Meeting 1.3.4

Meeting 1.3.4
November 12, 2006

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  • Introduction/Opening
  • Share Good / Bad Experience using Audacity
  • How do VAC really work? (Diagram of VAC)
  • Skypecast Control- New Screencast about Skypecasting
  • Bandwidth Concerns
  • Brainstorm how to use Webcast - Bring at least one good idea.
  • Share experience with trying streaming
  • Questions and word is free

 JL  Hello Cathy & Niels
 JL  Webhuddle is now active
 JL  [email protected] / webcast
 Cathy e  hello guys
 DS  Hi Cathy
 DS  and all
 DS  think JL may have crashed--lost the skype call
 JL  please skype 'worldbridges' directly
 NielsD  OK
 Cathy e  Just to let you know I have watched the screen cast "Recording both ends of a telephony call in windows" at least 100 times :)
 JL  got a new one for you -
 NielsD  are we using the skypecast - or go worldbrigdes direktly?
 AnneF  HI there
 JL  Hi Kathy - skype 'worldbridges' directly
 paradox66  hello all
 JehZon  Not me. Still trouble with ecamm recorder.
 DS  sorry, can't record here either, have to run away in a little while myself
 sendkathy  I can't hear anything give me a minute.
 Madeline Brownstone  Hi, sorry I'm late.
 DS  Hi Madeline
 Cathy e  I have the same sound card- but i don't have stereo mix as an option
 Madeline Brownstone  I just checked for a skypecast, are we on?
 Madeline Brownstone  I can't find us.
 AnneF  I think they are in a kype conference
 DS  skype worldbridges directly to join
 AnneF  the skypecast wasn't working very well
 JL  indeed
 DS  I'll listen on the stream, I have to leave soon
 JL  skype 'worldbridges' to join in
 Madeline Brownstone  just found it, thanks....started at 50 minutes ago? YIKES
 JL  do not join skypkecast
 JL  skype worldbridges
 AnneF  no, that confused me too. I think they open it early
 Madeline Brownstone  okay
 arvind grover  i am in the skypecast, but i dont see anyone there
 arvind grover  oh
 DS  arvind skype worldbridges directly to join
 DS  the skypecast wasn't cooperating
 arvind grover  got it
 DS  have to run all - look forward to catching up on audio -- cya soon
 arvind grover the conference website - audio available there
 sharonbetts  Hello everyone - glad to have caught you at least for awhile today.
 Madeline Brownstone  been getting this error when exporting to mp3 on audacity on Mac
 Madeline Brownstone  ooop
 sharonbetts  how many of you have actually got a two way Skype to work?
 sharonbetts  I keep losing the sound - anyone else? I will change channels.
 JL  sharon, would you like to join skype
 paradox66  Me and niels got it to work
 Cathy e  Not me :(
 Cathy e  I can faintly hear the skype lady
 Cathy e  When I go to Mixer Device I only have line in, rear mic, microphone
 sendkathy  So, bottom line, are we able to get in a skypecast or simply listen to the stream on channel 1?
 arvind grover  no skypecast, can you skype "worldbridges" directly or listen to the stream
 arvind grover  jeff is restarting the skype
 arvind grover  i mean stream
 arvind grover  restarting the stream
 sendkathy  I hope this works because my stream keeps buffering and going mute.
 sharonbetts  I am having exactly the same problem - it buffers and dies
 Madeline Brownstone  Two-way skypecall has still not come front and center on my to-do list. I think I'm going to find the time next week to get going full stream with the webdcast academy assignments and experimentations.
 JL  hitting bandwidth limits
 JL  will restart channel 2 shortly
 sharonbetts  aha - thanks Madeline, I don't feel so far behind then.
 arvind grover  the analog analogy is always helpful - if it applies
 sharonbetts  I forgot my headphone at work and can't skype in today either - where or where did my organizational skills go?
 JL  channel 2 should be on now
 sharonbetts  Channel 2 is ok -- good
 sharonbetts  darn - it cut out again. Is channel 1 running?
 cheryloakes  channel 2
 cheryloakes  hi sharon
 sharonbetts  and I lost the chatroom when I accidentally tried to re-stream from the same tab. I think this week is lost - hi Cheryl
 arvind grover  classic conversation with teachers - they don't want to know how the projector works, juts work!
 cheryloakes  Hi Arvind, I still think that way, just work, especially when teaching, there isn't time to troubleshoot with 20 faces looking at you. :-)
 arvind grover  i definitely dont want to troubleshoot in class, but i was thinking more during training of teachers. but i know exactly what you mean
 arvind grover  :)
 cheryloakes  cathy are you a mac?skype
 sharonbetts  ;)
 AnneF  no stream, no skype only web huddle and chat so I think I'll go and listen to the recording later.
 Cathy e  I am windows
 AnneF  Bye all
 JL  bye anne
 sharonbetts  me to - where is web huddle info?
 Cathy e
 cheryloakes  I use nicecast on my mac
 sharonbetts  thanks - the name of the "huddle"?
 paradox66  skype:?chat&id=%23arvindgrover%2F%24310f611772562cdc
 cheryloakes  it is on the front page of webcast academy [email protected] pw webcast
 sharonbetts  can anyone give me the URL for the site with music clips that Jeff mentioned previously
 paradox66  my swedish screencast about making kanon singen
 Madeline Brownstone  back again, keep loosing my window too
 cheryloakes  I will start putting tags for mac entries.
 Madeline Brownstone  Ah, ha, copy paste works in Firefox. This is the errror I get using Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Audacity 1.2.5Assertion (gfc->mf_size <= MFSIZE) failed in "lame.c" on line 1501
 JehZon  yes
 JehZon  can't do it either
 Cathy e  me either
 JehZon  Sometimes it works, most time it does not
 Cathy e  Works the first time but not after the first time
 arvind grover  that's rightg. i think it works before you takea away focus from the window the first time. once you come back, it doesn't work - oh well, copy paste, who needs it?
 Madeline Brownstone  try copy/paste using Apple+C and apple+v that works for me on Mac running firefox
 sendkathy  I am just wondering how get the people you'd like to participate ready to go.
 arvind grover  thanks madeline, doesn't work for me after the first time i look away from the window
 sharonbetts  Good question Kathy. I hope to figure out how and then I need to find who. I also can't copy / paste in windows.
 Madeline Brownstone  ha, Arvind:o ...that's what happend to me when I tried to copy something IN the window. It works when I copy FROM another source and paste into the chat
 arvind grover  no luck for me
 Cathy e  Sharon- I plan to use the webcast with teachers after hours- like a help desk meeting
 sharonbetts  Oh - yes that is very much like what I want to do. I meant getting a two way skype call recorded.
 sendkathy  I'm just concerned that if we have these issues and are committed to trying to solve them, how will rather low-tech people be encouraged to stick it out?
 Cathy e  I have not had luck with that yet
 Madeline Brownstone  Arvin: I'm using Firefox version on MAC iBook G4 10.4.8
 Cathy e  But low tech people won't have to record in the beginning
 Cathy e  Just listen and talk
 arvind grover  i am using FF 2
 sharonbetts  Kathy - right. I think that skyping to staff is easy. It is the recording stuff that has me bamboozled.
 sharonbetts  I am also using FF 2 (windows) and can't copy - paste.
 Cathy e  NO- the copy paste issue is a biggie
 sendkathy  So Sharon, you are already skyping with your staff?
 sendkathy  How do you set up a time and how do you get them interested?
 sharonbetts  I can copy / paste in Webhuddle -
 Cathy e  What about the old one?
 NielsD  Here is my webrecordings in OPAL
 sharonbetts  I only skype with a few that are quite teckie - and it is usually around troubleshooting our new ePortfolio software and posting podcasts and videos there. I just tell them I will be online in the evening at a certain time. We also use the chat room in our email client (First Class)
 NielsD  her it is
 cheryloakes from Cheryl on her Macbook 10.4.8, using FLOCK
 NielsD  this last on was to the american OPAL-prosject
 cheryloakes  madeline, try using flock as your browser, it works for copying urls.
 sendkathy  Has anyone ever webcast to or from an ed tech conference?
 sharonbetts  I just uninstalled Flock when I upgraded to FF 2 - ugh
 sendkathy  I like being part of a class so I feel I can get to know a smaller group.
 Cathy e  No-Kathy, but I have been thinking about it..I will be going to NCETC in a couble of weeks.
 NielsD this is my webroom - feel free to go in an look
 cheryloakes  Women of Web 2.0 will be webcasting next Tue. from a conference in GA , then on 11/28 from NH, Christa McAulliffe.
 sharonbetts  I agree - I am such a dolt about these things and like the class structure
 sendkathy  I'm going to GaETC this week.
 sharonbetts  wow - are you going to GA, cheryl? any thoughts about TCEA?
 Cathy e  Kathy- you can go first :)
 sendkathy  Wow, I'm taking CSS with Patrick Crispin on Tuesday.
 cheryloakes  lucky you, check out Vicki Davis, Jen, Sharon will be webcasting at 9 PM, I am holding the fort at home here in Maine
 Cathy e  I'll listen if you talk
 sharonbetts  I will try to check-in on Tuesday this week
 cheryloakes  Hope you can Sharon.
 arvind grover  here is one commericial shoutcast provider i found:
 Madeline-in-Flock  cannot copy/paste a URL in Flock
 arvind grover  i can't figure out what the $2.15 for a 128k stream gets you
 sharonbetts  sorry, but it makes me feel better about uninstalling it. ha (Flock that is)
 sharonbetts  Jeff there is an echo now.
 Cathy e  I don't know I would ever do all the things needed to run a webcast and be in Second Life?
 sharonbetts  I registered for Second Life and have spent about 15 minutes there - just no time.
 cheryloakes  sorry Madeline, maybe since i am on a Macbook, not G4.
 Madeline Brownstone  mayBE
 sharonbetts  Yea webheads - I plan on trying to join then this winter.
 arvind grover  so strange, wasn't doing anything and the chatroom just logged me out. wasn't even near the keyboard
 arvind grover  and not on wireless
 cheryloakes  Cathye, I dont' think my computer could take all the punishment of resource use with 2nd life and webcast, wkype
 sendkathy  If I ever go the hang of it I would like to run a group.
 sendkathy  My computer can't take 2nd life either!
 Cathy e  cherly, forget the computer, my brain can't handle it
 sharonbetts  Cathy - I am with you! I actually try to have a first life and that's hard.
 sendkathy  So true!
 sendkathy  Although the I just listed to one of the Intercultural webcast on the topic of reinventing yourself and it seems 2nd life is just the ticket.
 arvind grover  you're right jeff, these external hosts are expensive!
 arvind grover  they are like $2/listener for 128k
 sendkathy  What about raising funds?
 Eiseldora  I am a fan of Second Life, because it has many freedoms
 arvind grover  so we need a shoutcast server training session - a lot of schools (at least in the U.S.) have high-speed connections. we could put up some servers i think
 Madeline Brownstone  my chat screen has a mind of it's own. It keeps wanting to return to the Welcome at the top. Kind of spooky
 arvind grover  a paypal button on webcastacademy. or let people pay tuition if they are interested. voluntary
 Madeline Brownstone  Arvind: what do I want to know about my upstream bandwidth?
 Madeline Brownstone  My school wants to stream....eventually--once I learn. :-)
 arvind grover  meadline, for running your own shoutcast server?
 sendkathy  Do we have to reserve the sandbox?
 sharonbetts  I also was wondering about streaming in the sandbox - although I have a long way to go before I am ready.
 arvind grover  i am looking at: (i hope i typed that correctly)
 Madeline Brownstone  I have to hang on to the scroll bar to keep the chat in place....
 sharonbetts  I am picturing that - :D
 Madeline Brownstone  :p
 Madeline Brownstone  makes typing difficult ;)
 sharonbetts  I see it is 1:15 and I am going to need to sign-off. Hopefully, I will be able to make some progress this week. See you folks.
 Madeline Brownstone  I also hpe to get that 2-way skype done this week...finally
 Madeline Brownstone  I will try the shoutcast server too....
 Madeline Brownstone  with my students
 sharonbetts  ambitious - good luck Madeline.
 Madeline Brownstone  Well, I have a gaggle of little girls who want to webcast....8th graders
 Madeline Brownstone  they are awesome. Been in Lee Baber's spacecast every friday
 Madeline Brownstone  now they want to host their own
 arvind grover  turn dreams into reality :)
 arvind grover  if we get enough interns in a geographic area, we should have meetups (in person)
 arvind grover  to do some cross-training
 sendkathy  What are the legal implications of recording people?
 Madeline Brownstone  How many in the NYC Metro area?
 Madeline Brownstone  legal for school kids?
 arvind grover  {arvind raises hand}
 sendkathy  Yes and anyone else
 sendkathy  Is it just a simple media release for signed by parents?
 Madeline Brownstone  our children have a signed release from their parents that we can put their work on the Internet....kind of open and vague...
 arvind grover  in the U.S. you can record people if they know that they are being recorded
 arvind grover  (adults)
 Madeline Brownstone  ...we say that we will not reveal last names and other identifying information
 arvind grover  right on, guidelines for safety are key
 sendkathy  What's the best way to invite people from around the country to join a skypecast or to be primary speakers?
 Madeline Brownstone  network with friends...
 arvind grover  remember that when you skypecast, anyone who finds it on the website can join i
 Cathy e  I'm glad we have a gifted student in our class
 arvind grover  when yo skype conf, you control who enters
 Madeline Brownstone  Kathy, you have school children? what grade?
 sendkathy  I know but these are all techies.
 Madeline Brownstone  I'm in middle school and we have the personallearningspace elgg
 sendkathy  I have a sophomore and a senior and teach kindergarten
 Cathy e  Where do we go tonight
 arvind grover  i am really trying to figure out how to use KRISTAL audio software on my PC because it has a mixer to control input volumes
 Madeline Brownstone  for HS try http://youthvoices.??? I'll check it out. Check out teachers teaching teachers. Paul Allison and Susan E are active in that
 sendkathy  I have a Promethean board and may want to host a users forum in a webcast.
 arvind grover  cool!
 sendkathy  Thanks Jeff and all!

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I would like Jeff to give us a "lecture" (a screencast) in hosting a SKYPE-conferance contra hosting a SKYPE webcast. When to use the first and the second one? - min. config. for the hosts PC and bandwith - how to call in - mute - unmute - kick out persons - and how to combine the webcast and the conferance - at the same time -if possible? Do you take this challenge, Jeff?

Hello Niels,
You can find some relevant info about different aspects of using Skype on these screencasts:

but I will certainly put 'producing a more comprehensive skype screencast' on my To Do list, but I must warn you that this list is overflowing these days so it might be a little while.

In the meantime, since our motto around here is 'learn by doing' (or is it 'learn by trying'), I would like to suggest that you host the skypecast and skype conference on Sunday. All you need to do is go to , login, create a skypecast, and then follow the instructions in the first screencast listed above. I can still stream the discussion, as long as I'm in it, although others are welcome to try doing so as well. I suspect this will provide you with more meaningful information than any screencast. Perhaps, after it's done, you might be able to produce a screecast before I get to it.

So Niels, the challenge is yours for the taking :)