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Recording Skype on Mac OS X :: Thank You Kathy

Thank you Kathy for recommending Audio Hijack Pro. I have recorded a conversation with the Skype Lady. She is so fine, always available when we need here. If you are still having problems with recording Skype calls, stop fooling around and get Audio Hijack Pro. The free download works just fine. You only have to pay when you want to record more than 10 minutes. So there's lot's of functionality before paying for the product. I'm going to try out more features before I purchase, but hey, it works without any fuss. Well....when I first clicked on Skype >Record it said I needed to download additional software, but that took a second and I was off and running after rebooting Skype.

Skype Names

Shall we all (Class of 1.3) share our Skype names? I find it handy to see when a fellow classmate is online and it will help to build community and create more opportunities for collaboration and mutual help. I have had a couple of good spontaneous side type-chats with Andrew and Niels.

My skype name is: madeline_here


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Hate to complain, but . . . .

Is it possible that the Webcast Academy pages were created for a 17" or larger screen? I find it awkward to have to scroll both up/down left/right to see a full page when viewing the site on a 14" iBook. Is it me? It does NOT happen on worldbridges.net (it resizes with my screen). Or is it something outside my control? Sorry to sound like I'm complaining, I am ever so grateful for all the people behind the scenes who are making this happen.


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Trying to Get into the Groove

I missed the sunday meeting because I was out of town for a family function and could not possibly log in to join the group. Now I am scrambling to catch up. Have downloaded the mp3 file and will listen to what transpired and catch up on the conversations in print here, there and everywhere. Information seems scattered all over the place. I'm trying to find time to focus enough to catch the gist of the organization that I fear is not really here given the infinite expansion possibilities of the communication tools we are using. :-)

Student Podcasters
Here are a couple of my students podcasting on Tuesday afternoon.
Hey! if they can do it, so can I.

Madeline Here! Popcorn Conversastion Intro

I am posting again, I saw it, but here it is again. Intro to Popcorn Conversation.

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Madeline's Intro--Popcorn Conversation

Welcome to Popcorn Conversation
Sunday, October 22, 2006
Broadcasting live from BSGE, The Baccalaureate School for Global Education located in Queens -- New York City's largest and most ethnically diverse borough.

Popcorn Conversation is an opportunity for experts, teachers and students to come together as partners to learn from each other and to construct a collaborative understanding of the human-built world.

In this rapidly changing universe of scientific discovery, technological development and information processing, it is increasingly more difficult to know how to prepare today’s youth for the future they will inherit. The future we cannot adequately imagine nor predict.


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