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SEEDlings at Bit by Bit Show # 22 Webcast #1

A link to the show. The chat is below:

2007-08-25 09:51:45 cheryloakes seedlings -> Webcast Academy: Welcome to Alice Barr’s debut of Seedlings live

2007-08-25 09:54:31 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: They’re coming in

2007-08-25 09:54:39 LoriA -> EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa

2007-08-25 09:54:39 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: They’re coming

2007-08-25 09:55:11 LisaParisi -> EdTechTalk: Hi

2007-08-25 09:55:18 LoriA -> EdTechTalk: are you skyping and doing edtechtalk

Using Nicecast on a Mac

The Digital Chalkies and I tried broadcasting on the Sanbox Channels. It worked pretty well!

Things that worked:

We did not use Audacity at this time

Whenever you open Nicecast, you need to check your settings. Often the default settings appear even after you have reset them


Source: Choose Audio Device: Choose your Mic.
Info: Name: Put in the name of your Broadcast
Preset: Custom
Bitrate: 64 Kbps
Sample Rate: 44.100 Khz
Channels: Stereo
Cpu Usage/Quality: Least (up 2 notches)

Go to Window: Show Server
I used Sandbox B so the name I chose is SandBox B

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Alice Intro

I look forward to working with you all on line. I am a little nervous about this because strange things happen to my computer but I know that you will all help me trouble shoot!!! My friend Cheryl is in the class as well. We have been practicing!
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This looks pretty neat

I am excited about meeting everyone!

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