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UStream Practice Session

Video Archive of our experimentation with Ustream
November 12, 2007

Software used: Webcam Max

Chat Log Below­
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Automatic Recording Activated

Just wanted to let everyone know that the automatic recording of the stream (Sandbox A only) is once again functional.  Details in the FAQ (Publishing category).

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Some Screencast Prep for 2.2.2

  What a great first week at the Academy.  Just wanted to share some thoughts (feedback, prep, and pondering) ahead of 2.2.2.  

Watch Screencast

Thoughts  for 2.2.2

- Site Navigation
   Don't forget the Forums & Faq
   RSS feeds at:

- Skype chat
   Anyone can add another intern to the chat
   How to participate in group skype chat screencast

- Audio specs

  •  sample rate, bitrate
  •  ID3 Tags
  • filenames

Audio from a problematic post can be re-uploaded.  There's no need to create another post.

- Recording telephony calls
   3rd party apps (powergramo, pamela, etc.) have never been used to successfully stream. 
   Sorry  Winodws users, VAC's are most likely necessary.

Academy Membership Types:

    General info at  (intern access only)
    Transmitted by voice only - PLEASE write it down.  If lost or forgotten, ask for it in skype chat.

Streaming Practice
    Sandbox can be used anytime stream is available. Visit Chat Room, check listen page, stream away.
   Schedule a webcast by clicking create content/event
   Using the Webcast Academy Sandbox Screencast
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PodcampNYC Webcast Coverage

Webcast Coverage of PodcampNYC
April 7, 2007
The New Yorker Hotel
New York, NY   Flickr Photos

John C. Havens of,, & lead organizer of PodcampNYC
Steve Rosenbaum of

Discussion with Gary Leland 

Dr. Kathy King fields a question
from Chrissy in New Zealand
Getting to know Podango

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Screen Capture Images of Webcast setup

I continue to be amazed at how variable webcasting setups can be on different machines.   I finally got this HP Pavilion desktop setup properly (I think) and before I forgot all the specific settings, I took this screen capture to remind myself.  Thought it might be useful to build  an archive of such screenshots to help those that follow (or forget).  This if for an Hewlett Packard Pavilion a1640n PC Desktop with Windows XP

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Heading offline for a while

Hello all,

   Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be (mostly) offline for the next couple of weeks - we leave for Korea in a few hours. If any interns would like to host a workshop or schedule 'sandbox playtime', please do so.  Just click 'create content'/ event.  When you post an event, the default timezone is GMT, but you can choose any timezone you like.  That timezone will be the one shown to all visitors.  To avoid confusion, I very much suggest including a link to a world times page, like this -
Workshop #SomethingA - Sunday, Sept. 3, 4pmGMT (global times).

You can also send a newsletter to all interns by clicking 'create content'/ newsletter and choose 'webcast academy intern newsletter'.

May the streaming force be with you and I will very much look forward to connecting upon return.

Anyong for now,

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Jeff Lebow Introduction

Wow, this is really fun listening to introductions - learned some new things about people I've 'virtually' known for a while and enjoying making some new web acquaintances.

I realize now, I should have included some information about how to created a download link and flash player option for playing the audio. If I don't fall asleep on the keyboard, I'll try to get that up tonight. If not, it will be up very soon.

Download mp3 (864kb, 1:50)

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