so the 3 categories are audio editing, streaming and ?
12:18:40 SusNy: and hosting
12:19:30 DS: I like the proficiencies model
12:19:42 arvind_grover: me too
12:19:50 SusNy: Hi Niels
12:19:53 arvind_grover: i can see the unit plans developing
12:20:24 Sue_L.: I found it!
12:22:09 JasonR: Mobile Webcasting, yeah
12:24:41 JasonR: Sometimes I get lost in the whole process. Am I making progress? Where is everyone else? I know it's a matter of focus. How do you keep it all straight, JL?
12:25:36 SusNy: I hear you quite well
12:26:57 arvind_grover: andrew started a forum discussion on visualizing our progress:
12:27:21 arvind_grover: distance learning classes do this quite well (well some of them :) )
12:27:36 JasonR nods
12:28:28 SusNy: The collaboration aspect is quite important to know how to follow the progress and problems of each other (I admit having beein mostly in reading mode this week)
12:29:09 JasonR: Wow, that's awesome, JL.
12:29:53 arvind_grover: very cool new feature
12:30:11 arvind_grover: i think seeing other peoples' progress also motivates you to stay on task
12:30:23 arvind_grover: is it too formal a structure for people? i know jeff was worried about that
12:33:07 Sue_L.: Not too formal me...I like formal with some wiggle room
12:43:00 arvind_grover: here is that other flash player btw:
12:43:10 JasonR: That becomes easier with time
12:43:15 JasonR: and practice
12:43:19 JasonR: I am still the same way
12:43:53 arvind_grover: here is the playtagger:
12:44:05 JasonR: And a willful abandonment
12:44:10 arvind_grover: and here is the other flash player i have seen on webcastacademy:
12:44:39 JasonR: You should make a badge for scripted program proficiency
12:45:28 arvind_grover: it could be a sleepy face :)
12:46:59 SusNy: what an echo
12:47:43 JasonR loves JL's creamy smooth intros
12:47:54 arvind_grover: definitely
12:48:21 JasonR: relaxed, confident, bold
12:49:08 arvind_grover: good advice, the quick intro is best
12:52:11 Sue_L.: My skype cast shows only one person in it... and it's not me...but I can hear the skypecast... I think it's an eerie halloween thing happening
12:53:08 arvind_grover: we're here!
12:53:36 SusNy: Bye bye
12:54:11 SusNy: pw webcast
12:55:41 SusNy: momento, br
12:55:45 SusNy: brb
12:57:49 SusNy: now I am ready to share my desktop
13:01:15 JasonR: splice?
13:01:37 JasonR:
13:14:51 JL:
13:27:45 Sue_L.: bye bye all...I'm off!!
13:45:50 SharonBetts: Just got in and thought I would catch the final minutes

Meeting 1.3.3

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.3
Sunday, Nov. 5, 2006
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 JL  Hello Paradox
 paradox66  Tjena Jeff
 JL  Tjena
 paradox66  i am in the skypecast..
 JL  I see you - you're unmuted
 JL  I just keep hearing 'trial'
 JL  perhaps the VAC
 paradox66  jepp
 paradox66  Bengt
 Lobsang  hi
 Lobsang  Guys, i'm brand spankin in the plastic new to webcasting, can you guys direct to link that explains for someone like me
 JasonR  Hmmm, can't copy+paste into the chat :(
 jehzon  Now I can copy+paste
 jehzon  Weird
 dave  can i get the skypecast one more time?
 jehzon  Is there a drupal+flickr module?
 arvind grover  we just used used flickr's badge or html code: for example
 jehzon  Is there a chat log of this NMC/dave?
 paradox66  this is where i found the explaination about VAC and amateur radio...
 paradox66  problem is that their database seems to being down atm
 paradox66  first result is a good explanation but it isnt working atm
 arvind grover  does skype on the mac have less settings than skype on the PC?
 jehzon  Are you missing any functionality arvind?
 arvind grover  it seems like there is a missing piece on the audio setting - the "let skype control my audio settings"
 jehzon  time-zoned based!
 jehzon  Eastern Standard Tribe, represent!
 jehzon  arvind, yeah. I double check the audio settings in Skype and my System Preference
 arvind grover  screenshot documents are very tough to produce
 jehzon  Agreed, plus it gives folks the chance to use more new technology to talk about more new technology
 jehzon  Used SnapZ on Mac, Camtasia not available
 dave  jehzon... just caught the message... the chat record is behind a sign in
 arvind grover  did you guys upgrade the chatroom software? looks different on my screen
 dave  tardy!
 dave  absent!
 dave  we need to enforce conformity
 dave  put her in the corner!
 arvind grover  wait, maybe she has a note from home
 dave  - 5 points!
 dave  i don't accept those!
 arvind grover  but my family always goes out of town this weekend, every year!
 Doug  here's a diagram I just made with Gliffy
 arvind grover  take a look at this screenshot. it is the free kristal audio software. i haven't tried it yet, but it appears to have a built in digital-mixer:
 arvind grover  hold on, can't paste
 Doug  use Float and Dock
 arvind grover  http://www.tinyurl/yfs7hc
 arvind grover  float and dock still doesn't let me paste, strange
 jehzon  soundbooth, anyone?
 jehzon  For post-production
 arvind grover  uh oh, here comes adobe into the mix
 jehzon  arvind...I am able to copy+paste on the Mac, but it seems to stop working if I switch to other applications
 jehzon  When I come back, can't copy+paste anymore
 arvind grover  weird
 arvind grover  that new adobe audio editor is available for intel mac's and pc's
 arvind grover  could be promising though
 jehzon  Whoa, I can get multiple undos in Second Life now.
 arvind grover  excellent!
 arvind grover  my webhost is deplying this thing called flashback which saves a copy of every file you ever make and all older versions
 arvind grover  helps with the accidental deletes
 arvind grover  it worked! great idea
 dave  yay jeff
 arvind grover  Xinha
 arvind grover  rocks
 arvind grover  on mac, firefox, can't paste into the textbox for some reason
 paradox66  sorry
 jehzon  Naw, dave, you are still weird here too
 jehzon  :)
 dave  lol
 SusNy  Hello!
 paradox66  Hi Sus
 Doug  we love ya man
 SusNy  Any chance to join a Skype channel too?
 SusNy  sorry for being late
 arvind grover  interesting, if i press copy in the chat window, i can paste, but can't paste out of external apps. i think that was what you were saying jehzon was saying
 jehzon  Everyone using Mac also using Firefox?
 dave  hey lawrie
 dave  that skypecast link is to the live audio
 lawrie  Hi Dave
 jehzon  Hey, another new feature of this chat...used to be the whole line of someone's chat that mentioned my name had its color changed. Now it's just my name, not the whole line
 JL  is that true jehzon
 JL  JL, what do you think?
 JL  I think so
 jehzon  So if I type Dave, only dave's name should change color not this whole sentance
 jehzon  In his chat screen
 jehzon  Not mine
 dave  dave dave dave
 Paul E  Hello Everyone
 dave  yo paul
 paradox66  a way to collect info and links
 dave  better than
 Paul E  I think the notebook would be good for cliping text out of webpages, but I am not sure about the links
 SusNy  I cannot hear you but apparently I am in the Skype room with you
 SusNy  has one of those annoying fallouts of one mili second
 paradox66  sus disconnect and connect again
 Loop  I'm not jumping at CMS Ac.! Of course I'd love to, but not yet
 JL  need to rejoin the skypecast
 SusNy  I'll try
 jehzon  Is that dave?
 arvind grover
 arvind grover  conference website
 arvind grover  click on NYSAIS Mohonk 2006 at the top
 arvind grover  you will notice the broken CSS on the first page. we are working on that
 arvind grover  any ideas, let me know
 arvind grover  arvind at
 arvind grover  bye
 Paul E  I too am heading out. Talk to you all later!
 Doug  cya Arvind and Paul
 Doug  take care
 madeline_here  tried registering for will I beable to connect to the conference? As of yet, I am awaiting approval--mbrownstone
 jehzon  bye.
 Doug  thanks all, ttys

Meeting 1.3.4

Meeting 1.3.4
November 12, 2006

Download mp3


  • Introduction/Opening
  • Share Good / Bad Experience using Audacity
  • How do VAC really work? (Diagram of VAC)
  • Skypecast Control- New Screencast about Skypecasting
  • Bandwidth Concerns
  • Brainstorm how to use Webcast - Bring at least one good idea.
  • Share experience with trying streaming
  • Questions and word is free

 JL  Hello Cathy & Niels
 JL  Webhuddle is now active
 JL  [email protected] / webcast
 Cathy e  hello guys
 DS  Hi Cathy
 DS  and all
 DS  think JL may have crashed--lost the skype call
 JL  please skype 'worldbridges' directly
 NielsD  OK
 Cathy e  Just to let you know I have watched the screen cast "Recording both ends of a telephony call in windows" at least 100 times :)
 JL  got a new one for you -
 NielsD  are we using the skypecast - or go worldbrigdes direktly?
 AnneF  HI there
 JL  Hi Kathy - skype 'worldbridges' directly
 paradox66  hello all
 JehZon  Not me. Still trouble with ecamm recorder.
 DS  sorry, can't record here either, have to run away in a little while myself
 sendkathy  I can't hear anything give me a minute.
 Madeline Brownstone  Hi, sorry I'm late.
 DS  Hi Madeline
 Cathy e  I have the same sound card- but i don't have stereo mix as an option
 Madeline Brownstone  I just checked for a skypecast, are we on?
 Madeline Brownstone  I can't find us.
 AnneF  I think they are in a kype conference
 DS  skype worldbridges directly to join
 AnneF  the skypecast wasn't working very well
 JL  indeed
 DS  I'll listen on the stream, I have to leave soon
 JL  skype 'worldbridges' to join in
 Madeline Brownstone  just found it, thanks....started at 50 minutes ago? YIKES
 JL  do not join skypkecast
 JL  skype worldbridges
 AnneF  no, that confused me too. I think they open it early
 Madeline Brownstone  okay
 arvind grover  i am in the skypecast, but i dont see anyone there
 arvind grover  oh
 DS  arvind skype worldbridges directly to join
 DS  the skypecast wasn't cooperating
 arvind grover  got it
 DS  have to run all - look forward to catching up on audio -- cya soon
 arvind grover the conference website - audio available there
 sharonbetts  Hello everyone - glad to have caught you at least for awhile today.
 Madeline Brownstone  been getting this error when exporting to mp3 on audacity on Mac
 Madeline Brownstone  ooop
 sharonbetts  how many of you have actually got a two way Skype to work?
 sharonbetts  I keep losing the sound - anyone else? I will change channels.
 JL  sharon, would you like to join skype
 paradox66  Me and niels got it to work
 Cathy e  Not me :(
 Cathy e  I can faintly hear the skype lady
 Cathy e  When I go to Mixer Device I only have line in, rear mic, microphone
 sendkathy  So, bottom line, are we able to get in a skypecast or simply listen to the stream on channel 1?
 arvind grover  no skypecast, can you skype "worldbridges" directly or listen to the stream
 arvind grover  jeff is restarting the skype
 arvind grover  i mean stream
 arvind grover  restarting the stream
 sendkathy  I hope this works because my stream keeps buffering and going mute.
 sharonbetts  I am having exactly the same problem - it buffers and dies
 Madeline Brownstone  Two-way skypecall has still not come front and center on my to-do list. I think I'm going to find the time next week to get going full stream with the webdcast academy assignments and experimentations.
 JL  hitting bandwidth limits
 JL  will restart channel 2 shortly
 sharonbetts  aha - thanks Madeline, I don't feel so far behind then.
 arvind grover  the analog analogy is always helpful - if it applies
 sharonbetts  I forgot my headphone at work and can't skype in today either - where or where did my organizational skills go?
 JL  channel 2 should be on now
 sharonbetts  Channel 2 is ok -- good
 sharonbetts  darn - it cut out again. Is channel 1 running?
 cheryloakes  channel 2
 cheryloakes  hi sharon
 sharonbetts  and I lost the chatroom when I accidentally tried to re-stream from the same tab. I think this week is lost - hi Cheryl
 arvind grover  classic conversation with teachers - they don't want to know how the projector works, juts work!
 cheryloakes  Hi Arvind, I still think that way, just work, especially when teaching, there isn't time to troubleshoot with 20 faces looking at you. :-)
 arvind grover  i definitely dont want to troubleshoot in class, but i was thinking more during training of teachers. but i know exactly what you mean
 arvind grover  :)
 cheryloakes  cathy are you a mac?skype
 sharonbetts  ;)
 AnneF  no stream, no skype only web huddle and chat so I think I'll go and listen to the recording later.
 Cathy e  I am windows
 AnneF  Bye all
 JL  bye anne
 sharonbetts  me to - where is web huddle info?
 Cathy e
 cheryloakes  I use nicecast on my mac
 sharonbetts  thanks - the name of the "huddle"?
 paradox66  skype:?chat&id=%23arvindgrover%2F%24310f611772562cdc
 cheryloakes  it is on the front page of webcast academy [email protected] pw webcast
 sharonbetts  can anyone give me the URL for the site with music clips that Jeff mentioned previously
 paradox66  my swedish screencast about making kanon singen
 Madeline Brownstone  back again, keep loosing my window too
 cheryloakes  I will start putting tags for mac entries.
 Madeline Brownstone  Ah, ha, copy paste works in Firefox. This is the errror I get using Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Audacity 1.2.5Assertion (gfc->mf_size <= MFSIZE) failed in "lame.c" on line 1501
 JehZon  yes
 JehZon  can't do it either
 Cathy e  me either
 JehZon  Sometimes it works, most time it does not
 Cathy e  Works the first time but not after the first time
 arvind grover  that's rightg. i think it works before you takea away focus from the window the first time. once you come back, it doesn't work - oh well, copy paste, who needs it?
 Madeline Brownstone  try copy/paste using Apple+C and apple+v that works for me on Mac running firefox
 sendkathy  I am just wondering how get the people you'd like to participate ready to go.
 arvind grover  thanks madeline, doesn't work for me after the first time i look away from the window
 sharonbetts  Good question Kathy. I hope to figure out how and then I need to find who. I also can't copy / paste in windows.
 Madeline Brownstone  ha, Arvind:o ...that's what happend to me when I tried to copy something IN the window. It works when I copy FROM another source and paste into the chat
 arvind grover  no luck for me
 Cathy e  Sharon- I plan to use the webcast with teachers after hours- like a help desk meeting
 sharonbetts  Oh - yes that is very much like what I want to do. I meant getting a two way skype call recorded.
 sendkathy  I'm just concerned that if we have these issues and are committed to trying to solve them, how will rather low-tech people be encouraged to stick it out?
 Cathy e  I have not had luck with that yet
 Madeline Brownstone  Arvin: I'm using Firefox version on MAC iBook G4 10.4.8
 Cathy e  But low tech people won't have to record in the beginning
 Cathy e  Just listen and talk
 arvind grover  i am using FF 2
 sharonbetts  Kathy - right. I think that skyping to staff is easy. It is the recording stuff that has me bamboozled.
 sharonbetts  I am also using FF 2 (windows) and can't copy - paste.
 Cathy e  NO- the copy paste issue is a biggie
 sendkathy  So Sharon, you are already skyping with your staff?
 sendkathy  How do you set up a time and how do you get them interested?
 sharonbetts  I can copy / paste in Webhuddle -
 Cathy e  What about the old one?
 NielsD  Here is my webrecordings in OPAL
 sharonbetts  I only skype with a few that are quite teckie - and it is usually around troubleshooting our new ePortfolio software and posting podcasts and videos there. I just tell them I will be online in the evening at a certain time. We also use the chat room in our email client (First Class)
 NielsD  her it is
 cheryloakes from Cheryl on her Macbook 10.4.8, using FLOCK
 NielsD  this last on was to the american OPAL-prosject
 cheryloakes  madeline, try using flock as your browser, it works for copying urls.
 sendkathy  Has anyone ever webcast to or from an ed tech conference?
 sharonbetts  I just uninstalled Flock when I upgraded to FF 2 - ugh
 sendkathy  I like being part of a class so I feel I can get to know a smaller group.
 Cathy e  No-Kathy, but I have been thinking about it..I will be going to NCETC in a couble of weeks.
 NielsD this is my webroom - feel free to go in an look
 cheryloakes  Women of Web 2.0 will be webcasting next Tue. from a conference in GA , then on 11/28 from NH, Christa McAulliffe.
 sharonbetts  I agree - I am such a dolt about these things and like the class structure
 sendkathy  I'm going to GaETC this week.
 sharonbetts  wow - are you going to GA, cheryl? any thoughts about TCEA?
 Cathy e  Kathy- you can go first :)
 sendkathy  Wow, I'm taking CSS with Patrick Crispin on Tuesday.
 cheryloakes  lucky you, check out Vicki Davis, Jen, Sharon will be webcasting at 9 PM, I am holding the fort at home here in Maine
 Cathy e  I'll listen if you talk
 sharonbetts  I will try to check-in on Tuesday this week
 cheryloakes  Hope you can Sharon.
 arvind grover  here is one commericial shoutcast provider i found:
 Madeline-in-Flock  cannot copy/paste a URL in Flock
 arvind grover  i can't figure out what the $2.15 for a 128k stream gets you
 sharonbetts  sorry, but it makes me feel better about uninstalling it. ha (Flock that is)
 sharonbetts  Jeff there is an echo now.
 Cathy e  I don't know I would ever do all the things needed to run a webcast and be in Second Life?
 sharonbetts  I registered for Second Life and have spent about 15 minutes there - just no time.
 cheryloakes  sorry Madeline, maybe since i am on a Macbook, not G4.
 Madeline Brownstone  mayBE
 sharonbetts  Yea webheads - I plan on trying to join then this winter.
 arvind grover  so strange, wasn't doing anything and the chatroom just logged me out. wasn't even near the keyboard
 arvind grover  and not on wireless
 cheryloakes  Cathye, I dont' think my computer could take all the punishment of resource use with 2nd life and webcast, wkype
 sendkathy  If I ever go the hang of it I would like to run a group.
 sendkathy  My computer can't take 2nd life either!
 Cathy e  cherly, forget the computer, my brain can't handle it
 sharonbetts  Cathy - I am with you! I actually try to have a first life and that's hard.
 sendkathy  So true!
 sendkathy  Although the I just listed to one of the Intercultural webcast on the topic of reinventing yourself and it seems 2nd life is just the ticket.
 arvind grover  you're right jeff, these external hosts are expensive!
 arvind grover  they are like $2/listener for 128k
 sendkathy  What about raising funds?
 Eiseldora  I am a fan of Second Life, because it has many freedoms
 arvind grover  so we need a shoutcast server training session - a lot of schools (at least in the U.S.) have high-speed connections. we could put up some servers i think
 Madeline Brownstone  my chat screen has a mind of it's own. It keeps wanting to return to the Welcome at the top. Kind of spooky
 arvind grover  a paypal button on webcastacademy. or let people pay tuition if they are interested. voluntary
 Madeline Brownstone  Arvind: what do I want to know about my upstream bandwidth?
 Madeline Brownstone  My school wants to stream....eventually--once I learn. :-)
 arvind grover  meadline, for running your own shoutcast server?
 sendkathy  Do we have to reserve the sandbox?
 sharonbetts  I also was wondering about streaming in the sandbox - although I have a long way to go before I am ready.
 arvind grover  i am looking at: (i hope i typed that correctly)
 Madeline Brownstone  I have to hang on to the scroll bar to keep the chat in place....
 sharonbetts  I am picturing that - :D
 Madeline Brownstone  :p
 Madeline Brownstone  makes typing difficult ;)
 sharonbetts  I see it is 1:15 and I am going to need to sign-off. Hopefully, I will be able to make some progress this week. See you folks.
 Madeline Brownstone  I also hpe to get that 2-way skype done this week...finally
 Madeline Brownstone  I will try the shoutcast server too....
 Madeline Brownstone  with my students
 sharonbetts  ambitious - good luck Madeline.
 Madeline Brownstone  Well, I have a gaggle of little girls who want to webcast....8th graders
 Madeline Brownstone  they are awesome. Been in Lee Baber's spacecast every friday
 Madeline Brownstone  now they want to host their own
 arvind grover  turn dreams into reality :)
 arvind grover  if we get enough interns in a geographic area, we should have meetups (in person)
 arvind grover  to do some cross-training
 sendkathy  What are the legal implications of recording people?
 Madeline Brownstone  How many in the NYC Metro area?
 Madeline Brownstone  legal for school kids?
 arvind grover  {arvind raises hand}
 sendkathy  Yes and anyone else
 sendkathy  Is it just a simple media release for signed by parents?
 Madeline Brownstone  our children have a signed release from their parents that we can put their work on the Internet....kind of open and vague...
 arvind grover  in the U.S. you can record people if they know that they are being recorded
 arvind grover  (adults)
 Madeline Brownstone  ...we say that we will not reveal last names and other identifying information
 arvind grover  right on, guidelines for safety are key
 sendkathy  What's the best way to invite people from around the country to join a skypecast or to be primary speakers?
 Madeline Brownstone  network with friends...
 arvind grover  remember that when you skypecast, anyone who finds it on the website can join i
 Cathy e  I'm glad we have a gifted student in our class
 arvind grover  when yo skype conf, you control who enters
 Madeline Brownstone  Kathy, you have school children? what grade?
 sendkathy  I know but these are all techies.
 Madeline Brownstone  I'm in middle school and we have the personallearningspace elgg
 sendkathy  I have a sophomore and a senior and teach kindergarten
 Cathy e  Where do we go tonight
 arvind grover  i am really trying to figure out how to use KRISTAL audio software on my PC because it has a mixer to control input volumes
 Madeline Brownstone  for HS try http://youthvoices.??? I'll check it out. Check out teachers teaching teachers. Paul Allison and Susan E are active in that
 sendkathy  I have a Promethean board and may want to host a users forum in a webcast.
 arvind grover  cool!
 sendkathy  Thanks Jeff and all!

Audio icon WebcastAcademy-2006-11-12.mp331.76 MB

Meeting 1.3.5

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.5
Sunday, Nov. 19, 200
Download mp3

  • The Webcast Academy Moodle
  • Open Troubleshooting
  • Interncast Schedule (starting to produce shows with support of oldtimers, if necessary) 

 Madeline Brownstone     Good Morning, finally posted a 2-way conversation in Skype
 Madeline Brownstone     I now know what it feels like to be a student again...humbling
 Andrew     Well done Madeline. Was there any major lesson you'd like to pshare?
 Andrew     So do you feel confiodent now?
 Madeline Brownstone     I do feel confident with this simple task, indeed.
 Madeline Brownstone     What's Nicecast?
 Madeline Brownstone     I better get into the Book of Webcasting before I ask such fundamental questions...sorry
 [email protected]     the audio repeater/hijack/hijack pro first seems to be a common theme
 [email protected]     in both windows and mac
 Madeline Brownstone     I have not explored hijack any further than simply recording my skype lady conversation
 arvind grover     great idea, some checkboxes for OS, software, etc
 arvind grover     when posting to the drupal
 arvind grover     that way we can find things that relate to our particular setup
 arvind grover     doug, staying at the chateau?
 [email protected]     the skiers and coaches and executive are at the Chateau
 [email protected]     the "worker bees" are at the Lake Louise Inn, which is also very nice
 arvind grover     nice, spent a night there a couple years back. what a magnificent place. was there in the summer though
 Lee     Hi Andrew
 Lee     I have added...
 Lee     your contact..
 Lee     Oh no Jeff
 Lee     i did not
 arvind grover     saw a poor japanese couple with their parents upset their canoe in the lake,
 arvind grover     doug: executives?
 [email protected]     of the race itself
 arvind grover     ah
 arvind grover     and what is the race?
 [email protected]     World Cup Downhill and GS
 arvind grover     very cool
 [email protected]     Men next wkend, and Women the one after that
 arvind grover     are you racing?
 Lee     hehe
 [email protected]     no racing for me :)
 [email protected]     here's a link with some more info
 [email protected]
 [email protected]     here are some "live" pictures from Lake Louise
 [email protected]
 [email protected]     I'm sitting under the "Base Area" camera
 JL     [email protected] webcast
 dave     nice screen sharing
 dave     zmrzlina
 Lee     yea
 [email protected]     very cool re server Dave
 Lee     i can not either
 Lee     unable to get webhuddle to come up
 dave     yes... i'm pretty excited
 [email protected]     no festoon here
 Lee     no
 arvind grover     no echo here
 dave     no echo here
 dave     no echo here
 arvind grover     oh yes, audio repeater will let you hear yourself, right?
 arvind grover     echo is normal, right on
 dave     no echo here
 arvind grover     lowere your time to 100 ms
 Lee     world time link...also.. is good to use
 Lee     to add to all posts
 arvind grover     andrew, here is alex's post about auacity messing up the stereo mix options:
 lee     is this still correct for the vyew 278319?
 arvind grover     hmm, skype crashed on me
 [email protected]     nothing to report here
 [email protected]     gotten very noisy here, so I'll stay muted
 [email protected]     excellent point Andrew re controlling "variables" along the way
 [email protected]     thanks everyone, another great session
 arvind grover     thanks everyone
 arvind grover     have a good sunday
 [email protected]     thanks all -- hope to have photos and videos to show over the next while
 [email protected]     and a "remote" or two
 [email protected]     take care all
 [email protected]     bye for now
 lee     by doug
 arvind grover     bye all
 lee     bye arvind and all
Audio icon WebcastAcademy-2006-11-19.mp322.27 MB

Meeting 1.3.6

Webcast Meeting 1.3.6

1. Welcome to intern meeting 1.3.6
2. Debate about the way of learning on Drypal/Moodle
3- Problems and solutions of this week
4. About editing the files after the recording?
5 Skype 3.0 - hosting a webcast?
6. Other subjects of this week
7 Round up
Host.: Niels, Oslo
Download (27,3 MB)

Audio icon Academy__26_11_06.mp327.31 MB

Meeting 1.3.7

Webcast Meeting 1.3.7
Download mp3

Our weekly discussion started by troubleshooting Anne's audio challenges (leaving her without any functional way of communicating with us) and then got into discussing the homestretch of this session and what lies beyond, and finally got into other issues of building Worldbridges and its component sites.

Chat Log Below
 JL  hello cathy
 JL  are you there or loitering from past events?
 JL  Hey Jeh
 JL  skype 'worldbridges' to join in
 AnneF  IS it a conference or a skypecast?
 JL  conference
 AnneF  ok
 JasonR  greetings
 AnneF  hi
 JL  I can handle 10 - if we get more than that we can create a skypecast
 JL  please skype when ready
 JasonR  Actually have to head out. Just stopped in to say hello and that I am alive. Sorry about last night.
 Cathy E  I did talk to the Dell rep - he is working on my Sigma Tel issue
 Cathy E  How are you doing? SendKAthy?
 sendkathy  I'm on the phone I'll be right with you!
 DS  Hi everyone
 JL  Hey doug
 JL  skype worldbridges to join in
 AnneF  Have changed my Skype settings and put the headphones in the back of the machine and can't hear you now
 JL  we can still hear you
 JL  suggest hanging up
 JL  yes
 JL  reboot
 JL  hello ann
 JL  guess you're not hearing us?
 sendkathy  So how do I get in the skypecast, do I dial worldbridges?
 JL  yes, skype 'worldbridges'
 sendkathy  and very patient!
 sendkathy  Very delayed!
 lee  hi
 JL  are you still listenin to the stream?
 lee  not yet
 JL  that was for kathy
 lee  going there now
 lee  oh :)
 JL  skype worldbridges if you like
 lee  i am micless momentarily
 Cathy E  Kathy- post your link again, please
 sendkathy  will anyone be available for more testing this wed eve?
 lee  if you are starting to go towards is a link for some audacity edidting tips..
 lee  Hi doug and cathy!
 DS  hey Lee
 Cathy E
 lee  I will be doing a webcast on audio editing the week of Dec.12th...on Webcast Academy..
 lee  During the day during the week
 lee  Yessss good idea
 lee  no
 lee  oh great... hold on a minute and i will get my mic
 Cathy E  I mentioned WorldBridges in my David Warlick Session - he was telling about you guys too
 lee  ok.. go ahead and add me to the conference call
 lee  should i call you
 sendkathy  Speaking of Warlick, I heard about this they want a participant run necc type conference on-line
 lee  oj now call mee
 lee  please
 lee  hello
 lee  knock knock
 Cathy E  Here is David Warlick's wiki for our edu Blogger Con
 sendkathy  I set up an elgg this week. so I may not be learning to webcast yet, but I'm picking up a lot along the way.
 lee  thanks doug
 Cathy E  Kathy- I would love to set up something for the young kids to experience "Christmas Around the World" via webcast.
 sendkathy  Sounds great!
 lee  brainbench
 sendkathy  email me at school [email protected]
 Cathy E  ok
 DS  thanks all
 lee  Thank you and bye to all
Audio icon WebcastAcademy-2006-12-03.mp336.61 MB

Meeting 1.3.8

Webcast Academy Meetin 1.3.8
 Dec. 10, 2006
Download mp3


- Book of Webcasting, Hardware & Software Profile Pages
- Skypecast Alternatives
- New Year Webcastathon
- Open Troubleshooting


Audio icon WebcastAcademy-2006-12-10.mp323.63 MB

Meeting 1.3.9

Webcast Academy Meetin 1.3.9
 Dec. 17, 2006
Download mp3

Discussion of wrapping up the Class of 1.3,  what lies ahead, and planning the New Year's Webcastathon.  Interns, please add your shows to the 2007 New Year Webcastathon schedule.  If you'd like to do a show/host a discussion but are not ready to stream solo, please post a request for streaming support in the forums.

Audio icon WebcastAcademy-2006-12-17.mp321.57 MB

Webcast Academy Moodle Discussion

Webcast Moodle Discussion
November 16, 2006
Download mp3

Art, Doug, Brad, & Jeff discuss Webcast Academy organizational issues in general, and Moodle based courses in particular (see

 dave    i'm here
 dave    yo yo
 Brad Hicks    Hi guys is there a skypecast set up?
 Brad Hicks    Mr Australia - lol
 Brad Hicks    I have some questions from you guys
 Brad Hicks    can you bring me in?
 Brad Hicks    for you guys*
 JasonR    Moooola!
 JL    Hey J
 Brad Hicks    Hey Jason
 JasonR    Greetings
 dave    sarah...
 Sarah    Hello
 dave    darth
 dave    cathy
 Sarah    It's me
 dave    it is you!
 Sarah    Yes, it is.
 Sarah    that's why I'm part of Pweb. Out of love.
 dARTh Gelwicks    Howdy, campers.
 Sarah    that's one of the biggest problems I have being part of the Worldbridges community.
 dave    camping?
 Sarah    pacing myself
 Sarah    not getting burnt out
 dave    yeah... tell me about it... :)
 Sarah    and trying to supress the guilt when I miss personal deadlines
 dARTh Gelwicks    It's easy to drown in the deep end.
 dave    and then letting them drag on after you miss them
 Sarah    and that, too
 dave    monkey!
 dARTh Gelwicks    Are you having primate problems?
 dave    kind of.
 Sarah    Oh! I'm not a problem!
 Sarah    or, haven't been recently.
 JasonR    I blow off my deadlines and go into Second Life instead
 dARTh Gelwicks    Why not treat it like a board of directors with yearly nominations and appointments?
 dave    we've discussed it
 JL    we need to policy it
 JL    governace
 JL    ance
 Sarah    obviously there are backups.
 dave    dominance
 JasonR    BTW, ecamm supposedly fixed my recording problems with a new update.
 Brad Hicks    Yeah i saw that Jason
 JasonR    I had an offending colon (:) in my contact list
 dARTh Gelwicks    I sat on a municipal board for three years before I bugged out. The only concern would be losing the character of the group under the weight of bureacracy.
 dARTh Gelwicks    (avoiding colon jokes now.)
 dARTh Gelwicks    Can't help it...I know lots of offending colons.
 JasonR    But it's such low hanging fruit
 dARTh Gelwicks    I was behind one in traffic this morning.
 dARTh Gelwicks    So if they only annoy you are they a semicolon?
 JasonR    Har :)
 cheryloakes    Hi
 cathy e    Hi Cheryl
 dARTh Gelwicks    Hi Cheryl
 cheryloakes    Hi Cathy
 cheryloakes    hi darth and Jason
 JasonR    greetings
 Brad Hicks    Hi Cheryl
 cathy e    an AUP
 cheryloakes    Hey, Brad, nice to see you online.
 Brad Hicks    Yeah decided to re-neg on a day of substitute teaching today
 Brad Hicks    have to get my uni assignment done
 Brad Hicks    writing a critical analysis of WorldBridges as a PLC - so really appreciate the guys addressing these questioins
 Brad Hicks    Professional learning Community*
 cheryloakes    really good idea, share your analysis.
 Brad Hicks    will do
 dave    must go and feed baby...
 dave    nice talking nice folks
 Brad Hicks    thanks dave, for your time
 dave    MONKEY!
 Doug    cya dave
 cheryloakes    bejois for Oscar
 Sarah    bye dave!
 Doug    yes all the best to Bon' and the wee man
 dave    many thanks
 cheryloakes    hey doug, and sharon, i missed seeing you and JL
 Doug    hi Cheryl, sorry I missed it
 cheryloakes    the podcast of WW2 is up at webcast academy.
 Doug    well done, I look forward to listening
 dave    monkey are you on brad's back?
 dave    bye again all...
 cheryloakes    Brad, it was very good to hear .
 dave    really must go... too bad. this is really cool...
 JL    Please join in the fun
 cheryloakes    I agree BRAD, the academy has been incredible. I never thought I would be webcasting. I always like to join a conversation, but this was just not in my vocabulary until I started in the class.
 cheryloakes    I am so jealous of you being on the slopes!
 cheryloakes    We are water skiing at my mountain.
 Doug    I'll be "radiocasting" from a trailer
 cheryloakes    Sweet.
 Doug    didn't even get on the boards last yr
 cheryloakes    I am impressed.
 Doug    hope to get some runs this yr
 cheryloakes    Women of Web 2.0 new webcast.
 cheryloakes    My virtual learning community is more active than my school community most days.
 Brad Hicks    yup, 12 am GMT is always good for me
 cheryloakes    My virtual community is the place where I am challenged to move onto new learnings, I can be assured that I will learn something new. At school, I get excited when I can share something I've done in my virtual life.
 Brad Hicks    break out the coffee :-)
 Brad Hicks    here here
 JasonR    Weekends work for me
 cheryloakes    The webheads meet at 12PM GMT, so a 12AM sounds good.
 JasonR    Or late weekdays, after 6pm EST
 cheryloakes    I ditto that Doug.
 Brad Hicks    guinea pig Doug!
 cathy e    I wanna do it... I wanna do it. I will not give up!
 Brad Hicks    good idea - wiki
 cheryloakes    That is really how I learned best when online with Jeff and Brad one night and just doing it!
 cheryloakes    wait, that sounds like planning
 Brad Hicks    I was amazed that Jeff succumbed to a Moodle being established ;-)
 Doug    it's because of Sloodle == thin edge of Moodle wedge ;)
 cheryloakes    hey alex
 Alex Ragone    Hi Cheryl.
 Alex Ragone    Sorry about that.
 Alex Ragone    Going to stay muted for now...
 cathy e    I have a feeling I will still be a student in the class of 1.9
 cheryloakes    No way Cathy, you are way into Web 2.0!!!
 Brad Hicks    Yep, if i can find a good time to schedule sessions, I definitely want to help in my time zone
 Brad Hicks    with the academy
 JasonR    Heh, you should see the Millionsofus people trying to organize a live event rigt now in SL. I'd copy the URL, but chat is not letting me :(
 JasonR    And the sim crashes
 Brad Hicks    how many channels can be supported? I though this nmay be a way to raise funding - people renting channels
 Brad Hicks    even if just for a token amount
 Brad Hicks    do we consider becoming somehow registered as a recognised training organisation? Not sure how that works in US/Canada
 Brad Hicks    would this give more weight to certification? Do we care?
 cheryloakes    Oh, yes very different!!!
 cheryloakes    I wouldn't have joined webcast academy unless I'd been through the webheads class and participated in skype calls.
 Doug    great point Cheryl
 Doug    Skype almost needs to be its own course
 Alex Ragone    jeff's never going to let us graduate anyway!
 Doug    especially when it comes to conferences and 'casts
 Doug    lol
 cheryloakes    Yes, skype, skypecast and probably gizmo
 Doug    Google talk?
 JL    that laugh was for you Alex
 cheryloakes    oh sure more things to learn.
 Alex Ragone    brb
 Brad Hicks    again though, is there a body through which the Academy becomes recogined as a registered traine? if we want to add some "official education system" certification/acknowledgement of the standards that the Academty training imparts
 Brad Hicks    trainer*
 Brad Hicks    brb
 Brad Hicks    back
 JasonR    Accreditation. Is there any org that offers accreditation for this kind of activity?
 JasonR    Officially
 JasonR    Nationally
 JasonR    Internationally
 cheryloakes    Kind of like the k12 online conference that has 3 credit class offering through PLymouth State in NH and Shangai University. It will help me with recertification.
 JasonR    The International Society of Webcasters
 cheryloakes    Yeah ISW
 Brad Hicks    yep that's what i mean , and maybe we aren't too worried about it at this stage?
 cathy e    if there is a certificate teachers could use the time toward CEUs
 JasonR    How do the Ham operators do it?
 cheryloakes    right Cathy. right now I write this in my professional development plan
 cathy e    good idea- I did not, but I should have
 cheryloakes    Just answering the questions doesn't demonstrate proficency.
 JasonR    Any parallels here:
 cathy e    proficency would depend on the prior approval that is set
 cheryloakes    proficency at many levels, the reading, blogging, the recording, the webcast, the final podcast
 cathy e    yes cheryl, it is not just the physical webcasting
 Brad Hicks    then have to start ppirate webcast stations!
 cheryloakes    Just do it! with goggles.
 Steve    Isn't it the content that should be judged? I wonder how far beyond classroom discussion this lies
 Brad Hicks    yeah I have wondered whether there should be a little more reflective blogging required, most poeople do this anyway - depends on how formal/stringent you want requirements to be - the danger is making certification too onerous of course
 cheryloakes    I should add more mac stuff in the blog or book of webcasting.
 Brad Hicks    I still have to make a lot more contribution to book of webcatsing
 Brad Hicks    ...when I'm on holiday in a few weeks
 cheryloakes    we shoudl skype while working on it, in Mac bridges, that would be a good topic! I'd do it, Alice would join
 cheryloakes    easy for you to say JL
 cathy e    The lessons are simple- but when you hit a wall...what do you do?
 Brad Hicks    well as people build their knowledge, no reason why we can't have some very detailed/varied setup help as people contribute it
 cheryloakes    I would reach out to a classmate and have a skype conversation.
 Brad Hicks    how do we display those though - in a Person's online profile?
 Brad Hicks    on their web pages?
 cathy e    yea baby!
 JL    yep
 cheryloakes    sounds good to me.
 Brad Hicks    I still feel certifications need to be given sooner after completion
 Brad Hicks    as more new people come into it, they will probably expect to receive their certification soon after completion
 cheryloakes    when webcasting it is very helpful to have a safety net of a proficient webcaster in the background.
 cathy e    Brad I will be your test student
 Brad Hicks    no problem- just have to work out a time that is doable!
 cheryloakes    I w ou ld go through it as a webcast 1.2 person, just to see all I"ve done.
 cheryloakes    am I almost ready to graduate??
 JL    you're proficient
 cheryloakes    I really think I want to go through the book of webcast and give feedback that would be helpful.
 cheryloakes    yahoo!
 Brad Hicks    great idea Jeff
 cheryloakes    oh, that is a good idea, a web portfolio
 cheryloakes    with badges
 Brad Hicks    could put it out to schools
 Brad Hicks    snap!
 JasonR    nods
 cheryloakes    webheads do graphics and surveys and votes all the time
 cheryloakes    Doug I am really jealous!!
 cheryloakes    Oh, next Thurs evening? after the turkey
 Brad Hicks    maske it the following week!
 cheryloakes    I am game
 Brad Hicks    then i won't be working - would like to join in the continued conversation
 cheryloakes    Brad you celebrate Thanksgiving in your area?
 cheryloakes    Or is this your vacation
 Brad Hicks    No - we have Austrlia Day on January 26th
 cheryloakes    okay
 Brad Hicks    our school vacation starts in 2 weeks, 2 month break over summer
 cheryloakes    way cool, you must be very busy right now.
 Doug    in Canada our Thanksgiving is Columbus Day in the US
 cheryloakes    yes we already celebrated it with our canadian friends
 Brad Hicks    well I substitute teach - so not really for me , but my wife teaches High school English full time so she is very busy doing reports and marking
 Brad Hicks    I just have to get this last uni assignment done for my Masters for this semester
 cheryloakes    good luck to you with your last assignment.
 cheryloakes    nite off to bed.
 Brad Hicks    thanks
 Brad Hicks    gnight
 Brad Hicks    I'm working next week, unfortunately
 Brad Hicks    but the week after is good
 JasonR    "You are about to enrol yourself as a member of this course."
 JasonR    Typo from
 Brad Hicks    thank you Jeff
 JasonR    TY Jeff
 JasonR    This has been a very affirming experience
 cathy e    ditto- I am honored to be a part of this group
 JasonR    Are there any VOIP equivalents?
 JasonR    in Korea?
 cathy e    I have a feather for EdTechTalk's cap. On the cover of our high school news paper that was just released- there is an article about DOPA- the article was there because the mother of the high school student is a teacher in my elementary building. I talked about DOPA during staff dev after I learned about it from you guys and the mom went home and told her 10th grade daugher.
 Doug    that's a great story Cathy, thanks
 Doug    take care all
Audio icon WebcastAcademy-2006-11-16.mp324.97 MB

Class of 2.2

Class of 2.2 Meetings

Academy Session 2.2.4

Collaborative Agenda for Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.4

Interns, feel free to edit this page to add agenda items and/or questions for this meeting.
(don't worry, revisions are made automatically, so you can't do any long-term harm)


  a) checking audio levels before showtime
                (From Lisa P. - I would love to learn how to adjust audio levels during a show.  I tried and tried but...)

  b)  options beyond a skype conference - Skypecast, Talkshoe, Elluminate, teleconferences, etc.

  c) webcasting possibilities after the academy - how do we start our own show & where do we do it (worldbridges, edtechtalk, etc)?
       see for a list of Worldbridges domains waiting to be developing into webcasting communities

  d) adding music while editing & during a live show

  e) how is this financed, do we have to pay someone something, what are a graduate's ongoing contributions or responsibilities to the community?

Cables and audio and skype OH MY!
Cables and audio and skype OH MY!
Cables and audio and skype OH MY!

We're off to finally webcast in the wonderful land of Worldbridges!......

We are all winding down and winding up in the fourth week of Webcast Academy. I have to tell you, that on Monday when I had to work all day, from 7 am to 7 pm, when I finally had a chance to open skype and wait for my WCA messages, there were 322! What a great way to keep in touch and check out what is happening from the wonderful Open Source Learning 2.0 community. Jose R said it best, for me anyway, thanks Jose!
    I think I first heard the term; "Open Source Learning" in chat in the Webcast Academy.  I thought I knew what it was. I figured it referred to us choose what content we wanted to learn on the internet.  I heard Will Richardson refer to ideas on the Read-Write Web and the like.  I also keep up with other superbloggers like Wesley Fryer, Miguel Ghulin, David Warlick, Christopher Sessums, Steven Downes just to name a few.  I even particpated in K12Online last year and Web Heads in Action Online Conference this year along with Necc2007 not to mention everything happening at edtechtalk.  Nevertheless understanding comes through the practice or application and not theory.  Not until Webcast Academy did I begin to understand Open Source Learning. It just all clicked today.  I got a call from Kevin Sandridge a teacher in central Florida, we had a long talk about web 2.0 and implications for Second Language Learners, Yesterday Susan was asking about classes to recruit for youthbridges. I had a conversation with Chris Craft about a project on digital storytelling on Friday.  And Today it just came all together.  Dennis was uploading his file to Webcast Academy. It didn't show up in the flash player.  I thought I would help out.  How hard could it be.  80 minutes later with Susan patiently waiting on the sidelines we defeated the audacity gremlins and sucessfully uploaded the file.  I felt great and was happy to be able to contribute.  Open Source Learning means building on collective knowledge.  NOW, I've GOT IT!  

So, in the spirit of Open Source Learning and Learning 2.0 , Susan, Jeff and I would like to include you in making the agenda for Meeting #4.
Susan, Jeff and I would like to include you in making the agenda for Meeting #4.
In the curriculum it indicates that we should be talking about advance editing, adding music at the beginning or end, or both ..... We would also like to address any little things that may be wandering around in cyberspace. Please email us, or put a message in the Forum or in the WCA chat on skype. The first Webcast Academy graduated added a page to the book of webcasting for our open source agenda. Created a page for 2.2.4 at: ( If two people try to edit it at the same time, whoever clicks first will have their version saved, the other will get a message that the page has been edited but will still have their changes visible, so they can copy, reload, and paste .)


Webcast Academy Session 2.2.5

Collaborative Agenda for Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.5

Interns, feel free to edit this page to add agenda items and/or questions for this meeting.
(don't worry, revisions are made automatically, so you can't do any long-term harm) click on the title of this post to see the full agenda

This is the day you thought was so far away just 5 weeks ago. Susan and I feel the same way! First we have to say Have a great vacation to Jeff Lebow as he is taking a well deserved break from Worldbridges and Edtechtalk. Welcome to Dave Cormier who has been participating in the WCA chat at skype.

1. Music
Please add resources that you use to this forum post. When you add links, be sure to explain how to actually capture the mp3 file and any other instructions needed to make good use of your suggested site.

2. Participate at edtechtalk!

Remember there are many shows at Edtechtalk and Worldbridges that you can participate in weekly. You can chat and ask to be invited into the skype.

Additional note to this item: This week, after a great show, Cheryl L said, "I am so excited that through the webcast I connected with someone who loves monarchs as much as I - who would've thought. It's connections like this that keep me going." This is the essence of webcasting! Connecting!! Soooo, what's the difference between podcasting and webcasting and what do we need to put on our checklist to make sure that we take advantage of the live nature of webcasting? Please add your thoughts and experiences to this forum post and then we will add all information to the Book of Webcasting
What does it mean to connect through webcasting?

3. What's next?
However, if you want to continue streaming how about the following?
Suggestion for continuing this collaborative learning, what do you think?
Create a time, weekly or bi-monthly, for different interns to sign up to stream a show so the interns can still meet.
Make some day and time suggestions to see if you can continue the learning 2.0!

4. Kick the Stream
Kick the Stream- you can sign up to take part in kicking the stream during the class. You will need to stream during this activity.
Susan Ettenheim
Cheryl Oakes
add your name here! (all you have to do is be ready to stream)

Events & Presentations

Pages or 'chapters' about a particular event or presentation related to webcasting. 

New Media Literacies Institute at UPEI -Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Streaming & Archiving Live Multi-class Interaction
Presented at:
New Media Literacies Institute at UPEI
Saturday, September 29th, 2007
By Jeff Lebow with support from the Webcast Academy Community

 What is Live, Interactive Webcasting (& Webcast Academy)?
    Using web based audio and/or video to connect remote participants in a real time conversation and make it available for others to listen to.
     'Live' adds the magic, recording adds the power.

  •   Audio Recording

  • Recording Conversations with remote participants

  • Streaming


  • Power of an audience, especially live audience
  • Broadening our exposure to different perspectives
  • Prepare students with 21st century collaborative skills
  • Professional development


  • Technical (finding tools and support)
  • Administrative - opening up access, addressing privacy and safety concerns
  • Pedagogical - how does it fit in with educational goals

Tales from the front lines

Yesterday's Experiment


Webcast Academy Class of 2.1
Beginning January 15, 2007
Hello and welcome to the special edition of the Webcast Academy!
'The Webcast Academy' is a hands on, collaborative training center for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive webcasts.
A Live Interactive Webcast is basically like a global radio show that is produced and accessed via the internet. A discussion between two or more more parties using a telephony program is streamed live so that many listeners can tune in and, when desired, call in to the show host and participate in the discussion. These shows usually include the use of a text chat room so that listeners and discussion pariticapants can communicate with each other during the show. Telephony + Two-way audio capturing + live streaming = Live Interactive Webcasting.
During the sessions, participants will learn how to set up, prepare for and moderate live interactive webcasts, and make 'podcast' recordings of them. We will also be looking at advice and tips on hosting your own show, choosing a format, and interviewing techniques.
By the end of the session, some of the participants who graduate from the Webcast Academy and wish to continue webcasting will have the opportunity of continuing to webcast their own show on the World Bridges network.
  • Target Audience
  • Weekly Outline
  • Tools we will be using
  • Contact us directly

Contact us

Jeff Lebow - While working as an English teacher in Korea, Jeff began building Worldbridges, his grad school vision of creating a global network of homegrown webcasting. He currently lives in Bow, NH, USA and serves as general manager and chief plumber of the Worldbridges network. He also co-hosts a number of shows including EdTechTalk, EdTechWeekly, Webcast Acadmy Meetings, and Virtualbridges.
Vance Stevens - Vance Stevens is a Computing Lecturer at Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. In 20 years as ESL teacher and CALL coordinator, he implemented many CALL facilities, conducted research, and produced numerous publications and CALL software. He moonlights as Ed Tech consultant, online facilitator and coach, and founder and moderator of the Webheads community of practice.
Graham Stanley - ICT co-ordinator and EFL Teacher at the British Council in Barcelona, and teacher of 'English for Tourism' at the University of Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain. Graham is a graduate of the Webcast Academy ( and manager of the EFL Bridges webcasting site , where he also hosts the weekly 'World Conversation Club' for English language learners and teachers.

add skype detials, etc?

Target Audience

The Webcast Academy EVO session is of interest to those educators interested in producing live, interactive webcasts.
Minimum computer requirements:

  • A PC with at least a Pentium4 and 512MB of RAM (or Mac equivalent)
  • A broadband connection with at least 500kbps download and 100kbps upload speed (test your bandwidth speed here)
  • A working soundcard and a USB desktop mic or certain USB headsets.
  • Ability to use Skype or another major telephony program like Gizmo or YM voice
Skills required:
Participants should be comfortable with, and have a degree of experience using the Internet, especially interactive sites and Web 2.0 tools. You should already have some experience with Skype and/or using other telephony or voice tools over the Internet, and some familiarity with content management systems (would be helpful).
Please note, this kind of webcasting is still an imperfect art, so the most important prerequisite is a willingness to learn by trial and error and spend at least 3~5 hours a week working on developing the necessary skills, collabaratively working with members of the EVO session and previous classes at The Webcast Academy.
Graduation: Those who are able to successfully complete the first portion of the session and publish 3 recordings of streamed telephony conversations will receive a 'Webcasting Proficiency Certificate' and become eligle to apply for a 'Worldbridges Webcasting License'.  However, if you have less time available but feel that you would still like to participate, by helping the others, posting in the discussion forums, commenting on posts, contributing to the Book of Webcasting, and learning some elements of webcasting along with the apprentices, then you are also welcome to join us.

Tools we Will be Using

Drupal sites
Telephony Software
Audio Recording & Editing
Streaming Software

Magic Ingredients


Weekly Outline

Week One: A week of introductions and familiarisation with basic tools. Participants will join our Drupal site, Webheads in Action, download Skype and some of the other tools used for webcasting (see detailed outline for week one), and participate in one of our introductory webcasts to introduce themselves and meet the other interns.
Week Two: This week, we will be examining the recording of telephony calls using Skype and will be looking at basic audio editing using Audacity. You will be encouraged to organise meetings with other interns, to record the conversations and to experiment with editing the audio.
Week Three: The Webcast Academy continues with examining good practice of hosting a webcast and practising interviewing & show management skills. Interns will be encouraged to practice by choosing a format for their show and then setting up a public Skypecasts. You will also be expected to participate in some of the Skypecasts held by other interns.
Week Four: In week four, post-production and advanced audio editing will be examined. Interns who are ready to do so will also be involved in basic streaming (i.e. beginning live webcasting) with Nicecast for the Apple Mac or Simplecast for the PC, and will record, edit and start to upload edited extracts of their webcasts to the Drupal site.
Week Five: Basic streaming practice will continue for all interns. In addition, different webcast environments (i.e. Second Life ) and other telephony programs (Paltalk, Gizmo) will be looked at.
Week Six: This week is a time for catching up and reflecting on what has been learned. Upon successful completion of their 3 interncasts and a 'commencement webcast', interns will receive a Worldbridges Webcaster Proficiency Certificate and have a Worldbridges Webcasting License. Those who have successfully completed the Webcast Academy will be invited to develop a show (perhaps at EFL Bridges or at one of the other World Bridges sites).
Those who still want to continue their training will be encouraged to do so at The Webcast Academy ), and everyone is invited to help us develop the session into a comprehensive and useful resource, and to keep in touch with your virtual colleagues for as long as you like.

Week Five Details

Week Five Details

Week Four Details

Week Four Details

Week One Details

Week One Details (edit)

Week Six Details

Week Six Details

Week Three Details

Week Three Details

Week Two Details

Week Two Details (edit)

Teacher Talk Studio


WiAOC 2007 Webcastathon

This node was used for webcast planning.
For achives of this event, please visit

The Worldbridges Webcastathon - May 18~20
in association with
WiAOC 2007

(for late breaking schedule updates, visit


Interns, feel free to grab spots now by editing this page. We hope to have two simulcasters when possible, so please add your name in the streamer column if you're available to 'simulcast'.

May 17, 2007
GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
22:01 Red Carpet Coverage

23:01 Worldbridges Welcome Reception & Introductions
(audio introductions - live and voicemailed)

Friday,  May 18, 2007

GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
Leigh Blackall  Keynote address
Jeff L
A cyber faculty lounge for educators to dicuss what they're working on, questions they have, and challenges they're encountering
Jeong-Bae Son, Vance Stevens, Andrew Lian, Debra Hoven, Klaus-Dieter Rossade, Siew Ming Thang
Computer-mediated communication: CONNECTing in a multiliterate flat world  (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Elaine Hoter, Asmaa Ganayim and Miri Shonfeld
Building bridges between cultures in conflict
Glenda McPherson and Malcolm Jolly
Using Second Life for competency outcomes in vocational education (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer
Digital Gaming & Language Learners: From Space Invaders to Second Life (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Vance Stevens, Nelba Quintana, Rita Zeinstejer, and Sasha Sirk
Writingmatrix: CONNECTing students with blogs, tags, and social networking
LT Elluminate Jeff L
  Paul Scott and Catherine Chapman
Contact us: Interactivity and BBC Learning English
  (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Michael Coghlan and Elderbob Brannan (15:30)
"..."(an unconference)
 Celine Godet
Using Moodle and Spip in the EFL classroom: The example of the "Intercomstudents" project
LT Elluminate
 Nina Liakos An open-source online gradebook 

 Dafne Gonzalez and Arnold Muhren
Seven innovative dimensions of e-learning
Keynote conversation with Susanne Nyrop

Jeff L
 Rubena St.Louis
Can a blended reading course work? Feedback from participants
 Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #1

 Elderbob Brannan
wrapup of UnConference Session #1

Saturday, May 19, 2007
GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
Barbara Ganley
Border Crossings and Contact Zones: Transformative Learning with Social Software across (Traditional) Educational Settings

LT Elluminate Jeff L
 KathyShields & Lisa Durff
continue the conversation, keynote, postshowand more
Mona Younes
Using ARCS model to motivate adult Arab learners in an online setting: IOL as a case study
LT Elluminate
 Tom Leverett
How blogging is changing the academic ecosystem
Perry Christensen
iPods: Shuffling the way we teach
 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #2

 Michael Coghlan
wrapup of UnConference Session #2

 Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #3

 Elderbob Brannan
wrapup of UnConference Session #3

 Peter Travis
Podcasting Skype interviews with advanced learners of English
LT Elluminate
George Siemens Keynote address
Connections and Conversations: What happens to content?
LT Elluminate Jeff Flynn
Moira Hunter and Mabel Quiroga
The AEIOU of Real-Time Language Learning - Attract, Engage, Involve Online Users

DafneGozalez and Teresa Almeida d'Eça
Professional development through collaboration in wikis
 Andrew Pinchon
Seamless Web 2.0 collaboration tools for business and non-profit education professionals
Moira Hunter and Geoff Kaye (90 mins)
DiscoverE - A 'test drive' in a synchronous classroom: Hands on workshop

Teemu Leinonen Keynote address
Jeff Lebow
Robin Good Keynote address
Jeff Lebow
Anne Fox
Using podcasts in the EFL classroom
  (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Sedat Akayoglu
Collaborative writing through PBWikis
LT Elluminate
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Trends in Digital Media 2007
LT Elluminate
May 20, 2007
GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
00:01 Karen Garcia
Tagging and broadcasting with feeds: The use of RSS feeds beyond aggregates and syndication
LT Elluminate
 Sara Rofofsky Markus
What does it really mean? Cultural differences in Asynchronous Communication

 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #4

 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #4

 Heike Philp
The LANCELOT Project
LT Elluminate
Heike Philp
The LANCELOT Project
Second Life
GavinDudeney and Nicky Hockly
Get a MUVE On - Education in Second Life

Stephen Downes Keynote address
Personal Learning the Web 2.0 Way

Jeff Lebow
 Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow
 Educationbridges Town Hall - updates & plans for assorted Educationbriges and EdTechTalk projects
Konrad Glogowski and Christopher Sessums
Personal Learning Environments - Exploring Professional Development in a Networked World
(90 mins)

 Webcast Academy Open House
Beyond the technology - Exploring application & developmentpossibilities for this collaborative learning community
Jeff Lebow
 Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #5

Sharon Peters
conversation with Noble Kelly who is president of Teachers Without Borders Canada

Barbara Dieu and Patricia Glogowski
Open and Participatory Webpublishing
  (90 mins)
Carla Arena, Erika Cruvinel, and Ronaldo Lima
Blogging with Students: Ideas to Enhance Communication
In convergence with AALDP -American Association of Literacy Professional Developers
Panel discussion wrap-up of recent EVO sessions

Jeff L

List of Webcast Academy Graduates

List of official Graduates from the Webcast Academy.

Intern Class Portfolio All Work Certification Date
Jose Rodriquez Class of 2.2 Jose Portfolio  All Jose Work October 14, 2007

Solstice 2007 Webcastathon

The Worldbridges So­lstice Webcastathon
December 2­1-23

Julie Schumacher Gradcast
Audio &  Chat Log here 
Teachers are Talking
Audio & Chat Log coming soon
Gingerbread Stories
Full size video
Comp 8 Discussion w/ Alan Levine
on the future of schools
Full size video
Crib Chronicles
Audio Here
EdTechTalk Community Assembly
Audio & Chat Log here
Simulate Show
Full Size Video
Webheadcast/EVO Preview
Audio & Chat Log Here

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0
Planning Session
January 7, 2007
Download mp3

Deep Probing Questions
(see text answers on FAQ page)

Channel Access

  • When I determine the date(s) for my webcast how do I book the time?
  • How do I access Channels 1 & 2 for the actual webcast?
  • How do I access the shoutcast screen? I don't have the user name and pw and mine don't work.


  • I ran simplecast and recorded externally but I had also set simplecast to record a backup. My external recording was intact, my simplecast recording only picked up my input.
  • Which settings do you think I had wrong and how should I remedy this problem?


  • Is there a mini script of acknowledgements thanking webcast etc that can be a standard read at the beginning and end of each show?


  • After I have the stream going exactly what should I do next?
  • Should I make Skype calls to each of my guests and fellow hosts?
  • Should I open the Skypecast?
  • In other words is the which comes first the Skype conference call or the Skypecast and can they run simultaneously?

- Groups & Class Nomenclature

Webcast Academy EVO2007 Session

Invite EVO'ers to become

Subscribe to YG, Newsletter, RSS feed

Watch the participation guide
Test your audio, join in

Production Team Members

  • Streamers
  • Audio Specialists
  • Publishers
  • Director
  • Chat Concierge
Audio icon WebcastAcademy-2007-01-07.mp341.18 MB

Workshop 2.1.2

Workshop 2.1.2
Recording a telephony conversation
January 21, 2007
Download mp3

Once you've recorded and posted your introduction, your next challenge is recording a telephony conversation.  There are a variety of way to do this.

If you want to record the conversation without streaming it to via the shoutcast server, you can use a number of skype 'extras',  3rd party recording programs, or telephony programs that support recording.  More info here.

If you want to record the conversation and stream it via the Shoutcast server, things get a bit more challenging. Methods vary based on operating system, sound card, and an assortment of other variables, but generally requires either a desktop USB mic or a USB headset that has two separate inputs (one for the mic and one for the earphoens).  It is doable with a 'regular' headset, but thusfar sound quality has been poorer and echo issues have been unavoidable. It is also doable using some kind of external mixer, but we have not yet experimented much with that method.  Windows users will most likely need to use Virtual Audio Cables , while Mac uses will need to use Audio Hijack Pro

This weeks task:  post a short (about 1 minute) recording of both ends of a telephony conversation using whatever method you can.
You can try to contact other interns or friends for the recording or if no one is available, you can call 'Skype lady' at 'echo123'

Chat Log Below /

11:56:07 Michael Foerster (2) -> momento green....
11:58:20 Michael Foerster -> greenstuder, the skypecast link is: 
12:00:05 jeff -> skypecast at:
12:01:48 CathyE -> webhuddle is good
12:03:41 jeff2 -> Webhuddle at: EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
12:03:52 Michael Foerster -> I've got a question - why do we use the crazy patchwork of technology that we do? 
12:05:13 jeff ->
12:05:41 Michael Foerster -> Darn - I've been looking for that killer webcasting app!
12:05:57 jeff ->
12:06:30 CathyE -> I lost the chat and the webhuddle link- will you please post it again
12:06:46 Michael Foerster -> Webhuddle at: EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join:   12:03:53 [Michael Foerster] I've got a
12:07:10 sharonp -> you need to extrapolate the reciprocal of the bitrate and map it to the reverb
12:09:30 sharonp -> Michael - you are from Detroit?
12:10:10 sharonp -> my hometown! - well, actually, south Detroit - Windsor Ontario
12:10:28 Michael Foerster -> I love Windsor!
12:10:53 Michael Foerster -> I'm from Northern Michigan, but am now in forced exile in Detroit
12:11:58 sharonp -> Windsor has some lovely riverside parks and great restaurants!
12:12:02 jeff2 -> EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
12:13:50 sharonp -> webhuddle is so great
12:14:01 VanceS -> what's teh email and password in the webhuddle
12:14:24 sharonp -> your own presumably
12:14:30 sharonp -> just need email and name
12:14:34 sharonp -> no need for password
12:14:37 Michael Foerster -> I'm using a mac right now.  I have access to a PC as well
12:15:07 sharonp -> yeah, I got in without any of that
12:18:15 jeff ->
12:18:29 greenstuder -> I'm on Mac, too
12:19:40 CathyE -> Do we put  check n the box for both internal and external mic?
12:22:34 CathyE -> recording
12:27:27 VanceS -> I'm trying to relocate the skypecast
12:27:35 VanceS -> I can see webhuddle and this chat
12:28:22 VanceS -> I was getting the recording of others talking fine
12:28:30 greenstuder -> On Mac I have the choice of internal microphone or line in
12:28:41 VanceS -> I have an idea of issues with recording one's own voice
12:28:56 sharonp -> yikes four computers!
12:30:29 VanceS -> maybe I should ask for the skypecast  url here
12:30:30 sharonp -> I have downloaded VAC - just haven't installed and played with it yet
12:30:58 sharonp -> Vance -
12:31:07 sharonp -> I think I caught all of it
12:31:21 CathyE -> So doing it with 2 machines could be my answer since I don't have stereo mix as an option?
12:31:51 sharonp -> could I do it with one P
12:31:52 sharonp -> C
12:31:57 sharonp -> PC and one Mac?
12:32:13 VanceS -> skypecast is slow here
12:32:18 jeff -> you would need stereo mix on at least one
12:33:32 CathyE -> FYI- Dell is not supporting stereo mix any more :(
12:33:36 jeff -> cathy, can you skype in?
12:33:56 sharonp -> yikes I have a Dell - what are the implications of that?
12:34:36 sharonp -> is that just for new Dells
12:34:38 sharonp -> ?
12:36:30 jeff -> 
12:38:10 VanceS -> that's happened to me
12:38:31 Michael Foerster -> Skype can be rather strange at times....
12:39:02 VanceS -> where is the stereo mix I'm supposed to take out?
12:39:48 Do?g -> sounds like you have it selected in Audacity
12:40:19 Doug -> you could stop Audacity--could be the stream too, make sure that's off
12:40:25 Doug -> as wel
12:40:25 VanceS -> edit / preferenences?
12:40:27 Doug -> well
12:40:50 Doug -> the drop-down beside the microphone right inthe interface itself
12:41:32 VanceS -> in audacity, right?
12:41:38 Doug -> yes
12:42:13 Michael Foerster -> Jeff, I have a question regarding the Academy website, when it is appropriate (given that we are deep into webhuddle, audacity, and skype right now)
12:42:29 beyza -> Hi again
12:42:41 VanceS -> thanks doug, set it to what?
12:42:49 Michael Foerster -> Hello again
12:42:58 Doug -> microphone
12:43:42 VanceS -> done, should this clear the echo?
12:43:46 Doug -> that should help with the echo, but, again, you'd need the virtual audio cables to get "both sides" of  the recording
12:43:47 Doug -> yes
12:44:07 Doug -> but this would at least allow you to get all others
12:44:13 Doug -> in the conversation
12:44:23 greenstuder -> I have a question about how to set themmike on Mac?
12:45:05 Doug -> go ahead--don't really know mac, but will help if I can
12:45:13 VanceS -> ok, I'm recording the sound of others
12:45:15 Michael Foerster -> What version of the Mac?  Are you running OS-X?
12:45:23 Doug -> it is the same principle
12:45:44 Doug -> you'll need audio hijack, or similar "repeater" to get both side of convo on mac
12:46:22 greenstuder -> the mike
12:47:32 greenstuder -> so slow.... I have Tiger, OS X 1.4
12:48:08 greenstuder -> but it's how to do the setting on audacity, I'm wondering
12:48:57 greenstuder -> The microphone options are internal mic. or line in
12:49:44 Michael Foerster -> The Mac mic control is found in the System Preferences (found by clicking on the apple logo in the upper left; then hit "Sound", then select "Input"
12:50:45 VanceS -> that's impossible, I've been muted the past ten minutes
12:51:05 VanceS -> i mean the echo could not have come from me
12:52:49 Michael Foerster -> For my iMac I have the choice between Line In, Internal Mic (built-in), or External Mic
12:53:17 greenstuder -> I have lost the sound
12:53:30 jeff -> you left the skypecast
12:53:35 jeff -> 
12:53:56 jeff -> oops, it's finished now
12:53:59 jeff -> so you can't join
12:54:31 jeff -> you can try skyping 'worldbridges', but will need to mute your mic until we sort out your audio issues
12:55:49 Michael Foerster ->
12:56:56 greenstuder -> I get the the voice mail
12:58:05 lee -> ok.. i just did a movie showing how to do the mac setup for mic and audacity
12:58:20 lee -> it will be up in about ten minutes
12:58:29 lee -> screencast tutorial i mean
12:59:05 greenstuder -> OK, but can I join the skypecast again?
12:59:58 jeff -> the skypecast closed
13:00:04 jeff -> trying to skype you directly now
13:00:16 jeff -> is 'greenstuder' your ID?
13:00:24 green?tuder -> yes
13:00:55 jeff -> says user not found
13:01:09 jeff -> hmmm
13:01:14 jeff -> try calling 'worldbridges' again
13:02:52 VanceS -> is this supposed to be visible in WebHuddle?
13:03:01 jeff -> yes
13:03:05 jeff -> I'm seeing it
13:03:18 VanceS -> I'm probably getting a lag
13:03:22 sendkathy -> hi all!
13:03:29 greenstuder -> I get therecorded
13:03:42 sendkathy -> You must be about to end, just thought I'd pop in.
13:03:51 sendkathy -> What's the webhuddle link?
13:03:52 VanceS -> should i have opened another webhuddle?
13:05:18 jeff2 -> EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
13:06:17 lee -> Audio Recording & Editing session - tuesday 15:00 GMT - Channel 1
13:06:44 greenstuder -> OK, sorry my skype status was offline
13:08:14 lee -> 3 : 00 oh no
13:08:15 sharonp -> Okay so channel 1 is Sandbox A
13:08:26 lee -> wait
13:08:26 sharonp -> in Webcast Academy
13:08:48 lee -> it is 14:30 gmt
13:09:08 sharonp -> 9:30 EST?? in Sandbox A..??
13:09:20 lee -> Ok it is 930 est
13:09:45 lee -> yes.. ok
13:09:58 sharonp -> Sounds great - I should be able to make it!
13:10:11 sharonp -> i would love to have some hands-on practice!
13:11:50 sharonp ->  garageband comes with iLife
13:11:53 sharonp -> bundled with macs
13:12:08 sharonp -> Lee is a mac user - she's a pro!
13:13:15 lee -> Thank you Sharon... you are very nice!
13:14:19 greenstuder -> I've  got garage band, but  I haven't used it, not being a musician.
13:15:30 sharonp -> I have to get going along with my day.... nice to see everyone this week - good luck to us all!
13:19:10 VanceS -> the webhuddle I'm looking at has no relation to what is being said
13:19:30 VanceS -> do I have to change webhuddle links?
13:19:44 jeff -> might be a good idea vance
13:19:47 jeff -> exit and rejoin
13:20:04 jeff2 -> EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
13:25:20 VanceS -> I see garageband now but it appeared after you talked about it :-)
13:29:22 JenM -> Sounds lovely!! In Sandbox A
13:29:34 jeff -> yay!
13:31:32 JenM -> Hear you later! bye!
13:31:44 greenstuder -> Thank you
13:32:39 lee ->  bye jenM
13:33:05 Michael Foerster -> Interesting!  TY!
13:36:36 lee -> It is basic but it is for greenstuder
13:36:42 jeff2 ->
13:37:10 lee -> silent movie
13:37:16 lee -> VERY basic
13:37:41 greenstuder -> Thanks a lot Lee. I really appreciate that.
13:38:44 lee -> Greenstuder, understand that you must make the choicd as to which mic you use..internal is choose and the options will show in system preferences..then audacity will just be the one on the video
13:41:58 greenstuder -> I need to leave now. Gotta drive someone to the station. Thanks a?d buy
13:42:08 greenstuder -> byebye
13:42:42 Michael Foerster -> Bye Barbara!
13:45:23 VanceS -> I've got to go folks
13:45:56 VanceS -> 10:45 pm here, still need to have dinner
13:46:04 jeff -> thanks for hanging in so long
13:46:08 VanceS -> audios and thanks
13:46:56 Michael Foerster -> Later Vance!
14:02:50 Michael Foerster -> Thanks y'all!  Have a great day!
Audio icon WebcastAcademy2.1.2-2007-01-21.mp322.78 MB

Class of 1.1 Graduation Requirements

Hello Fellow Interns,

  This is still a first draft and none of this is etched in concrete.  Thought I'd go ahead and publish it though to start getting everyone's feedback. 
Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions?


Class of 1.1 'Graduation' Requirements.

In order to complete the 'Basic Program' at The Webcast Academy, interns will need to

  • produce 3 live interactive webcasts and publish them to their Webcast Academy blog
  • successfully participate in a Finals Week Webcast Relay
  • complete a 'Webcaster's Report' detailing the methods used, obstacles faced, and solutions found.

Webcast Production

a) successfully streaming the audio (without any coaching or assistance),
b) hosting or co-hosting at least a 30 minute show, and
c) recording all of the show's audio and editing it to a 'listenable' quality

Publication includes

a) posting show notes that include links to sites mentioned, an overview of topics discussed, and chat logs (graphics are not required, but encouraged in moderation)
b) including a download link and flash player listening option for the audio

The Finals Week Relays take place during the final week of the academy term (July 24~31).  At least 3 interns must participate and take turns 'grabbing the stream' at least 3 times from each other.  This is intended to measure the interns ability to handle high pressure, last minute, and/or unexpected webcasting situations.

The 'Webcaster's Report' is designed to help the the Academy build a database of information about the hardware, software, and troubleshooting involved in webcasting. Each intern will provide detailed information of their 'rig', methods, and obstacles encountered.

The deadline for all requirements is July 31, 2006.   Upon review and approval by the 'Mentor Council', interns will receive a Webcast Academy Certificate of Webcasting Proficiency. As long their webcasting focus and approach are compatible with Worldbridges Values & Goals and they have completed a Worldbridges Webcasting Application, graduating interns will also receive a 'Worldbridges Webcasting License'.  This license is a pre-requisite for becoming a webcast producer on any of Worldbridges channels or sites.

 Upon completion of the Basic Program, interns are asked to server on the 'Council of Mentors' for at least one future Academy session (not necessarily the one immediately following theirs). They are also eligible to receive advanced certification from The Webcast Academy (details of which will be ironed out during future Academy meetings).

Applications for The Webcast Academy Class of 1.2 are due by July 16, 2006.  The Opening Ceremony will be held July 23, 2006 in conjunction with The Class of 1.1.'s Finals Week Assembly.

About The Webcast Academy

Welcome to The Webcast Academy. The Academy is a hands on, collaborative training center for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive webcasts. 

The goals of the Webcast Academy include

  • increasing the number of people who are capable of producing live, interactive webcasts
  • applying the open source community approach to skill development
  • creating a place that formally recognizes proficiency,  excellence, and innovation  in these new media skills

It is our hope that those who complete an apprenticeship here, will put their skills to use on the Worldbriges Webcasting Network and elsewhere, but there is no charge for participation and no formal commitment required following the completion of the internship.

To keep things manageable in terms session administration, server resources, and security, we can only accept 15 interns for each session.   Upon successful completion of their 3 interncasts and a 'commencement webcast',  interns will receive a Worldbridges Webcaster Proficiency Certificate and become a Worldbridges Webcasting Licensee. 

Interns will need to spend at least 3~5 hours a week working on developing the necessary skills, working with other members of their 'channel', and banging their heads against their monitors.  Eventually, intern station managers will be broken into 5 groups (or channels). One of the stations managers in each group will serve as Channel Director.  The Channel Director will be responsible for scheduling and posting information about group webcasts on the calendar.

 Interns will be the only ones with direct access to the Worldbridges webcasting streams, but everyone is welcome to participate in other ways - posting in the discussion forums, commenting on posts, contributing to the Book of Webcasting, and learning along with the apprentices. 

 Admission Policies
The Webcast Academy does not charge any fees, but we do ask that interns continue contributing to this collaborative learning community following the completion of the Basic Program.  We plan to limit the 'class of 1.5' to 20 'interns'.  Interns are the only ones given access to the Academy streams on the Worldbridges servers.  If we receive more than 20 applications, we will select participants based on the quality of their application materials,  compatibility of their goals with Worldbridges values and goals, and the unique contribution they would make to the world of webcasting.  Those who are not accepted as interns for this session are welcome to participate as non-interns and to reapply for the next session.

Upon review and approval by the 'Webcaster Council', interns will receive a Webcast Academy Certificate of Webcasting Proficiency. As long their webcasting focus and approach are compatible with Worldbridges Values & Goals, graduating interns will also receive a 'Worldbridges Webcasting License'.  This license is a pre-requisite for becoming a webcast producer on any of Worldbridges channels or sites.

 Upon completion of the Basic Program, interns are asked to serve on the 'Council of Webcasters' for at least one future Academy session (not necessarily the one immediately following theirs). They are also eligible to receive advanced certification from The Webcast Academy (details of which will be ironed out during future Academy meetings).

 Thanks again for your interest in the Webcast Academy.  If you have additional questions, please post them in the 'About Webcast Academy' section of the Discussion Forums.



Audio Editing in Audacity - Basic

Audacity is compatable with Windows 98, ME, 2000, & XP, Mac OS9 and X, Linux, and Unix. To download the program go to the Audacity website.

  1. Before you start, go to your computer's sound control panel and make sure your input device (or your microphone) is selected as the audio input source. Then boot Audacity and go to preferences. Set the device(s) you are recording from and playing to in the audio I/O tab. If you are editing a pre-recorded file from your webcast for example, open Audacity then use the Import tool to open the pre-recorded file.The Quality tab sets the sample rate and bit depth. Jeff Towne from the Transcom Tools Content site says "Audacity can handle different sample rates and bit depths within a project, but these will be converted in real-time to the default session settings when needed. Although normally 16-bit is a sufficient bit-depth for webcasts, and you will save a good deal of disc space and processing power if you use that depth, Audacity sometimes creates grungy-sounding sound files when recording at 16 bit. I'd start with 16 bit, but if you have that problem, setting up your session to record at 32-bit float might solve it. Set that in the file format tab as the default export format." You can change the sample rate from the lower left corner also.

  2. Hit the red record circle in the transport panel to record. You can adjust the record level with the slider next to the microphone icon in the top right corner. You should leave it all the way up and change levels from your sound card or control panel. Make sure your input level does not go into the "red" (or hit the ceiling) on your meter as that will cause clipping. You can import audio into your Audacity project if you wish to combine more than one recording or add music etc. They will show up as new tracks.

  3. Editing tools -
    • the control toolbar is like any audio player transport buttons. Pressing the spacebar will start and stop play, and shift-spacebar will loop-play a selected section (called a region).

      Editing Tools
    • To select a section, click on the selector tool and drag over the part of the audio you want to change. Move the cursor over the edges of the highlighted section to grap and extend the length. Press Z to move the selection edges to zero-crossings eliminating clicks from edits.
    • For gain changes (also known as refers to the intensity of an audio signal), highlight a region (section) and use the "amplify" or "normalize" commands from the effect menu, or move the volume slider at the left of the track display. That slider sets the level for the track.
    • Use the draw tool like a pencil to re-draw waveforms to eliminate eliminate clicks or other distortions.
    • Click and drag over part of a track to zoom in. The magnifying-glass icons on the right hand side of the top of the track window can be used to zoom in or out in steps, to zoom to the selection, or to zoom out to see the entire project at once. A scroll wheel works as well.
    • Cut, Copy and Paste work as expected. Highlight audio you don't want and press delete. Audacity will close the gap. Audacity Editing tools
    • Use the silence selection tool (mute) if you'd like to remove audio without making changes to the timeline.Select audio you want to keep and click trim to selection to delete everything except the selected region. The silence selection icon mutes selected audio, but without moving any other audio regions, leaving a silent space, like hitting "mute" for that time range. Any other edits will close up that gap.
    • You can grab the vertical edges of a track and drag up or down to make it wider and easier to see for editing. The track can be reduced in size to see more tracks after you are finished editing
    • You can always undo edits, but not after you save. Audacity saves small ".aud" files that has all the editing data, so you can do multiple save-as steps to store different versions of the project, to retain flexibility without duplicating all the large sound files. Selecting view>history will show you a list of your actions, and by clicking on the various entries, the edits will revert to that stage of the edit, you can then discard all moves after that point by clicking the discard button. The history list is cleared whenever you save and you cannot undo after a save. Audacity has been known to crash, so save often.
    • You can use the Audacity plug-ins like the compressor, EQ, filters and normalizing. The Audacity "Noise Removal" effect is not the best and I don't recommend it. Audacity's effects need to be applied one at a time. To remove an effect, you have to step backward with "undo."

  4. Export selected parts of a project by highlighting them and choosing export selected from the file menu.

  5. Final MP3 - (for uploading into your blog) When you are done with the mixing and editing, (make sure your audio levels are high but not clipping) export your project by clicking File>Export As>an MP3. You may also Export as a WAV file or an Ogg Vorbis, another kind of compressed file. Just saving it will not make it a final mix. Be sure to us this Export tool so your final product can be uploaded to Webcast Academy, burned to CD or FTP'd.

  6. Learn Keyboard shortcuts for Audacity to speed up your editing time.


  • Information for this article is from The Transom Tools Content article by Jeff Towne
  • Level Headed ~ Jeff Towne
  • Processing Basics ~ Jeff Towne
  • Digital Editing Basics ~ Barrett Golding
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    Class of 1.2 Orientation / Basic Audio Posting

    How to create audio download link and flash player

    SAMBroadcaster - Windows

    SAMBroadcaster is a fairly sophisticated piece of streaming software designed for online DJ's. In our experience, it has proven to be the most reliable way for Windows based webcasters to succeed.

    This software has a lot of different options that may be too complicated for the beginners. Secondly, the main idea behind SAMBroadcaster is to not only stream voice but also to play music. So if you don't plan to play music during your show, I believe that using other software (like Oddcast or Simplecast) should be enough. However, there are many exceptions in the field of live webcasting and this is one of them. You should try streaming with few programs and see which one is the best for you and which one gives you the best voice quality. Remember that hardware of you PC/laptop and peripherials can influence the live stream in many ways: starting with the voice quality and ending with keeping constant and good internet connection or stream. Thus, live webcasting is like an ongoing experiment; but it's fun!

    Screencast Video#1
    Screencast Video#2

    Conrad's Screenshot Video of how to use Sam to webcast without Virtual Audio Cables

    Oddcast - Windows

    OddCast Homepage -

    A free streaming utility.  Works fairly well, but we have often experienced a 'tinny' sound when using it.  Not quite ready for a a production environment, but worth keeping an eye on. 

    Nicecast - A Summary of Tips and Tricks

    When streaming on a Macintosh computer, you are going to encounter your own special challenges. I will include here the links to some of our discoveries here at the Webcast Academy. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to Skype someone when in dire straights. You can contact me at any time for any reason but I am always messing around with Mac stuff so I enjoy problem solving. Happy Streaming!

    1. Nicecast Video Tutorial
    2. Blog Post -- Select Your Audio Device Every Time You Open Nicecast
    3. MacBreak Video on Nicecast 
    4. A Must See Blog on Advanced Settings for Nicecast Applications Mixer
    5. Query results for Nicecast on Webcast Academy 
    6. Turn iTunes into an Internet Radio Station -


    Class of 1.2


    The Webcast Academy Class of 1.2 (July 2006 ~ present)





    Webcastathon 2006c Schedule

    Webcastathon 2006C Planning Page

    Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006
    11pm GMT - Virtual Worlds & Education - The Cutting Edge (live from Second Life)

    Friday, Oct. 13, 2006
    1amGMT - EdTechBrainstorm
    2amGMT - Virtualbridges Walkabout
    3amGMT - Hosted Stream -- Open Mic -- contact Doug to contribute in this timeslot
    4amGMT - Hosted Stream -- Open Mic -- contact Doug to contribute in this timeslot
    5amGMT - Hosted Stream -- Open Mic -- contact Doug to contribute in this timeslot
    6amGMT - Hosted Stream -- Open Mic -- contact Doug to contribute in this timeslot
    7amGMT - Parag Shah -- Continuous Learning
    8amGMT -
    9amGMT -
    11amGMT -
    noon GMT - Worldbridges Tibet
    1pmGMT -
    2pmGMT -
    2:30pmGMT - SpaceCast--Student Hosted Personal Learning Space - LeeBaber&PaulAllison
    3:10pmGMT - The students of the ElRo Live program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School host an open discussion about using webcasting in high school
    4pmGMT - Hilary Goldman - EdTech Funding, Government Money, & You
    5pmGMT -
    6pmGMT -
    7pmGMT -
    8pmGMT -
    9pmGMT -
    11pmGMT -

    Sat. Oct. 14, 2006
    midnight GMT -
    1amGMT -
    2amGMT -
    3amGMT -
    4amGMT -
    5amGMT -
    6amGMT -
    7amGMT -
    8amGMT -
    9amGMT -
    11amGMT -
    noon GMT -
    1pmGMT -
    2pmGMT -
    3pmGMT -
    4pmGMT - Second Life Info Island Opening Day begins
    4:30pmGMT - Second Life Medical Library offical opening & event
    5pmGMT -  SL Info Island Coverage
    6pmGMT - SL Info Island Coverage
    7pmGMT - Second Life Official "Ribbon cutting" Ceremony at Amphitheatre
    8pmGMT -
    9pmGMT -
    11pmGMT -

    Sunday Oct. 15, 2006
    midnight GMT -
    1amGMT - EdTechBrainstorm
    2amGMT -
    3amGMT -
    4amGMT - Koreacast#5
    5amGMT -
    6amGMT -
    7amGMT -
    8amGMT - EFL Bridges: The World Conversation Club
    9amGMT - EFL Bridges: The World Conversation Club
    11amGMT -
    noon GMT
    - Crib Cast
    1pmGMT - Ask The Webheads
    2pmGMT - The Webheads in Second Life :(Skypecast details)
    3pmGMT - The Webheads in Second Life :(Skypecast details)
    4pmGMT - Webcast Academy Meeting
    5:30pmGMT - CMS Academy Drupal
    6pmGMT -
    7pmGMT - Worldbridges Assembly
    8pmGMT - Women of Web 2.0 (Cheryl)
    9pmGMT - Trust in Education
    11pmGMT - EdTechWeekly#3

    Monday, Oct. 16
    Midnight GMT EdTechTalk#68 - A Discussion with Chris Messina
    1amGMT -
    2amGMT - Virtualbridges#7

    Class of 1.1

    Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Blogging in Education - Webcast #2

    Happy Birthday WorldBridges!!! We look forward to listening to the webcastathon! This is our second webcast. We had an interesting discussion of blogging in education. Next week, we hope to continue the conversation with more specific examples of blogging in education. Please check out our new show wiki. See everyone next week.

    Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Introductions - Webcast #1

    This is our first try at webcasting. We discussed our backgrounds, and what type of topics we would like to discuss in the future. We had some issues with dropping packets, but you can make up most of the audio on the mp3. Check out our blogs at Learning Blog and 21 Apples.

    Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Webcast #3

    What's the story about blogging and the read/write web? Today, we discussed actual blogging applications in education. Download the show here (15MB 30mins). Here's our show wiki.

    Next week, we interview Laurie Bartels about The Collaborative Commons. Check out our blogs here: Learning Blog and 21 Apples.

    Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Webcast #4

    What is the Collaborative Commons? Laurie Bartels, its creator, explains. show here (15MB 30mins). Also, check out our show wiki for chat archives and show notes.

    We're working on plans for next week. Stay tuned.

    Cosmo and Friends During the Webcastathon

    Download mp3 (21.1MB, 46:14)


    Here's the audio of a some fun I had during the Webcast Academy webcastathon earlier this month. I logged on to host a session during the webcastathon and had the good fortune to encounter Calamari and PN, after they skyped into my 'cast and invited me to join them in < a href = "">2nd Life.

    It was a blast as we explored "in world" and met some great folks in our travels. Many, many thanks to all my guests, and hope you enjoy the audio of "Cosmo and Friends"

    Calamari of PlanetNeutral of Chris2x of Todd of ComZero of, creator of

    Join me ("Cosmo Commons") for a great discussion about the 'net, 'casts and 2nd Life--in 2nd Life--during the Webcastathon on May 12/13, 2006 in celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the Worldbridges 'net radio network.

    EFL Bridges World Conversation Club #2

    On Sunday May 14th, I was joined by Gustavo from Brazil, Djoko in Canada, Mike in Poland, Felix in China, and Javier in Argentina for the second EFL Bridges World Conversation Club.

    In the first part, among other things, we talked about using the Internet for language learning, becoming an EFL teacher, the growth of Chinese, and Djoko also suggested another, special way of learning a foreign language.

    World Conversation Club #2a - Download mp3 ( 41:38, 19.06MB)

    In the second part we chatted about Worldbridges, podcasting, the two EFL Bridges sites ( and, practising and learning a language, making mistakes, China & Western opinions of this country.

    World Conversation Club #2b - Download mp3 ( 40:00, 18.81MB)

    You can read the chat transcript here.


    Theme tune: World Turned Upside Down (extract) by Bombskare

    Closing Song (part one): Language School Lover by Dead Man's Corner

    Closing song (part two): One Love, One World by Craymo

    Production Notes:

    Technically speaking, I wasn't webcasting. I set up a Skypecast, and Jeff set up the World Bridges stream.

    The quality of these recordings is not very good. Some of the people who joined us for the conversation were speaking from a noisy environment, and you can sometimes hear a TV on in the background.

    The first part I edited from a recording I made with Powergramo. In the recording you'll notice my voice is lower than most of the others'. I think that has to do with where my microphone was placed, although it didn't affect me being heard during the conversation.

    The second part was edited from the recording that Jeff made, and the quality seems to be much better. It seems to be a better mix too.

    These two parts are only the first hour of the webcast. I decided to split it up and add music to experiment, and try and make it more interesting/attractive for EFL learners to listen to. As I'm thinking about providing lyrics to the songs and possibly a worksheet, I'd love to know what people think of this.

    Part 2 - Webcast Coverage of The Podcast Academy

    Podcast Academy Coverage - An Experiment in Mobile Webcasting 
    Part 2 of our coverage of The 2nd Podcast Academy held at Boston University April 28-29, 2006. While Doug anchors the stream, Jeff calls in with discussions with Tony Kahn, Sam Levin, & CC Chapman.
    Part 2 - Download mp3 ( 22:39, 10.8MB)


    Tony Kahn

    Sam Levin

    CC Chapman

    Part 3 - Webcast Coverage of The Podcast Academy

    Podcast Academy Coverage - Part 3
    Part 3 of our coverage of The 2nd Podcast Academy held at Boston University April 28-29, 2006. While Doug anchors the stream, Jeff calls in with discussions from the Academy. We start out halfway through a covnersation with John Furrier of We then speak with Ed Blaguszewski of Umass, Kieth Grove of Dover Sherburne Middle School, David Malan of the Harvard Extension School, Sam Levin of Podshow, and Academy organizer, Sasha Norkin of Boston University, We wrap up with the streamed audio of our first attempt at Triplecasting, a discussion with Videoblogging pioneer, SteveGarfield.

    Part 3 - Download mp3 ( 34:16, 15.6MB)


    Audio icon podcastacademy2c-2006-04-29.mp315.7 MB

    SpaceCast #1- Up and Flying!

    We have gotten our first SpaceCast edited and ready to add to our blog. After playing the recording to the rest of my students, they were sure they could come up with a much more entertaining show for future broadcasts. I encouraged everyone to write their scripts so we have alot of new ideas ready to go.

    We had trouble getting on air at school and we need to improve our sound but anything new takes time to perfect! Everyone is getting used to the idea of being part of a live show and have started blogging like crazy in their Personal Learning Space to find out what this new technology is all about and who these students are talking to them on the show. Take a listen and please give us your comments and suggestions. We really want our SpaceCast to fly!

    Download mp3

    Audio icon spacecast11.mp318.53 MB

    SpaceCast #2 - Still Flying

    Untitled Document

    SpaceCast Episode 2 is edited and ready to go. This time it is totally done by students! After being recorded live on air, Lindsey wanted to hear how it sounded RIGHT NOW! So, of course I offered to teach her to edit the original track. Lesson one in Audio Editing.

    We had a change in schedule at school the day this webcast was aired so we had to change the student hosts who were writing out storyboards a couple of hours before show time...but the kids did a great job. Alot of sports news, school reform and music comments are a few topics covered. Thank you, Kathy and Jeff, for joining us and to Worldbridges for hosting our event. Please let us know what you think and we are open to suggestions! See you next week.


    Audio icon spacecast22.mp39.68 MB

    Webcast Coverage of Podcast Academy 2 - Part 1

    Podcast Academy Coverage - An Experiment in Mobile Webcasting 
    The 2nd Podcast Academy was held at Boston University on April 28 & 29.  BU provided a high quality Real Video stream of presentations. During breaks, Jeff  used his 'mobile webcasting setup' to interview presenters and attendees while Doug anchored the stream in Victoria

    Part 1 - Download mp3 ( 22:09, 10.1MB)


    Doug Kaye