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Jeff Lebow's Graduation Class of 1.1

It's Official Folks!  There are now two graduates in the family.  Please join me in congratulating our Founder Jeff Lebow.  So Jeff, now that you have graduated where are you going?....... Did I hear Disneyland?  Next time your are in Southern California be my guest.  I bet Jdub can join us.  :-)   
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Live and Interactive Webcasting

Many of you have come to Webcast Academy because of your interest in learning how to use new tools.  For those that participated in our meetings this past Sunday, October 14th you saw webcasting in action.  We had an text chatroom, a live stream, and a skype conference.  Being able to participate in these environments is the first step in learning how to webcast.  So, for those of you that are new to all of this; I invite you to participate in webcasts offered here at the Webcast Academy.  You'll see event schedule on block on right side of Main Page.  I would also invite you to participate in the Webcasts at Edtechtalk  Well of enough of that for now, catch y'all live soon.  

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade Teacher and Adult ESL  It's Elementary Webcast

Filling up the Airwaves! What are your favorite podcasts?

Hello fellow interns.  Why don't you practice you webcasting skills and webcast your favorite podcasts.  All you have to do is check for Creative Commons Share Alike License. It would be fun to add your own commentary and to get comments from live listeners. You can even pause the podcast to put in your "2 Cents Worth".  Look for DJ Coordinator2 coming your way this weekend.  September 21st to 23rd, 2007. 
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Open Source Learning

I think I first heard the term; "Open Source Learning" in chat in the Webcast Academy.  I thought I knew what it was. I figured it referred to us choose what content we wanted to learn on the internet.  I heard Will Richardson refer to ideas on the Read-Write Web and the like.  I also keep up with other superbloggers like Wesley Fryer, Miguel Ghulin, David Warlick, Christopher Sessums, Steven Downes just to name a few.  I even particpated in K12Online last year and Web Heads in Action Online Conference this year along with Necc2007 not to mention everything happening at edtechtalk.  Nevertheless understanding comes through the practice or application and not theory.  Not until Webcast Academy did I begin to understand Open Source Learning. It just all clicked today.  I got a call from Kevin Sandridge a teacher in central Florida, we had a long talk about web 2.0 and implications for Second Language Learners, Yesterday Susan was asking about classes to recruit for youthbridges. I had a conversation with Chris Craft about a project on digital storytelling on Friday.  And Today it just came all together.  Dennis was uploading his file to Webcast Academy. It didn't show up in the flash player.  I thought I would help out.  How hard could it be.  80 minutes later with Susan patiently waiting on the sidelines we defeated the audacity gremlins and sucessfully uploaded the file.  I felt great and was happy to be able to contribute.  Open Source Learning means building on collective knowledge.  NOW, I've GOT IT!

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It's Elementary

It's been a great two weeks.  We've practiced recording and streaming but, there remains an essential question.  Where are all the GUYS?  It kind of reminds me of my experience as an Elementary School teacher.  It is very typical to find ratios of 10 to 1 female to male teachers.  Come On  boys!  Don't do this to me.  I am making an ALL CALL to all the MEN Webcasters to be.  This is your chance.  Doug, Jeff, Jeff Flynn, Jason, Dave Baron, Troy, Jose A and I can only do so much before the final Domination!


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