Class of 1.3 Orientation Meeting

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.1
Sunday, Oct. 22
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Meeting Notes

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Chat Transcript

11:51:10 JL: Hello
11:51:19 DougS: Hey JL
11:51:22 JL: I'm thinking we might try this without a skypecast
11:51:27 JL: we'll see how many people show
11:51:30 DougS: sure
11:51:34 JL: feel free to skype worldbridges
11:51:36 DougS: sounds good
11:51:41 DougS: will do in just a sec
11:53:49 sharonbetts: Hi everyone - ready to go!
11:54:03 JL: skype 'worldbridges' to join in
11:55:06 sharonbetts: Jeff is really garbled for me. Anyone else?
11:55:59 DougS: getting garble on stream too
11:56:47 sharonbetts: Ok, thanks for the update - standing by. Kathy sounds like about 80 and very very slow.
11:56:49 JenniferW: good morning
11:57:24 cevanoff: Sharon- I feel like I am 80
11:57:50 JenniferW: can I join the skype??
11:58:06 sharonbetts: Jeff, you are getting better, but the gals are still quite garbled.
11:58:12 JL: yes, skype 'worldbridges'
11:58:26 JL: skype conf sounds fine
11:59:07 sharonbetts: Very very yucky streamed. I am on a laptop with wireless connectivity and am not certain I can skype in.
12:00:12 sharonbetts: Nope - still garbled. Hi Niels, Paradox and Jen
12:00:25 JL: please skype in to 'worldbridges'
12:01:26 JenniferW: I am muted -- and turned off real player
12:03:59 Parag: Hello everyone...
12:04:19 dave: hey folks...
12:04:36 JL:
12:08:57 JenniferW: vyew is being very tempermental today
12:09:54 Anne_Fox: Trying to listen on channel 1 but the stream keeps interrupting
12:10:26 JenniferW: view is getting stuck after the flash download
12:11:25 Andrew: I in vyew
12:11:42 sharonbetts: I got in and logged in - then it hung.
12:11:56 Andrew: It's very stuttery
12:12:31 Andrew: There's not much happening there anyway!
12:15:16 Madeline_Here: I have Flash 9,0,20,0 installed but do not see the desktop
12:17:45 Anne_Fox: Am suffering from constant rebuffering on the audio channel even though I'm on broadband
12:18:02 Sus: Anne, join the Skype call instead
12:18:09 sharonbetts: I am having the exact same problem - buffering and occassional static.
12:18:10 Anne_Fox: Am in Vyew OK
12:18:14 Sus: call jeff on worldbridges
12:18:16 marilynj8: My audio stream keeps stopping and rebuffering. I haven't gotten much of it.
12:19:35 Anne_Fox: Worldbridges on Skype does not answer
12:20:12 sharonbetts: This is a big class
12:22:35 elderbob: Hello all.
12:23:32 JL:
12:23:53 marilynj8: I am not getting most of this, though I have a broadband connection. I can leave.
12:24:32 marilynj8: Can I get this audio later?
12:25:14 Cathy_Evanoff: Good- cause that was way over my head
12:27:18 sharonbetts: Cathy, did you ever live in Ohio?
12:27:39 Cathy_Evanoff: NO- but I have an Aunt Cathy Evanoff in Ohio
12:27:53 Cathy_Evanoff: My husban's aunt actually
12:28:45 sharonbetts: I once had a Superintendent, John Evanoff in Ohio. Is Anne in the chat room?
12:29:07 Cathy_Evanoff: Don't think we are related
12:32:15 Cathy_Evanoff: I need drupal help :(
12:33:03 marilynj8: I am just listening on webcast, which is still dropping out. . I have just downloaded skype. Will try to join on skype. Maybe it's also a matter of permissions.
12:35:21 sharonbetts: Keep moving away from the page and losing the chat room - I need to get a new window.
12:37:05 Andrew: It looks like there may be a problem with the chat. I had it open in a separate floating windowing and it disappeared.
12:37:46 DougS: having trouble with audio in Skypecast and stream, will keep trying
12:38:23 Parag: Yes, the audio in the stream keeps breaking of. I am on channel 2... is it the same with channel 1 also?
12:38:35 DougS: have channel 1 back now
12:38:47 DougS: sounding good on channel 1
12:39:06 Parag: channel 2 is on again... oops said it too soon
12:39:06 DougS: just lost it again, channel 1
12:39:31 Parag: looks like both the channels step together
12:40:35 marilynj8: I am login out. I hope to hear the broadcast later on my office computer. The buffer on my home computer is not up to the task. Thanks.
12:41:39 DougS: still having trouble on Channel 1
12:42:02 JL: hmmm
12:43:03 DougS: same behaviour on Channel 2 for me
12:43:22 DougS: stop and restart player gives the same clip (~10 sec) and then no stream
12:45:08 DougS: Channel 2 now working for me
12:45:11 JL: try stream again
12:45:47 DougS: ok on Channel 1 as well
12:46:06 JL:
12:46:55 Cathy_Evanoff: The screencast are wonderful!
12:47:13 Andrew: Yes. I found them useful too
12:47:18 sharonbetts: Yes, I used the Audacity one and will watch many more.
12:48:12 JL:
12:50:06 JL: Wysiwyg editing
12:53:28 dave: is it just me that's hearing the choppiness?
12:53:54 Cathy_Evanoff: My sound is good
12:54:04 dave: thanks... must be my connection
12:54:14 JL: don't think so
12:54:15 JL: think it'
12:54:22 JL: s my connection
12:54:28 JL: skype is sucking it up
12:54:39 dave: it does do that
12:54:41 JL: try joining skypecast
12:54:47 dave: that's where i am
12:54:55 dave: was
12:54:59 dave: am
12:55:50 JL: try channel 2
12:56:00 Paradox66: What one could use is Cmaptools...making an conceptmap where we could work together
12:56:01 Paradox66:
12:56:46 Paradox66: But then it is probably be better using assignments to control the learning
12:57:55 sharonbetts: I tend to need a roadmap.
12:58:40 JenniferW: instead of writely -- could we just not make an additional page within drupal
13:00:17 Andrew: A mind map sound like an interesting approach
13:00:42 Andrew: or a wiki?
13:01:07 Paradox66: Cmap is like a wiki mindmap
13:13:26 Parag: We don't need no USB microphones :-)
13:13:34 Parag: HeHe
13:15:13 Andrew:
13:19:38 nielsd: OK thanks for today - meal is waiting!

Show Announcement Newsletter
If you would like to be an intern, you must post a comment on this forum thread:
If you don't post there, we won't know that you want to be an intern and will not be able to give you the appropriate posting permissions.  Here is a list of everyone that has posted there so far.
If you don't want to be an intern yet, you are still welcome to be part of the community and make use of the resources on the website, but only interns will be given access to the stream.
For those who signed up to be members of 1.1 and 1.2, but faded away, consider this a final chance to be part of 1.x.

The purpose of Sunday's meeting is to answer questions incoming interns might have, take the first steps toward producing live, interactive webcasts, and develop a learning plan for the Class of 1.3 .
The first assignment for interns is to record and post a short introduction.
For information on how to record and post one, please watch this screencast:
Please disregard the part that says a desktop USB desktop mic is required in order to webcast.  We have since learned that this is not always true.
Please post your introductions by Oct. 28.  Only those who post introductions will be considered 'official' members of The Class of 1.3 .
Introductions can be recorded in any language.  Personally, I'm looking forward to practicing my Danish :)

If you have questions or problems posting your introduction, please post them in the forums.

Just a reminder to all - this is a collaborative learning community, which mean we are all responsible for helping ourselves and each other learn.  Last time, I named myself the 'Class Coordinator for 1.2'.  I have since fired myself.  This time around, I hope 1.3'ers themselves will develop a learning plan and assign themselves class management roles, and that past interns will step forward to stream meetings on specific webcasting related topics as requested.

Speaking of which - a late breaking show announcement!  Brad Hicks will be webcasting a help session for Mac users Sunday, Oct. 22 at 1pmGMT (global times)

Webcasting issues can vary significantly depending on which operating system you use, so these sessions that focus on Mac Only issues can be quite helpful for Mac users.

Thanks again to everyone for your interest and participation in the Academy.
I look forward to virtually meeting newcomers and connecting again with Academy 'oldtimers'.

Fiberoptically Yours,
Jeff Lebow
Worldbridges Founder, Webcastaholic, Former Academy Class Coordinator

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