Same Antarctica; Different Robin

Well, on short notice, I was able to pull off another webcast on Ustream. I wanted to interview Dr. Robin Bell, a scientist about to head off to the interior of Antarctica. We weren't sure if we could connect, but confirmed everything at noon and had the webcast at 3 pm.

I had 2 students from my tech club prepare questions last week. Only one was able to come. He did a great job. He was able to watch the chat room and asked their questions along with his own. I did not ask him to do that, so I was pleased he picked up on it. He was a student of mine last year (also during the webcastathon).

Setting up for the actual streaming on my Mac was very easy with Alec C.'s directions. I had left my directions at home so I was glad to be able to access them on this website. I could have had more photos or webpages for the stream. Next time, with more planning time.

I created a badge similar to the Earthcast08 badges for the speaker, the student webcaster and the students who listened after school with us. I'm thinking of morphing these badges with Kevin Honeycutt's keychain to create tags the kids could collect as they participate during the year.

The new learning opportunities just keep on coming! I love it!

Dr. Robin Bell - "Our" Robin Ellwood -

Badges -

(Thanks to PeggyG for being there!)

Video chat rooms at Ustream