Meeting 1.3.3

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.3
Sunday, Nov. 5, 2006
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 JL  Hello Paradox
 paradox66  Tjena Jeff
 JL  Tjena
 paradox66  i am in the skypecast..
 JL  I see you - you're unmuted
 JL  I just keep hearing 'trial'
 JL  perhaps the VAC
 paradox66  jepp
 paradox66  Bengt
 Lobsang  hi
 Lobsang  Guys, i'm brand spankin in the plastic new to webcasting, can you guys direct to link that explains for someone like me
 JasonR  Hmmm, can't copy+paste into the chat :(
 jehzon  Now I can copy+paste
 jehzon  Weird
 dave  can i get the skypecast one more time?
 jehzon  Is there a drupal+flickr module?
 arvind grover  we just used used flickr's badge or html code: for example
 jehzon  Is there a chat log of this NMC/dave?
 paradox66  this is where i found the explaination about VAC and amateur radio...
 paradox66  problem is that their database seems to being down atm
 paradox66  first result is a good explanation but it isnt working atm
 arvind grover  does skype on the mac have less settings than skype on the PC?
 jehzon  Are you missing any functionality arvind?
 arvind grover  it seems like there is a missing piece on the audio setting - the "let skype control my audio settings"
 jehzon  time-zoned based!
 jehzon  Eastern Standard Tribe, represent!
 jehzon  arvind, yeah. I double check the audio settings in Skype and my System Preference
 arvind grover  screenshot documents are very tough to produce
 jehzon  Agreed, plus it gives folks the chance to use more new technology to talk about more new technology
 jehzon  Used SnapZ on Mac, Camtasia not available
 dave  jehzon... just caught the message... the chat record is behind a sign in
 arvind grover  did you guys upgrade the chatroom software? looks different on my screen
 dave  tardy!
 dave  absent!
 dave  we need to enforce conformity
 dave  put her in the corner!
 arvind grover  wait, maybe she has a note from home
 dave  - 5 points!
 dave  i don't accept those!
 arvind grover  but my family always goes out of town this weekend, every year!
 Doug  here's a diagram I just made with Gliffy
 arvind grover  take a look at this screenshot. it is the free kristal audio software. i haven't tried it yet, but it appears to have a built in digital-mixer:
 arvind grover  hold on, can't paste
 Doug  use Float and Dock
 arvind grover  http://www.tinyurl/yfs7hc
 arvind grover  float and dock still doesn't let me paste, strange
 jehzon  soundbooth, anyone?
 jehzon  For post-production
 arvind grover  uh oh, here comes adobe into the mix
 jehzon  arvind...I am able to copy+paste on the Mac, but it seems to stop working if I switch to other applications
 jehzon  When I come back, can't copy+paste anymore
 arvind grover  weird
 arvind grover  that new adobe audio editor is available for intel mac's and pc's
 arvind grover  could be promising though
 jehzon  Whoa, I can get multiple undos in Second Life now.
 arvind grover  excellent!
 arvind grover  my webhost is deplying this thing called flashback which saves a copy of every file you ever make and all older versions
 arvind grover  helps with the accidental deletes
 arvind grover  it worked! great idea
 dave  yay jeff
 arvind grover  Xinha
 arvind grover  rocks
 arvind grover  on mac, firefox, can't paste into the textbox for some reason
 paradox66  sorry
 jehzon  Naw, dave, you are still weird here too
 jehzon  :)
 dave  lol
 SusNy  Hello!
 paradox66  Hi Sus
 Doug  we love ya man
 SusNy  Any chance to join a Skype channel too?
 SusNy  sorry for being late
 arvind grover  interesting, if i press copy in the chat window, i can paste, but can't paste out of external apps. i think that was what you were saying jehzon was saying
 jehzon  Everyone using Mac also using Firefox?
 dave  hey lawrie
 dave  that skypecast link is to the live audio
 lawrie  Hi Dave
 jehzon  Hey, another new feature of this chat...used to be the whole line of someone's chat that mentioned my name had its color changed. Now it's just my name, not the whole line
 JL  is that true jehzon
 JL  JL, what do you think?
 JL  I think so
 jehzon  So if I type Dave, only dave's name should change color not this whole sentance
 jehzon  In his chat screen
 jehzon  Not mine
 dave  dave dave dave
 Paul E  Hello Everyone
 dave  yo paul
 paradox66  a way to collect info and links
 dave  better than
 Paul E  I think the notebook would be good for cliping text out of webpages, but I am not sure about the links
 SusNy  I cannot hear you but apparently I am in the Skype room with you
 SusNy  has one of those annoying fallouts of one mili second
 paradox66  sus disconnect and connect again
 Loop  I'm not jumping at CMS Ac.! Of course I'd love to, but not yet
 JL  need to rejoin the skypecast
 SusNy  I'll try
 jehzon  Is that dave?
 arvind grover
 arvind grover  conference website
 arvind grover  click on NYSAIS Mohonk 2006 at the top
 arvind grover  you will notice the broken CSS on the first page. we are working on that
 arvind grover  any ideas, let me know
 arvind grover  arvind at
 arvind grover  bye
 Paul E  I too am heading out. Talk to you all later!
 Doug  cya Arvind and Paul
 Doug  take care
 madeline_here  tried registering for will I beable to connect to the conference? As of yet, I am awaiting approval--mbrownstone
 jehzon  bye.
 Doug  thanks all, ttys