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Stereo Mix Available via Dell

Stereo Mix - a reality.  I’m talking about the sound card option that had been removed on some Dell laptops and desktops purchased during the past few years.   The option was not available, on purpose.  This week, Dell released a new driver where the Stereo Mix option is a choice. My laptop is now letting me successfully record both sides of a Skype conversation.  I really did not believe it was going to work – but it does!  Here are my steps:

Lifelong Member of Webcast Academy

I still have not gotten to the place where I can use Audacity to record both ends of a Skype conversation. But I did not want our Puffin Adverture to go un-recorded. So I gathered all 103 third grade students in the media center, dialed up Susan of Project Puffin and left the rest to the kids. I used a Belkin microphone attached to my iPod and edited the file with Audacity. It is far from perfect - but learning was done by all!

Yea, A Solution for my Dell XPS Desktop

Finally, I have recorded a conversation with the Skype Lady on my Dell XPS desktop.  I am not going to make you read all the details, but this is what I have received from Dell so I can have the "stereo mix" choice under the recording options. 

I Had to Cheat

     Just want to let you know that my unsuccessful journey down the road of webcasting, has left me only one option… to cheat.  I’ll remind you, I am the person without a stereo mix option on either my home computer or my school laptop – both Dell.  I originally called tech support but hung up frustrated.  While attending the NCETC I looked up the Dell rep to pl

My Latest SoundCard News

I have reached the end of SigmaTel soundcard knowledge.  I happen to have the same issue on my laptop, which is my school machine, and my desktop, which is my home machine.  Both being Dell, both having SigmaTel soundcards.  Both not giving me the option of StereoMix for recording.  I have tried the suggested drivers on both machines.  When I updated the driver on the laptop it worked for about 5 minutes then the sound crashed and there was no sound at all.  I rolled back the driver, and was back to square one.  On the second try of updating the soundcard driver it worked for a few minutes, then crashed the sound.  I have had no luck with the desktop at all. 

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My SigmaTel Woes

I am sad to say I still cannot record a call with the Skype Lady. I have talked to her so many times I am hearing her in my dreams. I felt like I was really making progress until I hit the wall with my SigmaTel sound card. When I access my sound properties, under the record option, I do not have the stereo mix option or the wave option. I did receive a link from this group for a different driver, but that did not work. That driver disabled all sound. It could have been that by the time I tried the new driver I had already installed (and paid for VAC).


Since my desktop is new, I decided to contact Dell. After a long online chat and a phone call, Dell told me they had the solution, but if I wanted to know it would cost me $99.00.


I was not able to download the beta version of Audacity.  Will try again later.  So here is my intro in the old version.

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