Meeting 1.3.2

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.2
Sunday, Oct. 29
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12:01:02 SusNy: hello friends
12:01:39 SusNy: is there a Skype conference open yet?
12:01:40 Cathy_Evanoff: hello sus
12:01:55 JL: skypecast link above chat room
12:02:04 SusNy: oh great
12:04:58 JL: Hi sue
12:05:03 JL: skypecast link above
12:05:22 JasonR wakes up
12:06:30 arvind_grover: jason, how can i increase my volume higher on an external mic on my mac?
12:06:57 Sue_L.: I'm not seeing a skypecast link...can I get a little more info?
12:08:26 JasonR: ?
12:08:40 JL: hop in teh skypecast if you can Jason
12:08:59 JasonR: here, what was it you needed?
12:09:50 JasonR: Yeah, skypecast working today
12:10:36 JasonR: JL sounds choppy, stutter
12:11:00 DS: not getting that, on the stream you mean Jeh?
12:11:42 SusNy: The Webhuddle is not accepting my efforts
12:12:07 SusNy: neither in Mozilla/Firefox noir in IE
12:13:42 DS: just got into Webhuddle
12:14:17 Sue_L.: can I get the link to the webhuddle? I've found the skype cast and am signing in... I believe :D
12:15:11 SusNy: Sue
12:15:37 SusNy: I'm into the webhubdle mow
12:15:58 Sue_L.: thanx sus! I'm going to focus on getting in the skypecast...I can't find the gang...any suggestions
12:16:34 SusNy: Sue, are you logged in on Skype?
12:18:01 JasonR: Getting stutter from JL in the skypecast
12:18:03 arvind_grover: so the 3 categories are audio editing, streaming and ?
12:18:40 SusNy: and hosting
12:19:30 DS: I like the proficiencies model
12:19:42 arvind_grover: me too
12:19:50 SusNy: Hi Niels
12:19:53 arvind_grover: i can see the unit plans developing
12:20:24 Sue_L.: I found it!
12:22:09 JasonR: Mobile Webcasting, yeah
12:24:41 JasonR: Sometimes I get lost in the whole process. Am I making progress? Where is everyone else? I know it's a matter of focus. How do you keep it all straight, JL?
12:25:36 SusNy: I hear you quite well
12:26:57 arvind_grover: andrew started a forum discussion on visualizing our progress:
12:27:21 arvind_grover: distance learning classes do this quite well (well some of them :) )
12:27:36 JasonR nods
12:28:28 SusNy: The collaboration aspect is quite important to know how to follow the progress and problems of each other (I admit having beein mostly in reading mode this week)
12:29:09 JasonR: Wow, that's awesome, JL.
12:29:53 arvind_grover: very cool new feature
12:30:11 arvind_grover: i think seeing other peoples' progress also motivates you to stay on task
12:30:23 arvind_grover: is it too formal a structure for people? i know jeff was worried about that
12:33:07 Sue_L.: Not too formal me...I like formal with some wiggle room
12:43:00 arvind_grover: here is that other flash player btw:
12:43:10 JasonR: That becomes easier with time
12:43:15 JasonR: and practice
12:43:19 JasonR: I am still the same way
12:43:53 arvind_grover: here is the playtagger:
12:44:05 JasonR: And a willful abandonment
12:44:10 arvind_grover: and here is the other flash player i have seen on webcastacademy:
12:44:39 JasonR: You should make a badge for scripted program proficiency
12:45:28 arvind_grover: it could be a sleepy face :)
12:46:59 SusNy: what an echo
12:47:43 JasonR loves JL's creamy smooth intros
12:47:54 arvind_grover: definitely
12:48:21 JasonR: relaxed, confident, bold
12:49:08 arvind_grover: good advice, the quick intro is best
12:52:11 Sue_L.: My skype cast shows only one person in it... and it's not me...but I can hear the skypecast... I think it's an eerie halloween thing happening
12:53:08 arvind_grover: we're here!
12:53:36 SusNy: Bye bye
12:54:11 SusNy: pw webcast
12:55:41 SusNy: momento, br
12:55:45 SusNy: brb
12:57:49 SusNy: now I am ready to share my desktop
13:01:15 JasonR: splice?
13:01:37 JasonR:
13:14:51 JL:
13:27:45 Sue_L.: bye bye all...I'm off!!
13:45:50 SharonBetts: Just got in and thought I would catch the final minutes