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Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Blogging in Education - Webcast #2

Happy Birthday WorldBridges!!! We look forward to listening to the webcastathon! This is our second webcast. We had an interesting discussion of blogging in education. Next week, we hope to continue the conversation with more specific examples of blogging in education. Please check out our new show wiki. See everyone next week.

Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Introductions - Webcast #1

This is our first try at webcasting. We discussed our backgrounds, and what type of topics we would like to discuss in the future. We had some issues with dropping packets, but you can make up most of the audio on the mp3. Check out our blogs at Learning Blog and 21 Apples.

Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Webcast #3

What's the story about blogging and the read/write web? Today, we discussed actual blogging applications in education. Download the show here (15MB 30mins). Here's our show wiki.

Next week, we interview Laurie Bartels about The Collaborative Commons. Check out our blogs here: Learning Blog and 21 Apples.

Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover - Webcast #4

What is the Collaborative Commons? Laurie Bartels, its creator, explains. show here (15MB 30mins). Also, check out our show wiki for chat archives and show notes.

We're working on plans for next week. Stay tuned.

Cosmo and Friends During the Webcastathon

Download mp3 (21.1MB, 46:14)


Here's the audio of a some fun I had during the Webcast Academy webcastathon earlier this month. I logged on to host a session during the webcastathon and had the good fortune to encounter Calamari and PN, after they skyped into my 'cast and invited me to join them in < a href = "">2nd Life.

It was a blast as we explored "in world" and met some great folks in our travels. Many, many thanks to all my guests, and hope you enjoy the audio of "Cosmo and Friends"

Calamari of PlanetNeutral of Chris2x of Todd of ComZero of, creator of

Join me ("Cosmo Commons") for a great discussion about the 'net, 'casts and 2nd Life--in 2nd Life--during the Webcastathon on May 12/13, 2006 in celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the Worldbridges 'net radio network.

EFL Bridges World Conversation Club #2

On Sunday May 14th, I was joined by Gustavo from Brazil, Djoko in Canada, Mike in Poland, Felix in China, and Javier in Argentina for the second EFL Bridges World Conversation Club.

In the first part, among other things, we talked about using the Internet for language learning, becoming an EFL teacher, the growth of Chinese, and Djoko also suggested another, special way of learning a foreign language.

World Conversation Club #2a - Download mp3 ( 41:38, 19.06MB)

In the second part we chatted about Worldbridges, podcasting, the two EFL Bridges sites ( and, practising and learning a language, making mistakes, China & Western opinions of this country.

World Conversation Club #2b - Download mp3 ( 40:00, 18.81MB)

You can read the chat transcript here.


Theme tune: World Turned Upside Down (extract) by Bombskare

Closing Song (part one): Language School Lover by Dead Man's Corner

Closing song (part two): One Love, One World by Craymo

Production Notes:

Technically speaking, I wasn't webcasting. I set up a Skypecast, and Jeff set up the World Bridges stream.

The quality of these recordings is not very good. Some of the people who joined us for the conversation were speaking from a noisy environment, and you can sometimes hear a TV on in the background.

The first part I edited from a recording I made with Powergramo. In the recording you'll notice my voice is lower than most of the others'. I think that has to do with where my microphone was placed, although it didn't affect me being heard during the conversation.

The second part was edited from the recording that Jeff made, and the quality seems to be much better. It seems to be a better mix too.

These two parts are only the first hour of the webcast. I decided to split it up and add music to experiment, and try and make it more interesting/attractive for EFL learners to listen to. As I'm thinking about providing lyrics to the songs and possibly a worksheet, I'd love to know what people think of this.

Part 2 - Webcast Coverage of The Podcast Academy

Podcast Academy Coverage - An Experiment in Mobile Webcasting 
Part 2 of our coverage of The 2nd Podcast Academy held at Boston University April 28-29, 2006. While Doug anchors the stream, Jeff calls in with discussions with Tony Kahn, Sam Levin, & CC Chapman.
Part 2 - Download mp3 ( 22:39, 10.8MB)


Tony Kahn

Sam Levin

CC Chapman

Part 3 - Webcast Coverage of The Podcast Academy

Podcast Academy Coverage - Part 3
Part 3 of our coverage of The 2nd Podcast Academy held at Boston University April 28-29, 2006. While Doug anchors the stream, Jeff calls in with discussions from the Academy. We start out halfway through a covnersation with John Furrier of We then speak with Ed Blaguszewski of Umass, Kieth Grove of Dover Sherburne Middle School, David Malan of the Harvard Extension School, Sam Levin of Podshow, and Academy organizer, Sasha Norkin of Boston University, We wrap up with the streamed audio of our first attempt at Triplecasting, a discussion with Videoblogging pioneer, SteveGarfield.

Part 3 - Download mp3 ( 34:16, 15.6MB)


Audio icon podcastacademy2c-2006-04-29.mp315.69 MB

SpaceCast #1- Up and Flying!

We have gotten our first SpaceCast edited and ready to add to our blog. After playing the recording to the rest of my students, they were sure they could come up with a much more entertaining show for future broadcasts. I encouraged everyone to write their scripts so we have alot of new ideas ready to go.

We had trouble getting on air at school and we need to improve our sound but anything new takes time to perfect! Everyone is getting used to the idea of being part of a live show and have started blogging like crazy in their Personal Learning Space to find out what this new technology is all about and who these students are talking to them on the show. Take a listen and please give us your comments and suggestions. We really want our SpaceCast to fly!

Download mp3

Audio icon spacecast11.mp318.53 MB

SpaceCast #2 - Still Flying

Untitled Document

SpaceCast Episode 2 is edited and ready to go. This time it is totally done by students! After being recorded live on air, Lindsey wanted to hear how it sounded RIGHT NOW! So, of course I offered to teach her to edit the original track. Lesson one in Audio Editing.

We had a change in schedule at school the day this webcast was aired so we had to change the student hosts who were writing out storyboards a couple of hours before show time...but the kids did a great job. Alot of sports news, school reform and music comments are a few topics covered. Thank you, Kathy and Jeff, for joining us and to Worldbridges for hosting our event. Please let us know what you think and we are open to suggestions! See you next week.


Audio icon spacecast22.mp39.68 MB

Webcast Coverage of Podcast Academy 2 - Part 1

Podcast Academy Coverage - An Experiment in Mobile Webcasting 
The 2nd Podcast Academy was held at Boston University on April 28 & 29.  BU provided a high quality Real Video stream of presentations. During breaks, Jeff  used his 'mobile webcasting setup' to interview presenters and attendees while Doug anchored the stream in Victoria

Part 1 - Download mp3 ( 22:09, 10.1MB)


Doug Kaye