Meeting 1.3.5

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.5
Sunday, Nov. 19, 200
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  • The Webcast Academy Moodle
  • Open Troubleshooting
  • Interncast Schedule (starting to produce shows with support of oldtimers, if necessary) 

 Madeline Brownstone     Good Morning, finally posted a 2-way conversation in Skype
 Madeline Brownstone     I now know what it feels like to be a student again...humbling
 Andrew     Well done Madeline. Was there any major lesson you'd like to pshare?
 Andrew     So do you feel confiodent now?
 Madeline Brownstone     I do feel confident with this simple task, indeed.
 Madeline Brownstone     What's Nicecast?
 Madeline Brownstone     I better get into the Book of Webcasting before I ask such fundamental questions...sorry
 [email protected]     the audio repeater/hijack/hijack pro first seems to be a common theme
 [email protected]     in both windows and mac
 Madeline Brownstone     I have not explored hijack any further than simply recording my skype lady conversation
 arvind grover     great idea, some checkboxes for OS, software, etc
 arvind grover     when posting to the drupal
 arvind grover     that way we can find things that relate to our particular setup
 arvind grover     doug, staying at the chateau?
 [email protected]     the skiers and coaches and executive are at the Chateau
 [email protected]     the "worker bees" are at the Lake Louise Inn, which is also very nice
 arvind grover     nice, spent a night there a couple years back. what a magnificent place. was there in the summer though
 Lee     Hi Andrew
 Lee     I have added...
 Lee     your contact..
 Lee     Oh no Jeff
 Lee     i did not
 arvind grover     saw a poor japanese couple with their parents upset their canoe in the lake,
 arvind grover     doug: executives?
 [email protected]     of the race itself
 arvind grover     ah
 arvind grover     and what is the race?
 [email protected]     World Cup Downhill and GS
 arvind grover     very cool
 [email protected]     Men next wkend, and Women the one after that
 arvind grover     are you racing?
 Lee     hehe
 [email protected]     no racing for me :)
 [email protected]     here's a link with some more info
 [email protected]
 [email protected]     here are some "live" pictures from Lake Louise
 [email protected]
 [email protected]     I'm sitting under the "Base Area" camera
 JL     [email protected] webcast
 dave     nice screen sharing
 dave     zmrzlina
 Lee     yea
 [email protected]     very cool re server Dave
 Lee     i can not either
 Lee     unable to get webhuddle to come up
 dave     yes... i'm pretty excited
 [email protected]     no festoon here
 Lee     no
 arvind grover     no echo here
 dave     no echo here
 dave     no echo here
 arvind grover     oh yes, audio repeater will let you hear yourself, right?
 arvind grover     echo is normal, right on
 dave     no echo here
 arvind grover     lowere your time to 100 ms
 Lee     world time link...also.. is good to use
 Lee     to add to all posts
 arvind grover     andrew, here is alex's post about auacity messing up the stereo mix options:
 lee     is this still correct for the vyew 278319?
 arvind grover     hmm, skype crashed on me
 [email protected]     nothing to report here
 [email protected]     gotten very noisy here, so I'll stay muted
 [email protected]     excellent point Andrew re controlling "variables" along the way
 [email protected]     thanks everyone, another great session
 arvind grover     thanks everyone
 arvind grover     have a good sunday
 [email protected]     thanks all -- hope to have photos and videos to show over the next while
 [email protected]     and a "remote" or two
 [email protected]     take care all
 [email protected]     bye for now
 lee     by doug
 arvind grover     bye all
 lee     bye arvind and all
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Since I have a heck of a time being able to attend on Sunday mornings, I'll tune in to the recording after the session. If you have any pre-session Moodle questions, I'll try to answer what I can in advance if you get them to me or post them here in the Academy. Art