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homework - recording skype call

Well it took some doing. I was finally able to record my skype call. Thanks for everyones help. I resorted to using powergramo. I like it. I couldn't find the link to the VAC's. I did have to go get more ram for this old beat up machine. Now that I have doubled it things are working better. I also made a successfull skype call. 2 more first for this old techy. My tech director is going to flip when I tell him all that I want to add to the Middle School Curriculum.  :) .
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successes and questions on setting up profile.

What is an Open ID?

I really had a good experience yesterday and today. I was able to set up skype, I joined my first chat session. (hard to believe since I have been a school tech for 15 years). We were always taught chat was bad. I did enjoy it. And, finally I actually caught a webcast as it was being broadcast, not after the fact. love it.


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