Reflections on Introduction assignment

Besides reading through the introduction materials and learning how to set up Audacity and Skype, our first assignment was to record a one-minute audio introduction. The purpose of this assignment was not so much what we said, but to practice using the software, exporting it correctly, applying the ID3 tags and naming conventions. I am pretty familiar with audacity so I wanted to add an music intro (from ccmixer) but decided against it and will save it for another lesson.

The process went pretty well. I drafted my introduction first and recorded it a couple of times to get the timing down. I first found that I speak too fast and tend to slur my "s" (a habit I picked up from my big sister when i was little) so I purposely tried to slow down and make my voice lower. I don't want it to sound too monotone but not too casual either. It was OK. I made one tiny mistake on my final recording - but its fine for now.

I love all the screencasts on the Webcast Academy. I like being able to pause the lesson, go to my software and make the required changes and then go back to the screencast. Great job guys.

So my first impression is great. I definitely need to purchase a better microphone and record in a quieter place (the phone rang once!). So far so good :)

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