Antarctica Planning - Sept. 22, 2008

This was my first attempt at streaming video. I followed the advice from Alec Couros and had no problems. I experimented off of my ustream account with success. When I switched over to the webcastacademy ustream, I realized I couldn't log in. After a bit of panic and a rescue from JL, I found I had the wrong username. Simple to fix, but it got my adrenaline running!

During the broadcast, I had teachers dropping in for the session. I set up a computer and headsets for them, one for Robin and another for me. Realized afterwards I never wired Robin in, so she was wireless. I don't think it was an issue though. With all of us in the same room, a bit of echoing developed. I expected an echo when using Nicecast, but not with Ustream. With Robin in the same room, the echo seemed to really bother me. It's just so hard to ignore it and talk normally. Eventually, I realized I could put the headphones around my neck and listen to Robin live. Ahhh, much better!

When Robin and I processed the session later, I realized how special the Webcast Academy and Edtechtalk communities are to me. You are my PLN and you are helping to make my teaching and learning better!  Thank you to all!  [PS - Thanks to Peggy for letting me skype her before the show to have someone close by!]

Free TV : Ustream

Why is this not showing up? . . .
Anyways, it can be located at

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Screencast on how to embed a Ustream video:
Online video chat by Ustream

Thanks Jeff. I had done that and had the code there, but did not click on the "full html" button. That made all the difference!

Thanks so much! Sheila

Sheila A., Science teacher, NH