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"There must be more to life than this." Struggling to get the sound right

Sorry I can't upload Freddy Mercury singing,


1.  I've spent (wasted?) hours playing around with two micros, Logitech USB  and non-USB Typhoon. Typhoon sounds great.

I've changed all the variables ion various permutations , but have nothing very final to report.

2.  I decided to delete and reinstall Simple Cast and VAC. That was a MISTAKE! New versions do not work at all, and throw up

  messages (in German, no point in screenshots) :

CORRECTION! URL for mp3, second webcast


Revised URL for Foodbridges 2 recording (mp3)


mp3 Foodbridges 2


Thanks for pointing this out, Dennis "Phoenix" Oliver. I see the mistake. I altered the URL here, in this text box, and not by pressing the link button.


Just clicked from this page (above) and it worked. 

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"Keep talking..." Foodbridges 2 The technical side

I'll find out if there is a special place to put links, but here is where the Audacity recording of last night's Foodbridges 2 webcast is:




The recording is OK, but the voices have an echo quality as if we were all sitting in caves. What could that be? What settings should be checked?


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The Newson Method (Jeff's joke)

 It may not be immediately obvious that you have to click on Audacity setting and Volume setting to see the screenshots.


Audacity settings   - stereo mix, note volume of micro


Volume settings - micro as high as possible (Too high?) 



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The Newson method How to record both ends of a conversation without using the audio repeater

Jeff asked me to post screenshots of my basic Audacity settings. Apologies for the naff images. If I knew how to do them better - getting rid of background for example - I would. 

Micro setting plus stereo 


Other Audacity  settings


Mmm. Looks like I've got to upload screenshots to my server before they can be downloaded and inserted here. Tell me if I am wrong about that....What else is possible....OK, I'll give a link....Something tells me it cannot be this complicated..... Next post will contain the images.


Passwords for streaming

I've been asking on class of 2.3 Skype chat for a couple of days for the new passwords for streaming, but all the guys and guyesses are too  shy to 'phone me and let me know.




Skype knows me as:



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The Newson method - Recording both sides of a conversation without bothering with the audio repeater

Well, I'll be...... I moved for a reference, and lost what I had written here.  Again.....

 Jeff the Boss has suggested I describe how I seem to have made a reasonable recording of a  two-ended conversation without using the audio repeater.


My vital statistics are:


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