Let's Get Together

Hello everyone

For all of us (I know I am) who are struggling in our class 4.1 and for all who need answers, and support we will be getting together Thursday August 06, 2009 at 10pm EDT (0200GMT global times).  We can even hold two meetings for those who find 10pm EST somewhat late. 

This would be a wonderful opportunity to help one another and for those who have experience it would be a wonderful opportunity to learn from you.

If you are interested in conducting your first interview in a very supportive environment (and it's so supportive, I know)  please join our class 4.1. I know I could use some help in learning from all of you

Go To Skype and connect Webcast Academy Megachat

I hope to see you Thursday

Mireille (I need some help and support ) Massue
Skype:  webcast academy megachat





Sorry I did not attend the conference. It was 11:30pm here and I went to be and forgot all about it. Can someone fill me in on some of the more important points I may have missed?

I have signed up for UStream.tv and I plan to arrange a session soon. Trying to line-up a couple friends to help out.


Sorry we missed you Thomas.   We're very open to scheduling live sessions at time that are more convenient for folks who aren't able to attend that Thursday 10pmEDT time slot.  What days/times would work best for you?
You can see the recording of the entire EdTechBrainstorm/Webcast Academy Live Lab session below.  Webcam fun starts around 39:00.  Not a lot of specific instruction, but lots of experimentation and general Academy chat.  As far as using Ustream, if you haven't already done so, make sure to check to check out The Streaming using Windows: page and Ustream related  this screencast.

Good Luck,