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Our weekly discussion started by troubleshooting Anne's audio challenges (leaving her without any functional way of communicating with us) and then got into discussing the homestretch of this session and what lies beyond, and finally got into other issues of building Worldbridges and its component sites.

Chat Log Below
 JL  hello cathy
 JL  are you there or loitering from past events?
 JL  Hey Jeh
 JL  skype 'worldbridges' to join in
 AnneF  IS it a conference or a skypecast?
 JL  conference
 AnneF  ok
 JasonR  greetings
 AnneF  hi
 JL  I can handle 10 - if we get more than that we can create a skypecast
 JL  please skype when ready
 JasonR  Actually have to head out. Just stopped in to say hello and that I am alive. Sorry about last night.
 Cathy E  I did talk to the Dell rep - he is working on my Sigma Tel issue
 Cathy E  How are you doing? SendKAthy?
 sendkathy  I'm on the phone I'll be right with you!
 DS  Hi everyone
 JL  Hey doug
 JL  skype worldbridges to join in
 AnneF  Have changed my Skype settings and put the headphones in the back of the machine and can't hear you now
 JL  we can still hear you
 JL  suggest hanging up
 JL  yes
 JL  reboot
 JL  hello ann
 JL  guess you're not hearing us?
 sendkathy  So how do I get in the skypecast, do I dial worldbridges?
 JL  yes, skype 'worldbridges'
 sendkathy  and very patient!
 sendkathy  Very delayed!
 lee  hi
 JL  are you still listenin to the stream?
 lee  not yet
 JL  that was for kathy
 lee  going there now
 lee  oh :)
 JL  skype worldbridges if you like
 lee  i am micless momentarily
 Cathy E  Kathy- post your link again, please
 sendkathy  will anyone be available for more testing this wed eve?
 lee  if you are starting to go towards is a link for some audacity edidting tips..
 lee  Hi doug and cathy!
 DS  hey Lee
 Cathy E
 lee  I will be doing a webcast on audio editing the week of Dec.12th...on Webcast Academy..
 lee  During the day during the week
 lee  Yessss good idea
 lee  no
 lee  oh great... hold on a minute and i will get my mic
 Cathy E  I mentioned WorldBridges in my David Warlick Session - he was telling about you guys too
 lee  ok.. go ahead and add me to the conference call
 lee  should i call you
 sendkathy  Speaking of Warlick, I heard about this they want a participant run necc type conference on-line
 lee  oj now call mee
 lee  please
 lee  hello
 lee  knock knock
 Cathy E  Here is David Warlick's wiki for our edu Blogger Con
 sendkathy  I set up an elgg this week. so I may not be learning to webcast yet, but I'm picking up a lot along the way.
 lee  thanks doug
 Cathy E  Kathy- I would love to set up something for the young kids to experience "Christmas Around the World" via webcast.
 sendkathy  Sounds great!
 lee  brainbench
 sendkathy  email me at school [email protected]
 Cathy E  ok
 DS  thanks all
 lee  Thank you and bye to all
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Many thanks and it was a great privilege to have this one to one tutorial last Sunday. I understood a couple more things as a result (especially after I listened to the playback yesterday - by the way I love the suspenseful music as I wander off into my one-sided musings before disappearing completely!). So now I have a couple more things to try out in my never-ending pursuit of using VAC.

Monday 11 December at 7pm GMT, is that still OK for you Jeff for a streaming version of Absolutely Intercultural? I will add it to the Academy calendar when I know that this is a firm date.