EVO2007 Launch Webcast Chat

 Ozge  hello
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Hi Jeff.How are you?
 jeff  Hello
 jennifer  hello
 Ali  Hello everyone .Warm greetings from Rabat,Morocco
 jeff  Hello - is anyone in the skypecast interested in doing a soundcheck?
 Ali  fngers crossed, I hope our low tecnology will be on our side
 Ali  yes, Jeff .please. can we check?
 Ali  :)
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Sorry Jeff. I went to open the door. I also want to check
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Jeff. Do you want to check the sound
 Ali  Jeff ,here's my skype id: ali.boumoussa07
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Ali: where do I have to copy your skype?
 Ali  Horacio, just add contact
 isabel(Brazil)  Hello
 Ali  Hello Isabel
 Ciara  Hi everybody - a few minutes to kickoff!
 isabel(Brazil)  ok
 jennifer  hello all
 marypinto18  Hi everybody
 Daf  hi everybody
 isabel(Brazil)  Hi.Daf.
 Ali  loud and clear
 jennifer  yes, we can hear you Daf :-)
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Ali: I don't see add contact
 isabel(Brazil)  queen of EVO, Dafne?This sounds good!
 jennifer  Cordoba
 jennifer  Spain
 isabel(Brazil)  Where is Teresa?
 jennifer  yes honey
 AndrewP  ola, Daf, I see most of the new BaW07 cohort are here
 jennifer  How you doing? great to hear you
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Hi Daf. I don't listen anything
 jeff  Horatio are you listening to the stream or skypecast?
 isabel(Brazil)  Horacio,you have to click on one of the icons below" Listen"
 mariairene  Hello everybody, especial greetings to Daf
 Bee  Hello everyone
 isabel(Brazil)  Hi Bee
 Daf  hola
 jeff  ola vs hola
 mariairene  Those are two different words in Spanish, ola, a wave, hola is an informal greeting
 teresadeca  hi, everyone!
 isabel(Brazil)  Hello ,Teresa
 AndrewP  ola, Tere
 osnacantab  Hello your majesty (Queen) and Jeff and all. A hug from the chat room.
 mariairene  We can use both, because we are on the top of a big wave greeting each other
 teresadeca  ola, andy! ola in portuguese is hello!!! :-)
 Ali  Horaccio, it's in the drop down menu under Contacts
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  But ola in spanish is an exclamation. Olé, chavala
 D-Oliver  Hi, Horacio.
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Hi Dennis. How are you?
 D-Oliver  and everyone.
 Daf  :hugs Dennis
 mariairene  We can use it with this meaning as well, if we want to imply that we are celebrating a very special event as the start of EVO 2007
 D-Oliver  Well enough, thanks. How about you?
 CarlaArena  hi, everybody! Horacio, I'm glad you could make it!
 D-Oliver  Carlinha!
 CarlaArena  Dennis!!!
 Ali  Good to hear you again, vance
 isabel(Brazil)  hello, Dennis!
 D-Oliver  Olá, Isabel!
 greenstuder  I would like to do a sound check
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Hi Carla. Nice to meet you
 osnacantab  I guess I should call myself Denos, Dennis Denos to distinguish me from Dennis Oliver
 marypinto18  yes please...
 isabel(Brazil)  um abraço, Dennis
 CarlaArena  yes, Denos and Dennis! My great partners!
 isabel(Brazil)  hello my dear friends, Denos
 osnacantab  But I accept all the hungs, whoever they are for :-)
 GrahamStanley  hi everyone!
 mariairene  Hey Pinto, good to see u here
 Valentina  Hello all!
 Ali  hello,tresa
 marypinto18  Hi... mariairene
 isabel(Brazil)  Don't be jealous, Denos!
 D-Oliver  Hi, Dafne!
 teresadeca  hi again, everyone! welcome!!! :-)
 maribelb  Hello everyone!
 Valentina  Happy EVO day - i like that!
 isabel(Brazil)  Hi Carla
 Bee  hello Valentina
 CarlaArena  hi, Isabel!
 isabel(Brazil)  So nice to have so many Brazilians around!
 teresadeca  i will, jeff. there was a delay and i heard it
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  I also want to check my mic
 Liliclotilde  Hi every1
 Sheilav  Hi all
 Kent  Could I do a mic check? paradigm_surfer
 CarlaArena  yeah. Our community of Brazilians is getting bigger. Bee is not alone anymore...
 Ali  that would be great!
 Cris_Portugal  hey :) are we the first ones?
 mariairene  Hi Mary Allegra, it's really good to see that people from the University of Carabobo is daring to join the techi groups
 cristina  HI there!
 Liliclotilde  how are you teresa, i'm sorry i didint reply ur beautiful message
 Daf  I am glad to see many people from South America
 cristina  Good afternoon from Portugal!
 isabel(Brazil)  where is Carabobo?
 bleiva2003  Hi everyone
 isabel(Brazil)  Hi, Cristina
 Moira  Hello everybody!!!
 marypinto18  Venezuela
 Daf  in Venezuela, Isabel
 cristina  HI Isabel!
 Sheilav  Hi denis & Vale
 cristina  :)
 Bee  When are you moving to Miami Carla?
 bleiva2003  Berta in Toronto
 AndrewP  how many are in Second Life on EduNet Island
 Daf  I am originally from there
 CarlaArena  isn't that great, Daf? Lots of latin blood!
 Moira  Moira in France
 isabel(Brazil)  Hi Berta
 klemmu  Hi there from Germany - if possible, I'd like to do a mike check on skype as well
 mariairene  It's in the Northern part of Venezuela, on the Caribbean Sea
 bleiva2003  Hi Isabel
 Bee  Hi Berta
 Aglaia  Hello everybody! I'm Aglaia from Colombia!!
 isabel(Brazil)  I'd like to visit it someday, Daf
 osnacantab  Who is that from Germany?
 Ciara  Hi Moira also in France - Clermont Ferrand
 bleiva2003  Hi Daf, Tere. Moira, Mary Allegra, Bee, everyone!!!
 greenstuder  Hi, Barbara (greenstuder) from Switzerland
 Sheilav  Sheila
 Aglaia  Hi Bleiva2003
 klemmu  @ osnacantab- it is Uwe from Jena, Germany
 Liliclotilde  It's fantastic! There are so many people here :)
 Ali  Hello, Moira
 Bee  greenstuder?
 Daf  Hola Berta
 Daf  nice to have a colleague from my university :-)
 Aglaia  Guys I need help, do we start the EVO Session today? I was looking at the time clock but is set to Saturday
 Moira  Hi Ali, how are you?
 bleiva2003  Great to be here, Daf
 mariairene  Greenstuder, a suggestion please change the font color is very difficult to read your message
 Cris_Portugal  Hello everyone :)
 Aglaia  Hi Cris
 CarlaArena  hi, cris. Nice to see you here!
 Ali  Fine..don't let yourself be muted
 VanceS  so this is what the text chat is like?
 Cris_Portugal  thanks :)
 Aglaia  Vance, I have this question, do we start today?
 Cris_Portugal  [b]my boyfriend is studying for his exams so he can't attend. not a problem,i hope?
 VanceS  we are starting now
 greenstuder  OK
 Nina  Hi, everybody
 CarlaArena  hi, nina!
 marypinto18  ok
 bleiva2003  Hi color twin Nina
 Nina  I can hear fine and I'm OK for text chat
 cris_costa(Portugal)  hi Moira
 isabel(Brazil)  Hello Nina
 Nina  Berta my color twin!
 Nina  Where is your purple?
 sasasirk  Hi everybody
 Aglaia  VAnce, it's just I ws looking at the time clock and it's set into a different time for me, so i was afraid to miss it
 buoyant  Hi everybody
 lauriewhiteside  hi everyone
 bleiva2003  here!!!
 Nina  Sasa, Cris, Carla, Isabel, everyone, I am so glad to be here with you today!
 lauriewhiteside  trouble logging into Skype - forgotten password
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Daf: I have a very small screen. Is a way to detach it?
 teresadeca  it's great to see so many old friends and new ones! :-)
 lauriewhiteside  but I can hear the Skypecast fine
 Aglaia  Hi Buoyant
 osnacantab  EFLTU Laurie. Is that you?
 lauriewhiteside  yes
 Sheilav  Hi Laurie
 Nina  How do I join the Skypecast? I have opened Skype.
 sasasirk  I'm also so glad to see so many familiar faces here
 Amy M  Hello Everyone
 CarlaArena  hi, Sasa!
 isabel(Brazil)  helo Sasa
 lauriewhiteside  does anyone know how to log into the Skypecast from the Skype program?
 Ciara  You need Nina to click on the link above this forum
 Aglaia  Hey everyone! It's great to be here!
 Ciara  it takes you to a website skypecast
 Nina  don't see a link
 cris_costa(Portugal)  Dear Nina I am glad to be here too!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  :)
 Aglaia  How are you Cris
 Moira  you must have already downloaded skype
 Hala  Hi everybody
 CarlaArena  Laurie, just click on the link above "EVO launch skypecast"
 [email protected]  Hello, I finally managed to enter !
 Moira  then join the skypecast
 Perry  Hi everyone, It's nice to be here
 teresadeca  it's show time!!! :-)
 VanceS  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 isabel(Brazil)  Hi Hala
 Cris_Portugal  ooo 2 Cris... eh eh
 Kent  sorry, I'd like to mic check again, I'm paradigm_shifter
 sasasirk  Hi Carlka, Isabel, Nina, Teresa ... there's so many of you
 cris_costa(Portugal)  I am glad and you!
 GrahamStanley  lights, music, action!
 Ali  Hi Hala...congratulations!
 Moira  Hi Sasa
 Aglaia  Could someone please help me? I'm new on this
 nnoakes  hi all!
 Bee  what a nice get together!
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Hi Hala. How are you?
 teresadeca  hi, sasa/sasha! :-)
 GrahamStanley  hi nick
 cris_costa(Portugal)  HI Daf!
 sasasirk  :-)
 Moira  clap clap clap to the EVO QUeen!!!!
 isabel(Brazil)  Congratulations,Hala
 CarlaArena  yes, Aglaia. What do you need?
 Hala  Hi aaaalll of you wonderful people
 cris_costa(Portugal)  nice to hear you!
 Bee  Hi Nick
 Hala  thanks ali
 nnoakes  hi Graham, bee, sus, daphne
 CarlaArena  yes, Dafne!!!
 Aglaia  Carla Thank you, after we sign here what else do we need to do?
 Hala  how ae you,Horacio?
 CarlaArena  there's a link above to launch the skypecast. Then you'll listen to everybody
 serpil  Hi all! This is Serpil from Turkey.
 mary-allegra  Hi, Maria Irene, Berta Leiva,Paint, I 'm here with Jurate who had problems with her computer.
 isabel(Brazil)  thank you,Jeff
 lauriewhiteside  Carla - I click on the link but I still get asked for my password
 liliclotilde  oh shoot, i haven't downloaded that one
 Moira  Hi Serpil! Is this the Serpil I know????
 maribelb  :?
 CarlaArena  Aglaia, do you have skype?
 lauriewhiteside  if I start Skype on my PC is there any way of joining from there?
 Nina  This is so exciting.
 Aglaia  Oh ok
 rubena  Hi Mary, How are you?
 Moira  If it is, welcome!!
 isabel(Brazil)  Nice to hear you too,Daf
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Carla: I have just a small screen. How can I detach it?
 D-Oliver  I'm back. I'm listening via Skype.
 Sheilav  Laurie click the group link and then log in with password
 jlhelloa  hello
 Aglaia  carla, I'm just downloading it because until today i was able to have my internet connection back, there was aproblem here in colombia
 Moira  Yes Lauria - you click on the link and enter
 D-Oliver  It's good to hear you, Dafne!
 lauriewhiteside  Am trying to log in but it won't take my password
 Bee  39 people in the skypecast
 Nina  Daf you sound wonderul, loud and clear!
 Sheilav  Ok then you need to reset the pasword
 Nina  Hi Rita!
 Rita  hi, all, finally! ;-)
 Aglaia  so are you guys all friends from previous sessions? How nice! This is my first year here!
 Valentina  Hi Rita ;-)
 Sheilav  Hi paula
 lauriewhiteside  I think I'll need to set up a new account - it doesn;t have an email for me
 D-Oliver  Hi, Rita.
 Moira  Hi Twin Sister Rita
 Sheilav  HiVale
 isabel(Brazil)  welcome ,Aglaia
 Nina  Welcome, Aglaia, this is a great experience--you will love it!
 lauriewhiteside  back soon :(
 teresadeca  ola, rita! welcome!!!
 Valentina  Hi sheila!
 Rita  wow, so happy to meet so many friends! ;-)
 liliclotilde  im sorry, do we need to be registered on skype?
 GrahamStanley  Hi rita
 Hala  I like Brazilian irls!!
 Bee  Graham is everywhere :D
 Sheilav  Yes you need to log in
 Hala  girls
 liliclotilde  thx
 VanceS  congratulations Hala
 Moira  you need to have downloaded skype and have a password and ID yes
 VanceS  I never said that on the list
 GrahamStanley  I have cloned myself
 liliclotilde  ill try it now
 Cris_Portugal  I can hear you well too! :D
 Moira  lol Graham
 Ali  Bee,how many people cannormally attend the skypecast? full capacity?
 GrahamStanley  that's the only way I can do it
 Sheilav  Two Grahams great
 D-Oliver  I can hear you well, also.
 Sheilav  100?
 Valentina  yes, we have the first Graham and the Second Graham ;-)
 Rita  two Grahams? thats great! ;-)
 Bee  not sure Ali
 GrahamStanley  the second (life) Graham
 Ali  ???
 Sheilav  100 approx I think
 maxie  up to 100 Ali
 Hala  Bee is the cyber woman
 Rita  ah, yes, Graham, which is which?
 Moira  I think it's over 100 now Ali but I haven't tried
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Moira: I have just a small screen. Is there a way to detach it?
 illya  Hi Carla, thanks for helping out :-)
 Bee  Hi Hala
 Hala  Graham is the cyber male
 Bee  lol
 Hala  Hello Bee
 cris_costa(Portugal)  HI Hala
 cris_costa(Portugal)  dear HAla ...How nice to see you here!
 Bee  oh wonderful
 teresadeca  applause for jeff! thank you!!! :-)
 bleiva2003  Thanks Jeff!!!
 Nina  Nice color Berta
 Bee  Thank you so much Jeff!
 Valentina  clap clap clap thanks Jeff!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  Hi Jeff
 Rita  clap clap clap
 cris_costa(Portugal)  thank you for hosting this wonderful webcast!
 Moira  their knickers in a twist :-)
 Moira  Yes Tere
 Bee  Good to hear you again Teresa!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  HI Teresa! :) NIce to hear your voice
 Hala  I am happy Cris you are still breathing..congratulation for the MA
 D-Oliver  <clap clap clap> from me, too. Also, I echo Cris: Thank you for this wonderful webcast!
 Moira  Is it cold in the UK Cris?
 CarlaArena  such a familiar voice, Tere...
 Hala  lol
 cris_costa(Portugal)  Hi Moira
 D-Oliver  Teresa: It's wonderful to hear you!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  I am only moving next Saturday! :)
 D-Oliver  (Or should I call you "
 greenstuder  How do your know who's speaking?
 Moira  Oh, OK, I thought you were already there!
 D-Oliver  "Radical Teacher"?
 Moira  Greenstuder this is Teresa speaking
 mariairene  I have problems connecting to Skype
 lauriewhiteside  Does anyone know how to creat a new Skype account?
 greenstuder  Ok, thanks
 liliclotilde  im trying it now and its taking its time
 Moira  just set up another account Laurie
 Daf  go to http://www.skype.com
 CarlaArena  maria, if you have problems with skype, just click on the link above "listen"
 lauriewhiteside  reinstalling just logs me in again under the old name :{
 Bee  who is greenstuder? where are you?
 Moira  you can have several but can't be logged into them at the same time
 Daf  right, Moira
 cris_costa(Portugal)  Radical Teacher is a nice nickname, isn't it? :)
 Daf  just like in YM
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Dennis: I'm seeing just a small screen. Is there a way to put it bigger?
 greenstuder  A teacher from Switzerland. Hi.
 sasasirk  why am I getting 401 service unavailable with Winamp?
 Bee  Hi there
 D-Oliver  I don't know, Horacio. Sorry!
 Daf  third icon from the right, and you will have a floating window
 Moira  are you using Firefox Sasa
 D-Oliver  Cris: Yes, it's a wonderful nickname.
 sasasirk  IE7
 sasasirk  the problem is on your side I guess
 VanceS  floating text chat window?
 sasasirk  I can hear sandbox stream
 cris_costa(Portugal)  ;)
 sasasirk  but not channerl 1 or 2
 Daf  yes, Vance
 Daf  like at Tapped In
 VanceS  how again?
 CarlaArena  Illya, are u there?
 Bee  fantastic Teresa
 D-Oliver  Daf and Teresa: Could you ask Jeff L. how Horacio can make his chat window bigger at WorldBridges?
 Daf  itis the third icon from the right (below the chat window)
 isabel(Brazil)  really nice,Teresa
 jeff  3rd icon from right
 Daf  I am explaining, Dennis
 Hala  Press the icon with pages on it
 Nina  I can't figure out if I am in the skypecast or not--I don't see my name
 Nina  but I see others' names
 D-Oliver  Terrific, Dafne and Jeff. Did you get that, Horacio?
 lee  Hi
 Bee  Hugs Lee
 Daf  hi Lee
 bleiva2003  or widen it with arrow in low right corner, Horacio
 lee  Hugs :)
 Nina  I have had trouble with my skype pw for months so I changed it this morning
 Daf  hey Bee!
 D-Oliver  Hi, Lee.
 teresadeca  that was fun! it's great to improvise! :-)
 sasasirk  anybody else having problems with listening?
 Cris_Portugal  well done :D
 Ciara  Nina - I got the same and but couldnt see the skype text board so have just stayed here...
 lee  Hey Dennis..sooo good to see you
 teresadeca  not me, sasa
 Daf  right, Teresa, but we know BaW by heart
 Daf  ;-)
 Bee  Hello Daf...met lots of teachers from Venezuela last week
 D-Oliver  Lee: Hugs! It's really good to see you, too!
 teresadeca  lol, moira!
 GrahamStanley  How amny people are enrolled in BaW this year?
 Nina  Thanks Tere
 lee  Hi Daf...;)
 teresadeca  220 so far, graham
 Hala  292
 Valentina  Three cheers for Moira- the social queen!
 Daf  I've heard that, Bee :D
 Hala  sorry
 Nina  Yay Moira!
 Hala  219
 Ciara  hip hip hoorah Moira!
 isabel(Brazil)  our pleasure, Tere
 D-Oliver  I join Valentina: hip hip hooray!
 isabel(Brazil)  claps ,Moira
 Rita  hurrah, Moira!
 Cris_Portugal  wineee yay
 Bee  wonderful Moira!
 D-Oliver  <clap clap clap>
 Hala  Moira is always organized
 Daf  Dennis Ol, has been a great host, greeting each participant
 cris_costa(Portugal)  couldn't agree more!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  well said Moira!
 lee  Wine... yea
 teresadeca  absolutely, daf! a public "thank you!", dennis
 D-Oliver  I haven't greeted everyone, Dafne, but I've greeted as many as I could manage.
 lee  Public says "Thank You, Sir!"
 Hala  sharing is caring in baw
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Daf: if a press those icons I don't see the names of the participants
 Daf  right, Hala
 D-Oliver  Lee: :o)
 Bee  Carla
 Nina  webheads' community replaces caffeine and wine
 Nina  imho
 Moira  Hal Cris and Cora
 Moira  Hala
 liliclotilde  ok, i managed, i can hear you guys
 Moira  all three are in the chat room
 VanceS  goes well with those things at any event
 liliclotilde  woo hoo
 Ciara  wow Moira is really enthusing me -Im a newbie!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  CAn I speak
 cris_costa(Portugal)  yes
 Daf  maybe it is a problem with your browser
 Moira  Ciara, are you enrolled in the Baw
 Bee  yes...loud and clear
 Hala  trying to skypecast
 lauriewhiteside  I uninstalled Skype, reinstalled it and it still insists on logging me in on the old account. Any idea how to open a new one?
 Bee  Hi Patricia
 teresadeca  you're very welcome, cristina
 Hala  don't know what's going on
 Hala  a seconf
 Ciara  Unfortunately no Moira tips and tricks this year!
 Moira  Yes Cris!
 teresadeca  how very sweet, cristina! :-)
 Sheilav  Lauries sounds like a cookie
 sasasirk  so, does anybody have any idea what's wrong with streams?
 Moira  You'll enjoy that Ciara!
 Sheilav  Can you just put in a different name
 Ciara  I hope so!
 isabel(Brazil)  well done,moira
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Congratulations, Moira. You did it great
 Sheilav  or ask them to reset the password
 lauriewhiteside  no, it doesn't ask for my name
 Daf  clap clap, clap, Cristina
 Rita  congrats, Moira
 greenstuder  In skype, under account you can choose sign on under another account
 teresadeca  all the best, cristina! :-)
 lauriewhiteside  and I can't reset the password without the old one
 VanceS  that's great, who is speaking now? Christina?
 Ciara  The problem is they all sounds interesting and the choice was difficult Moira! (next year...)
 Moira  Thank you all :-))
 Sheilav  OK click on forgotten password
 Daf  yes, Vance
 CarlaArena  great, Cristina!
 liliclotilde  laurie, u have to go to file and log out
 bleiva2003  Best wishes, Cristina
 Daf  Cristina from Portugal
 D-Oliver  Hear, Hear! What a wonderful story, Cristina!
 Hala  Iam on skype now,Jeff
 Bee  Bravo Christina
 D-Oliver  Parabens!
 elizabeth  HI - I'm from France too -UJF Grenoble
 Moira  Totally agree Cris Clap Clap Clap
 Valentina  brava cristina!
 Cris_Portugal  *claps*
 Bee  Bonjour Elizabeth
 lauriewhiteside  tries that, but I never gave an email when I first registered so they've nowhere to send it to
 Cora  Hi everyone
 D-Oliver  Hi, Cora.
 isabel(Brazil)  Hello Cora
 Ciara  congrats on the job Cristina!
 lauriewhiteside  thanks lili
 cris_costa(Portugal)  :)
 buoyant  Hi
 Hala  halafawzi12345
 isabel(Brazil)  Who is speaking?
 cris_costa(Portugal)  it's true!
 Cris_Portugal  Cris, well done! loved hearing you!
 Hala  is my skype
 Moira  Cora, are you in the skypecast?
 Daf  Teresa
 CarlaArena  teresa, isabel
 D-Oliver  Teresa.
 bleiva2003  Sounds awesome Tere
 Nina  I can't figure out why I am not on the skypecast list
 Bee  Teresa is speaking now
 Moira  This is Teresa now speaking
 Sheilav  OK but they will not normally open an accout without an email address?
 liliclotilde  when u register again, then try giving your email
 lee  TRY going to ACCOUNTS> LOG OUT
 Hessah  Hello BVO 2007:)
 jeff  Hala are you in skypecast?
 Nina  I think Cris?
 liliclotilde  they wont send u anything to your email
 Hala  yes
 Sheilav  Yes agree try to logout
 cris_costa(Portugal)  You played a BIG Role Teresa!
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  hI Cora. How ARE YOU?
 mariairene  I'm still having problems to listen to youo guys
 lee  THEN login as other user
 Moira  Cora and Hala should go to the skypecast :-)
 Hala  my skype ID is halafawzi12345
 D-Oliver  Hi, Hessah.
 Infonewcenter  Hi to all
 lauriewhiteside  have my new account: laurence.whiteside
 Infonewcenter  Hi to all
 Hessah  It is nice to meet you all
 Cris_Portugal  good luck with your job, Cris!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  I am thankful for all your advice and professionalism!
 Moira  You'll enjoy the English pubs Cris :-)
 liliclotilde  im not listening too well either
 teresadeca  :-) beijinhos, cristina
 isabel(Brazil)  it was Cristina
 Moira  Daf speaking now
 Sheilav  Well done Laurie
 Hala  wow
 Maria_Spain  Hi
 lauriewhiteside  am in WooHoo!
 Hala  Be good cris
 lee  "I'm still having problems to listen to youo guys" GO to Listen ...top right side of this webpage...then Click on a different icon
 Bee  why does this page say it is transferring data to mychingo?
 cris_costa(Portugal)  Moira, we'll have to meet in one of those pubs! ;)
 liliclotilde  great laurie
 cris_costa(Portugal)  beijinhos!
 D-Oliver  Our kudos to Elizabeth!
 liliclotilde  :)
 Hala  halafawzi12345
 Maria_Spain  I think I arrived late, sorry
 Moira  With great pleasure Cris!!!!!
 Maria_Spain  I will try to catch you
 lee  I have a question.....
 Hala  is my new ID Jeff
 Cris_Portugal  can I go? love the pubs!
 teresadeca  right, daf! elizabeth is a missed absence today. but we're sure she's having a lovely time
 Cris_Portugal  eh eh
 isabel(Brazil)  Hello Maria
 nbrussolo  Hi to all. Hope to do well in this my first time here
 Moira  No Maria, you're not too late
 CarlaArena  hi, Maria. We've just started!
 mariairene  Could you send me the address for skype again please
 Bee  Hala...you have to login into the skypecast
 lee  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 Moira  Carla
 sueli.busmayer  Well, I think I'm also a bit late. But it's good to listen to what's been happening
 joslu  I am from Spain too. Hello to everybody.
 mariairene  Thanks a lot
 D-Oliver  Hi, NBrussolo.
 GrahamStanley  Hi Carla!
 Moira  Hi Sue
 lee  Skypecast , right?
 sueli.busmayer  A suggestion: each person, before they start speaking, should say who's speaking.
 patriciaglogowski  Hi everyone!
 Daf  I lived in Spain for 5 years, Jose
 lee  Good Idea Sueli.busmayer
 D-Oliver  Hi, Sue and Joslu (Is it José Luis?).
 joslu  Whereabouts in Spain Daf?
 Daf  in Valencia
 D-Oliver  It's good to hear you, Carla.
 joslu  Yes, joslu is José Luis
 Infonewcenter  Horacio, how are you going on? I'm Andrea
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  What a sweet voice, Hala.
 Nina  Hi Carla!!!
 D-Oliver  Thanks, José Luis.
 elizabeth  Oh dear - I'm gonna change my name - I'm not THAT elizabeth
 lee  I have a Question..What One page has all links, classes, moderators, helpers, timeframes. etx. on it??.
 joslu  Nice place, Valencia.
 isabel(Brazil)  where is Maria Claudia?
 VanceS  is everyone's mic muted?
 D-Oliver  Olá, Carlinha.
 lee  Yes, Vance
 Moira  That's not Hala speaking, Horacio, but you're right; Hala has a very sweet voice
 bleiva2003  Carla, your team has done a great job!!!
 lee  but you can ask for mic,,,right Jeff?
 lee  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Hi An. I was thinking you haaaven't come
 D-Oliver  Yes, my mic's muted, Vance.
 VanceS  I had muted mine, so just wanted to be sure if I unmuted it I wouldn't come sputtering on
 Moira  We should have midnight cyber drinks??? :-))
 joslu  Are there any rules for the conversation?
 Valentina  Lee, from http://evo07sessions.pbwiki.com/ you can access all session links
 Infonewcenter  I was listening but haven't entered the chat
 lee  No you won/t
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Moira. While I write the message I loss the speaker.
 D-Oliver  So should our mics be muted or unmuted?
 nnoakes  passes Moira her favourite cocktail
 Moira  Thanks Nick :-))
 teresadeca  have a great move, carla! felicidades in key west :-)
 paulaemmert  Everything looks great with your session, Carla!
 bleiva2003  Have you already moved to the States, Carla?
 cris_costa(Portugal)  HI gladys!
 Moira  2007 it THE year for us all!!!!!
 Hala  cant hear anythingnow
 bleiva2003  Wow
 Maria_Spain  the same with me
 Moira  We'll be thinking of you and Cris and your moves :-)
 sueli.busmayer  who's speaking now??
 bleiva2003  Daf
 D-Oliver  Dafne.
 paulaemmert  Good for you Carla!
 sueli.busmayer  thanks
 Moira  Daf - the Big Boss ;-)
 cris_costa(Portugal)  :)
 maryanne  Paula, glad you made it in the chat room after having problems.
 Bee  Carla is a darling
 Aglaia  Hello everyone! I'm back again! I'm new to this so i was having some trouble here
 Lahcen  Hello everybody
 teresadeca  fantastic, carla! that so sweet! :-)
 Bee  Hi Hala
 D-Oliver  I agree 1000%, Bee.
 Moira  Yes we can hear you Hala
 bleiva2003  yes
 paulaemmert  Yeah- I listening off my laptop and chating on my desktop.
 D-Oliver  Salaam, Hala! It's WONDERFUL to hear your voice!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  Hi Hala!
 Moira  This is Hala in Sudan speaking
 paulaemmert  Thanks and good to see you Maryanne!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  so nice to hear you?
 teresadeca  oh dear, hala! i didn't mean to do that :-(
 paulaemmert  thanks Cris!
 mariairene  I'm finally listening to you all, I don't know if I have voice
 Hessah  Congratulations, Hala.
 liliclotilde  great accent :)
 bleiva2003  Congratulations on your PhD acceptance
 Bee  Maria Irene
 Moira  Hala PhD!!!!!!!!
 sueli.busmayer  yes, that's my problem too - i can hear you all, but i think my mic is not working
 cris_costa(Portugal)  Congratulations! I am so happy for you!
 Bee  Good to see you here
 Daf  clap, clap, clap
 Aglaia  Isabel? Are you here?
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Paula. How can you hear in your latop and see in your desktop?
 teresadeca  yeeesssss, hala! way to go! applause :-)
 isabel(Brazil)  yes, I am
 Daf  that's great news!!!!
 isabel(Brazil)  listening and reading
 Valentina  Brilliant! Well done
 D-Oliver  How wonderful, Hala! Congratulations on your acceptance and on your choice of a dissertation topic!
 Aglaia  I'm sorry Isable, i had to log off
 isabel(Brazil)  that's ok
 Rita  hi, Hala!
 D-Oliver  <clap clap clap> for Hala!
 Infonewcenter  Congrats, Hala
 isabel(Brazil)  It happens in the beginning.just go on and try again
 paulaemmert  Yes Horacio- it's a new laptop and my hairless cat chewed through my mic wire on my desktop- long story....lol :D
 mariairene  Congratulations Hala
 D-Oliver  Shukran, Hala!
 Moira  Me too, we're crazy as usual Hala!! I call them the Latin Bloggers :-)
 cris_costa(Portugal)  :)
 Ali  Cheers for Hala!
 D-Oliver  Hi, Graham.
 Moira  Graham Stanley speaking
 sueli.busmayer  Hi Graham!
 Bee  Hi Graham and Nick
 liliclotilde  hi
 Hala  thanks
 Nina  Cheers for Hala and cheers for the webheads!
 nnoakes  Hi Bee
 Hala  thank you all
 Moira  Rita is in the text chat
 CarlaArena  Graham, Great to listen to you!
 paulaemmert  Hey Graham!!
 Rita  I am, yes, Moira!
 Bee  Rita..join the skypecast
 D-Oliver  I'm with Nina: hip hip hooRAY!
 Lahcen  Hi all
 Rita  Im trying to, but have problems,. would like to join you!
 Aglaia  So Guys, we just listen? and that's it?
 Daf  go to Skype, Rita
 lee  Hi Graham
 Aglaia  sorry I'm new on this
 Nina  hello Lahcen
 CarlaArena  Graham, Brazil will have its own land in SL!!!
 Bee  Nick's place in SL is gorgeous
 sasasirk  I'm also trying to join you - wit no success whatsoever...
 Lahcen  am lahcen from Morocco
 Aglaia  hi Lahcen
 Lahcen  glad 2 be with you
 Ali  Nick Peachy?
 Moira  Aglaia, if you wish to speak during this opening ceremony, plese join the skypecast
 D-Oliver  Salaam, Lahcen!
 nnoakes  Nick Noakes
 cris_costa(Portugal)  glad to have u with us
 Lahcen  waw! salam
 Aglaia  Thanks Moira!!!
 VanceS  we're at info island right now if anyone wants a teleport
 liliclotilde  im still dazzled with all of this
 lee  Vance, I am preparing a slew of tutorials etc. for audio in Webcasting
 Bee  no not the British Council Nick...Nick Noakes from HK
 VanceS  great Lee
 Lahcen  agaia hi
 liliclotilde  i cant help it, im a newbie :)
 VanceS  I'lll certainly be able to use them
 jenverschoor  Hi all I'm Jennifer from Argentina
 nnoakes  Nick Noakes is ex British Council
 hellojlhelloajjkja  hello
 Ali  Hi si Lhacen ..Tighoula?
 Aglaia  As I was saying this is my first time here so i was having trouble
 Daf  my laptop annot take so many applications at the same time, Vance :-(
 Bee  are you?
 sasasirk  tzhe icons below the text chat bring me nowhere - can I listen to Skypecast and how?
 Bee  were you?
 Lahcen  yes!!!
 nbrussolo  Hi Jennifer, I'm from Argentina too
 Bee  hehehe
 Daf  did you solve your prob. Aglaia
 Lahcen  how do you know?
 Ali  Good tosee you around
 nbrussolo  and finding it difficult to participate in the chat and listening at the same time
 Aglaia  yeah Daf, finally I could be here my pc froze and everything
 lee  i suppose it would be good to meet withyou and Graham at some poiont to discuss how ican be of most help
 Lahcen  DO U KNOW ME?
 Moira  Sasa, you must log in to the skypecast by clicking on the url given
 Claudia Bellusci  Hello from Argentina!
 jenverschoor  Carla I just heard you speaking I¨m sure B4B will be a great success
 Bee  I fell in love with Nick just by teleporting there
 Sheilav  Log in to skype
 Daf  go to the skypecast,
 Bee  hehehe
 lauriewhiteside  hols claudia
 jenverschoor  Hello Claudia
 Valentina  LOL Bee!
 mariairene  How do I know if I have voice in Skype without interrupting the actual speaker?
 Moira  I's his voice, Bee ;-)
 Daf  the skypecast link is on top of the chat window
 Aglaia  OK Daf, I'm listening now
 Bee  in Second Life!
 jennifer  hi, sorry, lots going on here, getting a bit confused
 bleiva2003  Hi Claudia from berta
 Hala  I am sorry,it was Cora who spoke.
 CarlaArena  we're working hard, Jennifer, to have a nice session with Latin rhythm!!!
 Sheilav  Berta areyou in Spain
 Moira  Maria - we can ask Jeff to talk to you :-)
 sasasirk  where do I find the url for skypecast?
 Claudia Bellusci  Hi, Jenny , Laurie and Berta!
 Daf  you have to wait, Mariairene, go to the skypecast, and wait to be given the floor
 Hala  I was busy trying to log in to skype,Cora
 nbrussolo  Jennifer I'm as confused as you are
 Lahcen  ALI
 Claudia Bellusci  How good to see you all here!
 Sheilav  On the group yahoo group
 Moira  Hi Claudia
 elizabeth  read type listen all at once... tough
 hellojlhelloajjkja  hi
 Ali  yes, Lahcen?
 bleiva2003  No, In Toronto but from Venezuela, Sheila
 CarlaArena  yes, Bee!!!
 liliclotilde  hi bee
 Lahcen  just wondering how u figured out my family name
 D-Oliver  It's good to hear you, Bee!
 Moira  Berta, are you there for a year only?
 Sheilav  Ok I was looking for a Berta from Spain
 Ali  Is David Winett here?
 isabel(Brazil)  Hello Claudia:D
 bleiva2003  Yes Moira, just a year
 Claudia Bellusci  Hi, Isabel!!! How are you?!?!
 jeff  patricia,skype id?
 jennifer  I seem to have several conversations on skype, at the same time
 Hala  yes
 Moira  You're lucky!!
 lauriewhiteside  Is anyone from ELFTU here?
 Claudia Bellusci  Hi, Moira!
 Moira  Ali, haven't seen Dave yet
 Claudia Bellusci  g
 hellojlhelloajjkja  hi
 Sheilav  Me and Dennis
 isabel(Brazil)  Fine and proud of you! The Blog Queen will be in action this year!
 Lahcen  am from Morocco
 lee  Wow, i have never seen theis chat room move so fast
 Daf  me neither
 Claudia Bellusci  Yes!!!! the queen of Blogs is taking a hioliday in your country first!
 D-Oliver  Me, either, Lee. It's great, isn't it?
 lee  same as usual for tappedin though
 Ali  Moiraa, hope he wl show up
 Valentina  Bee - all these virtual encounters!
 lee  yes it is!!
 teresadeca  the world is only a click away, bee
 Claudia Bellusci  I'm leaving tomorrow
 CarlaArena  oh, claudia. I almost forgot you're coming to Brazilllll!
 bleiva2003  Hi Patricia
 Moira  Ali, he doesn't seem to be online at the moment :-(
 isabel(Brazil)  Really, where?
 liliclotilde  hi patricia
 cris_costa(Portugal)  yes, only one click away! :)
 D-Oliver  Hi, Patricia.
 GrahamStanley  Hi Patricia
 Aglaia  thank you Daf and Isabel, I'm listening to you guys on Skype
 lee  nick, what did you say your sl space is..
 nnoakes  boracay
 Claudia Bellusci  Rio de Janeiro. Oh! this computer is so slow!!!
 nnoakes  so is Hong Kong Claudia! :(
 Ali  Moira, I sent him a message just now,
 isabel(Brazil)  You should come to Brasilia to a f2f meeting!
 CarlaArena  Rio...You'll love it!
 Moira  Great Ali :-)
 isabel(Brazil)  How long are you staying here?
 sasasirk  Finally - I'm listening to you on Skype
 CarlaArena  hi, Graham!
 lauriewhiteside  Is anyone else from France in here?
 isabel(Brazil)  Nice to hear your voice,Bee
 Nina  I'm afraid I have to give up on the skypecast. They do not recognize my password.
 Daf  great, Sasa
 Hala  Graham is the best!!
 Claudia Bellusci  I'd love to see you! but it's so far away!
 Hala  lol
 D-Oliver  That's wonderful, Sasha!
 Claudia Bellusci  I'll be there for 10 days
 CarlaArena  Graham rules!!!!
 lauriewhiteside  Nina - log out and register a new account
 Nina  Moira lives in France
 sasasirk  Does anyone use winamp here? Does it work?
 Moira  Isabel, I think we should all go to Brazil with all you lovely Webheads there!
 isabel(Brazil)  when exactly?
 Daf  the king of the EVO sesssion, he is involved in most sessions
 lee  hi graham
 lauriewhiteside  winamp works fine
 Beyza  yeah
 CarlaArena  you should Moira come to Brazil!!!
 isabel(Brazil)  You're welcome Moira
 Hala  I use winamp Sasa
 D-Oliver  I'm with you, Moira. I'd LOVE to visit Brasil!
 nnoakes  hehe Graham is the EVOholic!
 Claudia Bellusci  I'll be in Rio from 16 to 25
 GrahamStanley  hi lee
 CarlaArena  I'm sure you will, Dennis!
 D-Oliver  But I hope to meet Carla here in the U.S.
 Moira  As I said last time Carla, I'll have to at this rate :-)
 isabel(Brazil)  I'd love to meet you.
 D-Oliver  I hope so, Carla!
 sasasirk  thanks, Laurie, Hala - it refused to work here...
 sueli.busmayer  you're all welcome in brazil, esp. in rio!
 CarlaArena  yes. Dennis. We'll meet soon!
 Hala  if it gives you a message with "send" and "later",click on later ,Sasa
 Bee  I think we should start organizing abig party in Seattle
 paulaemmert  Hello- I will try to get in.
 Claudia Bellusci  ou come to RioAren't you planning to take a holiday?
 CarlaArena  hi, sueli. Are you carioca?
 Rita  I cannot get into the Skypecast, Jeff, what can I do?
 sueli.busmayer  yes, and i think we met at braz-tesol last year
 CarlaArena  I agree, Bee. I'm so excited about it!!!
 isabel(Brazil)  It's a pity Claudia.I'm going to Fortaleza on the 24th.
 sasasirk  thanks Hala
 CarlaArena  Really? That's great, Sueli
 Moira  Yes, let's sort out Seattle first :-)
 D-Oliver  I'd love to meet you all in Seattle, but it's very unlikely that I'll attend.
 paulaemmert  Jessica- are you skyped in?
 sueli.busmayer  carla, i attended your session there, bsb
 Bee  Graham!!!
 Ali  High brow Evos!! clap clap
 Claudia Bellusci  Oh! brazil is such a big country!
 isabel(Brazil)  So I spent my money with the tickets.But i'd love meeting you
 Bee  Graham is a naughty cat
 Hala  lol
 Hala  The king
 sueli.busmayer  i really liked it and it's one of the reasons i'm here today! thank you carla!
 Claudia Bellusci  It's OK Isabel. I'm sure we'll meet f2f soon!
 CarlaArena  great to see you here, Sueli!
 isabel(Brazil)  welcome Sueli.
 Daf  Jessica, are you in the Drama session?
 sueli.busmayer  it's great to be part of such a wonderful group
 CarlaArena  fantastic to hear that...To see that our workshops really attract some special souls!
 sueli.busmayer  carla, you know, as teachers we plant seeds...
 CarlaArena  which session will you be attending?
 Hala  Will Vance be able to join us?
 An(Argentina)  Can anybody tell me the time for GAming?
 nnoakes  I will have to join the Webcat Academy Jeff !
 Moira  Hala, Vance is in the skypecast
 sueli.busmayer  baw07
 CarlaArena  Webcast Academy rocks!!!
 Daf  it is asynchronous, An
 Daf  just join the session
 CarlaArena  great, Sueli. You'll love it!
 An(Argentina)  Thanks, Daf
 sueli.busmayer  yes, i'm really enjoying it all already
 GrahamStanley  The time for Gaming?
 sueli.busmayer  i don't have much time at the moment, i'd have liked to join another one, but...
 susNy  Hello - this is Sus in Denmark
 An(Argentina)  Yes, sessions
 Daf  I am glad to hear that Sueli
 elizabeth  Well that was quite a downer... sorry
 Hala  hi Sus
 liliclotilde  hi
 isabel(Brazil)  Hi Sus
 sueli.busmayer  hi dafne
 CarlaArena  one is too much, Sueli!!!
 Valentina  Hello Sus
 Moira  Hi Sus ;-)
 nnoakes  hiya sus
 Aglaia  Guys, would someone be so kind to give me one skype contact to see if mine is working?
 Claudia Bellusci  sueli, where do you live in Rio? I'll be in Barra de tijuca
 An(Argentina)  Hi Sus
 susNy  Hi Hala, I just heardyou speak about your Ph.D study, that's amazing news!
 CarlaArena  wow, Claudia. Barra is great!
 sueli.busmayer  yes, that's what i thought. and i am currently working on my MA dissertation, which means, i've already got enough on my plate...
 Moira  moirahunter is mine Aglaia
 isabel(Brazil)  isabelteixeira7397.Aglaia
 Hala  halafawzi12345
 CarlaArena  I'm still not done, Jeff!!!
 Claudia Bellusci  Another Argentinian! where are you from An?
 Hala  Thanks Sus
 CarlaArena  with webcasting...
 Aglaia  thanks guys I'll add you
 sueli.busmayer  i live in niteroi, work in botafogo ...
 Moira  :-)
 sueli.busmayer  barra is quite far from my place, as i live in camboinhas, do you know it, claudia?
 Claudia Bellusci  Oh, that's on the other side of Rio, isn't it?
 karim62  Greetings to all from Morocco, Sorry I missed the beginning. will there be a recording of this session?
 AndrewP  Daf, how can you say you are "dumb" about Webcasts with all your experiences
 Moira  Hi Cathy!!
 jenverschoor  clau where are you know?
 liliclotilde  u can have mine too liliclotilde aglaia
 D-Oliver  Salaam, Karim!
 An(Argentina)  San Miguel, Buenos Aires.I'm infonewcenter in learning with computers
 lee  vqnceok, im in sl and wondered if you can give me thyour sl name so i can find you all
 Jessica Noyes  Hi, Jessica from PowerPoint has no voice; but we moderators are all very excited about sharing the experience of PowerPoint in education. We have a large number of participants, but with six moderators we hope to be able to give each person's work indivual attention.
 sueli.busmayer  right, all cariocas sahy the best thing about niteroi is the view from rio...
 karim62  Salam
 Daf  Is Christine Bauer-RAmazani here?
 VanceS  I'm webhead link
 Hala  so we are the dumb...est
 cris_costa(Portugal)  HI Vance!
 sueli.busmayer  claudia, which session are you in?
 Moira  I'm Busy Link
 Hala  lol
 Claudia Bellusci  No, I was in Rio just once and stayed 2 or 3 days only, so I didn't do much, except from Ipanema and copacabana
 cris_costa(Portugal)  nice to see you here
 D-Oliver  I have to leave for a few minutes, but I'll be back . . . .
 CarlaArena  claudia is the qeen of Blogging!!!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  :)
 joslu  never before seen so many language teachers chatting at the same time
 Claudia Bellusci  You make me blush, Carla!
 jenverschoor  I agree with you carla
 CarlaArena  amazing, isn't it?
 An(Argentina)  It seems we enjoy ommunicating
 Daf  get used to it, Jose ;-)
 Hala  You will see more if you join baw
 paulaemmert  Chrsitine can't make it Daf
 sueli.busmayer  oh, claudia, i thought you were in barra, sorry
 jenverschoor  All the moderators are great and they always help you
 Claudia Bellusci  You'll have to get used to it, Jolu!
 Daf  Paula, can you speak?
 susNy  Rita can't get to the Skypecast
 paulaemmert  I can try
 Daf  ok
 lee  HI Sus
 lee  i was in sl just now and dont know who to look for
 joslu  why is claudia the queen of blogging?
 paulaemmert  Are you showing me in the skype conference?
 Daf  try getting to the skypecast
 isabel(Brazil)  I added you Aglaia
 Moira  JEFF, Rita can't get into the skypecast and NEEDS YOUR HELP
 CarlaArena  we're in the Blogging for Beginners Team, Jose
 Daf  let's ask Jeff, Paula
 isabel(Brazil)  Because she is the best!
 lee  Hi Sus
 jenverschoor  clau knows a lot and always shares her knowlegde
 isabel(Brazil)  Claudia is an expert in blogging!
 Claudia Bellusci  Carla is just jolking, Joslu
 paulaemmert  I'm working on two computers so I'm rather confused.
 CarlaArena  of course not, Claudia!!!
 Hala  tell Rita to add worldbridge to her skype contacts
 jenverschoor  no she isn't
 isabel(Brazil)  no, she isn't.
 mariairene  I haver tried different ways to connect to Skycast, but I haven't succeed
 Moira  Yes, loud and clear Paula
 cris_costa(Portugal)  HI paula!
 Cris_Portugal  yay, powerpoint!
 lauriewhiteside  hi paula
 Bee  Hello Paula
 Cris_Portugal  Hi Paula!
 liliclotilde  hi paula
 CarlaArena  that's great, Paula
 lauriewhiteside  PowerPointPaula roolz!
 lee  is this chat room a bit slugged down?
 liliclotilde  i luv using ppoint
 Claudia Bellusci  I'm looking forward to learning a lot during our B4
 lee  or is it my computer?
 lauriewhiteside  sound cool Paula
 Cris_Portugal  Can't wait to start!
 Moira  No Lee, it's going really fast
 liliclotilde  yes we can
 paulaemmert  HI KENT!!!
 Claudia Bellusci  B sessionsorry, B4B
 isabel(Brazil)  yes, we can
 susNy  Hello Lee - chat works fine on MY PC today
 CarlaArena  yes, Claudia. I'm also very excited about our session!
 paulaemmert  Hello everyone- it's great to be here!
 VanceS  Lee, who are you in SL?
 lauriewhiteside  good question!
 lee  laurie carson
 Bee  who are you Vance?
 Claudia Bellusci  It seem Gladys is not back yet
 Bee  in SL?
 VanceS  I'm Webhead Link
 Claudia Bellusci  I miss her
 CarlaArena  no, Claudia
 susNy  are people in SL by now?
 CarlaArena  Just you and me.
 CarlaArena  Yeah, I miss the girls.
 Daf  not me, Sus
 paulaemmert  Kent is one of our technical experts!
 karim62  I can see 2 teachers from Morocco Lahcen and Ali Labas ?
 maryanne  How much does SL cost?
 VanceS  Hi Sus, yeah
 Bee  do we have a page with people's second identity?
 lee  im going now
 VanceS  SL is free
 susNy  Sl can be used for free
 An(Argentina)  Claudia and Carla: when is our BfB session?
 lauriewhiteside  glad to hear about alternatives to msoffice
 Claudia Bellusci  Where is Erika?
 Bee  I'm Bee Kerouac
 Moira  Great idea Daf!
 Bee  not difficult
 VanceS  we should set up a wiki for that
 CarlaArena  Bee, I think I've already asked for that SL database...
 VanceS  I'll do that at my SL page
 CarlaArena  It would be great to have it...
 teachrtechr  keynote
 Bee  yes..this would be a good idea Vance
 AndrewP  Andy Pincon, skype id: Alado8
 Claudia Bellusci  An, we are starting tomorrow, asynchronously
 VanceS  Hi ANdy
 An(Argentina)  Ok, thanks
 Moira  Andy here too!
 alicebarr  Keynote is the mac product
 AndrewP  hi Vance
 Claudia Bellusci  You'll get your tasks by mail
 Cris_Portugal  cris.bento (ppt session) if you want me lol
 An(Argentina)  Fine
 CarlaArena  An, our session starts tomorrow. Take a look http://bloggingforbeginners.pbwiki.com
 lauriewhiteside  skype id laurence.whiteside for ppt but no voice
 Moira  Hi Andy, I hadn't seen you - sorry
 liliclotilde  hi andy
 Hala  Vance?
 Hala  O or Enos?
 Moira  Week 4
 Bee  So good to hear you Andy
 An(Argentina)  Thanks, CArla
 jenverschoor  girls your session B4B is already a great success
 CarlaArena  claudia, Erika arrives today, I guess
 Daf  Andy Pincon Speaking from Alado
 Bee  MAC and PC
 Moira  Andy is Guest Speaker in BaW Week 4
 Daf  I mean he is from Alado
 Claudia Bellusci  I think I should be leaving now.
 CarlaArena  Well, Jennifer, we are working hard!!!
 osnacantab  Where are the alternative rooms in chat room?
 Claudia Bellusci  I hope to have my computer in a better way for next chat
 teresadeca  ola, andy! nice to hear you. long time no hear :-)
 Bee  on the right Dennis
 jenverschoor  i know and I know you all always put your best
 VanceS  Hala, did you have a question for me?
 Hala  We love Alado
 Moira  The poll was a great idea Andy
 patriciaglogowski  i am having trouble with my connection
 Claudia Bellusci  Dennis! Is that you!?
 D-Oliver  Hi, Andy. It's wonderful to hear your voice!
 Hala  no,I was calling you to join Skype
 Hala  Thanks Vance
 D-Oliver  Hi, Claudia. Yes!
 Moira  Yes, Daf, I always do that :-)
 Claudia Bellusci  Lots of hugs, Dennis!
 paulaemmert  Hello Laurie- I'm so glad you are here! Took me a minute to get back and respond to you....:D
 elizabeth  I get the impression I said smthg wrong:(
 Claudia Bellusci  Oh, the two Dennises here!
 Moira  Yes, its a VERY interesting video Andy
 D-Oliver  (Dennis Oliver, that is.) Abrazos para ti, también!
 CarlaArena  Dennis and Denos
 VanceS  on the alado page?
 osnacantab  Thanks, Bee, "scroll and look!"
 hihellojlhelloajjkja  hi
 Claudia Bellusci  Double hugs, then!
 Moira  I've even used it with my students :-)
 D-Oliver  :o)
 lauriewhiteside  hi Paula
 Daf  yes, Vance on the Alado page
 Moira  Yes Vance, on the lest
 VanceS  thanks Daf
 Claudia Bellusci  I'm being called to lunch. Bye to all!
 VanceS  and Moira
 Cris_Portugal  byee CLaudia
 paulaemmert  Enjoy Claudia!
 karim62  Congratulations Teresa. I am a fan of your blog from Morocoo
 buthaina  Hello all!!
 Moira  Bye Claudia
 Nina  Bye Claudia! cu soon
 Daf  bye Claudia, thans for coming!
 Claudia Bellusci  It was great meeting you online
 lauriewhiteside  paula - what's your skype id?
 jenverschoor  bye clau
 D-Oliver  Bye, Claudia. Hasta la próxima vez!
 liliclotilde  bye
 Daf  thanks, I meant
 Claudia Bellusci  Bye Chris!
 isabel(Brazil)  bye Claudia.I wish you a wonderful time here in Brazil!
 CarlaArena  Claudia, bye! When are u leaving to rio?
 An(Argentina)  Bye, Claudia
 paulaemmert  paulaemmert
 Claudia Bellusci  Thanks, Paula I will!!!!!
 AndrewP  feedback loop
 Claudia Bellusci  bye, Nina!
 mariairene  Bye Claudia, enjoy your lunch
 Claudia Bellusci  Bye, Jenny! How's your baby?
 Claudia Bellusci  thanks, Maria Irene.
 Moira  Hi Rita!!!!
 AndrewP  if you don't turn off the streaming before going to Skype
 Daf  Buth are you in the skypcast?
 liliclotilde  hi rita
 AndrewP  we hear you rita
 maryanne  What is the URL that Andy mentioned in Alado?
 D-Oliver  Rita! It's great to hear your voice!
 Valentina  wow rita! yes we can hear u
 Moira  Rita speaking now
 nnoakes  yay rita!
 AndrewP  http://www.alado.net/webheads
 CarlaArena  hi, Rita!!!
 Cris_Portugal  Hi Rita!
 buthaina  No, Daf..I'll try to go now
 D-Oliver  Rita: Abrazos!
 AndrewP  this is the url Maryanne
 maryanne  Thanks, Andy
 elizabeth  hi
 Moira  Hi Buth
 Bee  Hi Maryanne
 Daf  yes, do, Buth :-)
 Claudia Bellusci  It was so nice seeing so many familiar faces again!
 Bee  I loved your video
 Nina  I have a lag--You hear Rita already but for me, she hasn't spoken yet
 buthaina  Hay, Moira, good to see you :)
 D-Oliver  Buthaina! Salaam!
 Moira  You too :-)
 buthaina  Ahlain, David..I miss you
 Susan Marandi  Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late. :)
 jenverschoor  who is speaking now?
 Daf  maybe it's the speed of your connection Nina
 Moira  Hi Susan
 mariairene  Rita is
 CarlaArena  Rita, Jennifer
 Valentina  Rita is speaking
 Daf  hi Susan!!!
 buthaina  I'm late too, Susan :(..How are you?
 liliclotilde  ritas speaking
 Susan Marandi  Hi Moira!
 Nina  If I turn off the stream will I hear via skype?
 Valentina  if there is a lag it might be because she is speaking thorugh conference call
 paulaemmert  Hi Dear Susan!! I miss you!
 Susan Marandi  Fine, Buth, thanks. How are things?
 buthaina  Jeff, why I can't hear anything all of a sudden??!!
 GrahamStanley  great summary rita
 carolapointe  Hi there, I happy to be here, though I'm a bit confused...
 Moira  Nina, trun off stream and go into the skypecast
 jenverschoor  Thanks I only heard Argentina because my baby daughter didn't allow me to listen
 D-Oliver  Salaam, Susan.
 Valentina  yes Nina if u r in the skypecast
 Nina  I can hear Rita talking only now
 Nina  that's the problem, skype won't accept my password
 jenverschoor  clau i lived in Brazil many years
 Nina  I am afraid if I turn off the stream I will just miss the whole thing
 liliclotilde  hi ali
 Susan Marandi  Salaam, Dennis! :) Nice to see you again!
 Moira  Hi Ali, we can hear your lovely voice loud and clear
 Valentina  well stay with the stream then
 mariairene  When we have baby daughters or grand daughters doing this kind of activities is difficult
 buthaina  Ok, I hear you now..
 jenverschoor  very difficult but this is so great that i must make my time to learn
 Amy M  Nina, it's not just you. The same thing is happening for me.
 Hala  Hello Ali,Buthaina
 D-Oliver  Likewise, Susan!
 jeff  Buth are you in skypecast?
 Nina  I am glad it isn't only me
 VanceS  Hi Buth
 Valentina  Hi Buth!
 VanceS  yes, skypecasting
 buthaina  No, Jeff..I'm not
 mariairene  We make ourt time but with lots of interruptions
 VanceS  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 buthaina  Hi, Valentina..good to see you :)
 Daf  please, Buth go to Skype or to hte skypecast
 Susan Marandi  I enjoyed reading your kind welcome messages to everyone in BaW, Dennis.
 buthaina  thanks, Vance
 D-Oliver  Ali: What is the URL for your website?
 mariairene  I just sent my grand daughters and my husband to the supermarket
 Hala  hi Susan M
 Moira  lol Maria
 Daf  good idea, Maria Irene ;-)
 CarlaArena  Dennis is amazing!!! I think it's a name matter. The two Dennis here are my great partners and collaborators!!!
 bleiva2003  LoL Mariairene
 Susan Marandi  Hi Hala! Congrats and way to go!
 Hala  Thanks for your message
 D-Oliver  Thanks for the kind words, Susan. I haven't welcomed everyone, but I've welcomed as many as I could manage.
 Nina  I don't think you've missed very many, Dennis
 Susan Marandi  I agree Carla! Every session needs at least one Dennis!
 jenverschoor  I agree with nina
 Hala  I think no has escaped your eyes Dennis
 Nina  Maybe next year we can spread it around
 Moira  You've done an excellent job Dennis!!!
 CarlaArena  true, susan. Nice to see you again!!!
 Nina  have people divide up the alphabet or something
 D-Oliver  I agree about Dennis-Denos, Carla. I don't know about me (no false modesty).
 elizabeth  What is the name of Ali boumoussa's groupe?
 Susan Marandi  Same here, Carla! Good luck with your session!
 D-Oliver  Thanks, Moira.
 Moira  Well, it wasn't planned,Nina, as Tere said, it just 'happened' and really nicely too :D
 Cris_Portugal  I need to go now. Some Moodle work to do!! Looking forward to start the PPt session and it was great to see/chat with you all!! byeee (From another Portuguese Cris ;) )
 Nina  People really appreciate a personal welcome
 CarlaArena  thanks, Susan!
 buthaina  Hala, habibti, Congratulations!! Wishing you all the best, dear!
 paulaemmert  Bye Cris!
 Susan Marandi  Yes, Nina, I agree
 D-Oliver  Até logo, Cristina!
 CarlaArena  tchau, Cris!
 Hessah  Thank you, Ali.
 liliclotilde  xau cristina
 Daf  great, Jeff!!!
 Cris_Portugal  Tchau ;) xxx
 Bee  Meninas...tchauzinho
 jenverschoor  nina also greeted everybody and she's been so helpful
 CarlaArena  that's great, Jeff!
 sueli.busmayer  great idea
 Ali  you're welcome, <hessah
 sueli.busmayer  weekly sessions
 Hala  Shukran Buth,habibti
 D-Oliver  Yes, thank you, Ali. Could we have the URL for your website?
 CarlaArena  tchau, Bee! nos falamos depois.
 Nina  nah, I greeted a few people!
 Susan Marandi  Oh dear, everyone here knows a variety of languages; I feel so illiterate among you people! :(
 Moira  Yes, our Nina in Marylands has been excellent too!!
 karim62  Hi si Ali Now I Know exactly who you are. We met At STTF
 Nina  It's all I can do to keep up with the posts
 Ali  www.study.com
 CarlaArena  Nina is a great collaborator!!!
 nnoakes  a weekly where are we now Jeff?
 Moira  Marylands? I always get confused.
 Nina  blush blush
 Susan Marandi  Thanks, Ali!
 teachrtechr  Maryland?
 cem  thank you Ali
 Nina  Maryland, yes
 Susan Marandi  Hear, hear, Carla
 Ali  our session at EVo is Tipsn'Tricks
 Moira  Nina and I have met up in Paris - wonderfu
 teachrtechr  I'm from Maryland as well.
 Hala  he he
 CarlaArena  Nina, I still have your Peanut Butter webcast to publish!!!
 teachrtechr  well, Maryland and PA.
 Nina  I am in Gaithersburg and work in College Park
 maryanne  I live in Maryland too.
 jenverschoor  don't blush Nina you and Dafne helped me a lot already!!!!
 lauriewhiteside  Moira - let me know next time you're in Paris - I live here
 teachrtechr  Ok, I am up in Cockeysville.
 liliclotilde  please, let us know
 Nina  lucky I didn't hurry with it!
 liliclotilde  :)
 Hala  Buth, add worldbridge to your contact
 D-Oliver  Cat herders?! I love it!
 Moira  Laurie - me too
 nnoakes  we're all cats and cathearders both :)
 Hala  faster to join
 Nina  Cockeysville is much closer than Paris or Taipei
 Daf  I have been busy helping people backstage ;-)
 Nina  but in cyberspace we are all close together
 teachrtechr  LOL, yeah, it is
 Hala  the desert is here
 Susan Marandi  Hi Daf!
 Moira  I work in St Germain des Pr"s and that's where Nina met up with me before going to teach my studentsof architecture!!!
 D-Oliver  Daf: Why does that not surprise me (that you've been helping people backstage)?
 Nina  Well Moira taught her students, I didn't
 Nina  Meeting Moira f2f was a high point of my spring break in Paris
 buthaina  I'm at skype, Jeff
 CarlaArena  I loved your photos, Nina!
 Nina  Now I am eagerly awaiting TESOL Seattle to meet many other webheads f2f, as well as seeing Moira again!
 Daf  Moira's students attended a my students' final oral presentations live online :-)
 Ali  Hi Buth LTNS
 Moira  That's true Nina - I'm also doing backstage help and my typos are coming fast and thick ;-)
 Rita  many of us will be meet there!
 Nina  Which photos Carlinha?
 CarlaArena  In March we'll have our own photos together!!!
 Rita  meeting
 Hala  A Question for Vance
 buthaina  Daf, or anyone , could you pls post the URL of the Sypecast to this window, please
 CarlaArena  Yours with Moira
 lauriewhiteside  Moira - if you live in Paris, have you thought of joining TESOL France?
 Daf  Buth, you find the link at the top of this chat window
 Rita  Moira travels to be in TESOL...;-)
 Susan Marandi  Who's talking at the moment?
 Moira  My students in Paris attended the final oral presentatios of Daf's students in Venezuela and they all loved it.
 CarlaArena  Dafne, I left a message to your students in Vaestro...
 Nina  or...Moira is in TESOL to travel...
 Hala  When you created Becoming a webhead,did you ever imagine it will be sppaning the world like now
 Daf  yes, Carla, I listened to it
 Hala  Vance?
 Daf  thanks a lot
 teachrtechr  Hey Nina, what sorts of things does College Park have online?
 VanceS  hi hala
 Daf  I loved your description of Brasilia
 Susan Marandi  Oh is it, Hala?
 buthaina  Right, Daf, sorry ..it's my cross-eyed :)
 Nina  for ESL nothing that I know of at the moment
 CarlaArena  great! I'll try to take some pictures before traveling...
 nnoakes  use timeanddate.com ... it has short urls at the bottom now too
 Daf  lol, Buth
 teachrtechr  what about for tech ed?
 buthaina  Hi, Ali :)
 Moira  I used to be a member of TESOLFrance but then stopped many years ago as I was disappoited but I am a member of TESOL USA and we're all meeting at the conference in Seattle
 sueli.busmayer  there's a link to skypecast right above the text chat window
 Nina  UMUC has a lot of distance learning
 D-Oliver  Buthaina: Go to the following URL and you'll see the EVO skypecast as the third on the left.
 D-Oliver  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/ongoing
 Daf  yes, we are meeting in SEattle!!!!
 paulaemmert  Moira and Laurie- I will be moving to Brussels this summer so any good advice will be sooo appreciated!
 elizabeth  have I missed eassessment?
 CarlaArena  Moira, I can't wait to meet you all in Seattle!!!
 Nina  There is no TESOL USA, just TESOL (we call it "big TESOL" in my affiliate)
 Bee  Paula
 mariairene  Daf are you going to Seattle?
 buthaina  Ali, what's , LTNS?
 Susan Marandi  Hi Elizabeth!
 Daf  yes, Hyman has spoken already
 D-Oliver  I think I'm going to have to figure out a way to be in Seattle virtually!
 paulaemmert  Yes, Bee? LOL
 Sheilav  Hi Elizabeth
 Bee  I have some friends in Brussels
 Daf  yes, I am going to Seattle
 Rita  we are about 20 meeting in Seattle
 Nina  There should be a way to do that Dennis
 CarlaArena  Jeff, I smell barbecue here!!!
 Bee  I can give you their phone numbers
 Nina  Is anybody at the Red Lion?
 Moira  Nina, for us it's TESOL USA ;-)
 Hessah  Hi Buth :).. nice meeting you
 Aglaia  Guys my skype is Aglaia2007
 mariairene  If I get my visa on time, I'll be there too
 CarlaArena  Rita, it will be great!!!
 paulaemmert  Lovely....I look so forward to meeting you in Seattle!
 Nina  Great!
 Bee  we will meet in Seattle
 Rita  yes, Carla!!!
 paulaemmert  Seattle will be great fun!
 Susan Marandi  Hi Paula
 lauriewhiteside  TESOL [country] is not the same as TESOL Inc
 bleiva2003  I could,
 Moira  us meaning Europeans with tiny TESOL conferences ;-)
 Nina  I can't wait--except that I am not anxious for EVO to go by too quickly
 Hala  Aglaia,would you like to come over to the skype
 paulaemmert  Hi dear Susan! I miss you, my friend!
 mariairene  Mary Pinto
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Hala: you didn't talk about the sweetest sugar of the world.
 Rita  ies, paula, we'll be a big party!
 Moira  Yes, we will all meet in Seattle!!!
 sueli.busmayer  bena1962
 lauriewhiteside  People think if they join one, they automatically join the other but it's not the case
 mariairene  She is also from Venezuela
 Aglaia  Hala, yeah i'd love to just to say hi
 bleiva2003  I am
 Ciara  I need to leave now but thanks for this first taster of EVO - I am overwhelmed and enthused and look forward to Tips and Tricks. Bye.
 Bee  she is
 bleiva2003  How do I get in
 CarlaArena  it will be a fantastic party!!!
 Hala  I will tell a lot in the session
 Bee  pyjama party
 paulaemmert  Bye Ciara! Take care!
 laragr  hi, everybody!
 jennifer  sorry, it's just a mistake, i keep pressing the wrong buttons, please ignore me, sorry
 Susan Marandi  Bye Ciara!
 CarlaArena  Bye, Ciara!
 bleiva2003  It's me. Berta How do I get in?
 Rita  we need to organize sth to get together, all Webheads, one evening!
 Bee  Hi Susan
 Moira  ASK Aglaia for mic
 Ciara  bye all - enjoy the rest of the chat.
 Bee  did not see you coming in
 bleiva2003  How
 Moira  mine is muted so I can't tell you
 bleiva2003  bleiva2003
 An(Argentina)  I'm leaving now. Bye to everubody
 CarlaArena  Bee, I guess we wont'have much time to sleep!!!
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Berta. How are you doing in Canadá?
 Aglaia  Hala and how do i talk in Skype?
 Susan Marandi  Hi Bee! Nice to see you again!
 Moira  Yes
 liliclotilde  hi
 D-Oliver  Berta! It'
 Bee  this is the idea! party all night long
 D-Oliver  It's great to hear your voice!
 paulaemmert  Last year we had a gathering of all the moderators Rita. We can do the same this year if everyone is interested.
 teresadeca  it's great to hear you, berta! :-)
 Bee  Hello Berta
 bleiva2003  Thanks
 Bee  how nice Daf!
 Rita  yes, Paula! who'll organize that?
 bleiva2003  Yes
 maryanne  Nina which session are you moderating to participating in?
 Moira  We're definitely interested Paula :D
 Bee  She must see Patricia in Toronto
 bleiva2003  True
 Bee  Berta
 cathysfiddle  Weekly webcasts seem good to me
 Nina  I am a co-moderator in BaW for Week 4
 CarlaArena  Paula, I promise to send my proposal for the electronic village today!!!
 bleiva2003  I met Patricia at a Conference in November
 Jane  Berta--You sound terrific!
 paulaemmert  Thanks Berta!
 bleiva2003  Thanks Jane
 Moira  No Nina - Week 4 is MT and Chrissan
 paulaemmert  You have a lovely, strong voice!
 Nina  Week 3 then, sorry
 Bee  Berta, Patricia, the co-moderator in Open Webpublishing, lives in Toronto
 cris_costa(Portugal)  HAve to go!
 cris_costa(Portugal)  see you online
 paulaemmert  OK Carla...You have been a bit busy..:)
 Jane  Berta and I had a f2f meeting in Ottawa in November, and we're going to meet again in Toronto next weekend!
 Bee  you should contact her
 Moira  hehe, you always get your weeks missed up ;-)
 cris_costa(Portugal)  beijinhos!
 bleiva2003  Hi Rubena!!!
 liliclotilde  hi bena
 Rita  bye, Cris
 Bee  Hi Jane!
 Moira  Bye Cris
 Aglaia  Hala? I lost you
 D-Oliver  Rubena! How nice it is to hear your voice!
 CarlaArena  A lot paula, but it's the last thing I need to do before traveling!!!
 Susan Marandi  Well, everyone, got to go; I have a terrible schedule these days ...
 bleiva2003  Cant't wait, Jane
 paulaemmert  Rita- would you like to volunteer?
 Moira  Bye Susan
 Jane  Hi Bee! Can't wait to meet you in Seattle
 liliclotilde  cris, um beiinho de uma portuense
 Hala  Jeff , Agalya Ramirez is her skype ID
 Rita  to do what, Paula?
 Hessah  <--skype "alrouli"
 Susan Marandi  Bye for now, Webheads and Webheads to be!
 liliclotilde  :)
 mariairene  I cannot see the icon with the mic on the right hand side
 paulaemmert  I am so excited for you Carla!
 Aglaia  Hala mine is Aglaia2007
 Susan Marandi  Bye Moira! Looking forward to learning with you
 paulaemmert  Rita- to organize a gathering.
 D-Oliver  Khoda hafez, Susan! It was wonderful to make connections here today!
 VanceS  silly question, but how DO you request a mic?
 Bee  lunch time
 Aglaia  Jeff my skype is Aglaia2007
 Nina  no I can't reach it
 VanceS  oh thankS for telling EVERYone
 Jane  Since so many of us who will be in Seattle are here, I would like to suggest we have a Webhead Dinner on the Wednesday after the CALL business meeting. I don't know where though. Any suggestions?
 Rita  ok, shall we organize it together? we couuld open a wiki?
 Susan Marandi  Khoda Hafez, Dennis! I envy you for being able to communicate in so many different languages!
 paulaemmert  Go Jane!!!!
 Moira  Great idea Jane
 Daf  great idea Jane!!!
 paulaemmert  Jane did it last year and it rocked!!
 CarlaArena  Great Jane!
 Nina  I'm on for Wednesday night!
 Bee  we can have a webhead diner and then meet in SL
 CarlaArena  will you be there, Daf?
 D-Oliver  And I envy YOU for being bilingual in Farsi and English!
 Moira  Daf will be there
 mariairene  Now it seems that I'm connected to two skycasts places all related to webheads
 Bee  with people who are not in Seattle
 Rita  great! dinner on Wednesday!
 D-Oliver  And also for being bicultural!
 nnoakes  we are in chat and in SL chatting too!
 paulaemmert  I'll do some research Jane and see what's close by.
 CarlaArena  Fantastic!!!
 Bee  YES!!!
 Bee  hmmmm
 Graham  I think Vance was busy teleporting in his other life
 paulaemmert  We can bring our laptops to dinner Bee.
 mariairene  I'm listening to Dafne talking about Seattle and Vance was telling how to request the mic.
 isabel(Brazil)  lunch time here,Jeff
 Rita  where shall we meet?
 Jane  OK, So I'll ask my Seattle friends for a recommendation for a restaurant and see if I can get a reservation. How many of us do you think will be there? 15? 20? 30?
 paulaemmert  LOL Graham
 Bee  lovely Carla
 maryanne  Nina I'd loke to email yu but couldn't find it on the BAW EVO site.
 Rita  about 20, I guess
 Moira  Paula or Jane is doing some research on that, Rita
 maryanne  I live close to you - in Germantown, Maryland
 buthaina  Daf, Jeff I can see, Etedali, he is my coordinator for one course in the English Unit at Kuwait University. I invited him and so happy he made it..
 Nina  My email is [email protected]
 maryanne  Thanks
 Nina  Really? Where do you teach?
 Nina  Are you a member of WATESOL?
 Daf  great, Buth :-)
 CarlaArena  Bee, you couldn't leave, right?!!!
 Daf  are you going to speak, Buth?
 paulaemmert  hehehe
 Hessah  can I speak on the mic? "skype=alrouli"
 Moira  And Buth?
 buthaina  But I can't see Etedali in this chat room! Where do you chat if you are in the skypecast?
 D-Oliver  Buthaina: Salaam!
 maryanne  I teach online through SUNY at Buffalo (NY).
 Moira  Here Buth
 Daf  we are chatting here, Buth
 paulaemmert  Maryanne- are you going to tesol?
 buthaina  Hi, David ..
 jenverschoor  lunchtime in Argentina I'm so glad to be part of this great community and I wish all Moderators and Co-moderatos all the best
 Nina  Great! Who would have thought?
 maryanne  Unfortunately not this time.
 Hala  Welcome Etedali
 Rita  ok, folks, neet to mett family for lunch, we'll keep in contact!
 D-Oliver  Salaam, Ehsan. It's great to hear your voice!
 Nina  Which EVO session are you signed up for, Maryanne?
 teachrtechr  Wow Maryanne, that's different! I'm looking for the opposite, I want to do my doctorate online. LOL
 paulaemmert  Buth- I was heheing at Vance not you!! Sorry for not making that clear..
 buthaina  Ok, If you have enough tim, Daf, Jeff, I'd like to welcome Etedali and talk a bit about the ESP session
 Hala  Saalam Ehasn
 paulaemmert  This chat is more challenging than usual.
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Daf. I have another silly question. You are talking about a skype number. Where is that number?
 Moira  Bye Rita:D
 Hala  Don't forget to take screenshots,Ehsan
 lauriewhiteside  OK I'm gonna have to go now
 maryanne  I'm participating in Open WebPublishing
 Nina  Ciao, Rita
 Daf  skype number?
 Perry  This was great, thanks everyone, I'm going back to sleep
 Rita  bye, all, meet you in Seattle! ;-)
 paulaemmert  Bye Laurie!
 Moira  Good tip Hala
 Nina  skype ID maybe?
 D-Oliver  Take care, Rita! Nos vemos!
 Daf  mabye the skypecat
 paulaemmert  Talk to you soon!
 Daf  skypecast
 Rita  nos vemos ;-)
 CarlaArena  Rita, nos vemos em Seattle!!!
 Daf  the link is on top of this window
 Daf  if you would like to speak
 Moira  Skypecast
 susNy  Bye Rita - how I wish I could join you people in Seattle, but it is really not possible
 nnoakes  same as Sus :(
 Hala  Buth, I missed your voice
 birgul  Greetings from Istanbul
 isabel(Brazil)  hi
 D-Oliver  Probably not for me, either, Sus—except virtually.
 Daf  Buth has not spoken yet
 birgul  is the chat room for eassessment, guys ?
 Moira  Yes, it's for all sessions Burgul
 birgul  can somebody tell me if the session is still on ?
 Moira  Yes, it's still on
 liliclotilde  yes it works
 Bee  Welcome Elizabeth
 liliclotilde  :)
 D-Oliver  Elizabeth: I'm signed up for two sessions as well. We'll both manage, I think!
 Hala  My question again to Vance: Have you ever thought that webheads will one day be spanning the world like now? Did you one day predict that the tools will facilitate a global interaction like this one?
 elizabeth  I'm always optipmistic!
 Nina  Carla do you mind my being in B4B even though I am not exactly a beginner?
 Ali  Thanks , jeff and all webheads. I have to leave now.
 jeff  thank you
 Moira  Bye Ali
 liliclotilde  c u soon ali
 birgul  hi again,
 liliclotilde  bye :)
 cem  bye Ali
 Ali  Hope to you later. Bye
 elizabeth  This is true this time - I'm off to change my name
 birgul  it seems i am able to listen to the chat session, but i need to learn how to join in thru skypecast
 paulaemmert  You pretty much covered it Daf! Well done!
 joslu  I have to leave now. Nice to meet you all. Congratulations to moderators and organizers. This is great.
 patriciaglogowski  Carla, i am in the B4B too even though I am not a beginner but I would love to know what other people are doing. looking forward to your session
 Moira  Bye Jose
 Eiseldora  what's going on in Seattle?
 Daf  thanks, Jose
 Bee  Paula
 liliclotilde  bye
 Nina  TESOL COnvention
 Daf  the TESOL convention
 Bee  you are requested in the skypecast :-)
 Daf  and a webheads live meeting!!!!
 Jane  Daf, Paul--Just let me know if you'll need help in the EV at TESOL
 mariairene  International TESOL Convention
 paulaemmert  I am but not skype
 mariairene  Yes
 paulaemmert  I will get on
 paulaemmert  give me a minute
 paulaemmert  YES!
 Daf  Paula is coordinating that
 AndrewP  Vance can you address TESOL's plans for webcasting and online e collaboration given that they want to "Brand" some of this for TESOL
 isabel(Brazil)  I also have to leave now.Nice to chat with you all.
 sasasirk  I have to leave now - thanks everybody, see you soon
 Moira  Bye Isabel :-)
 mariairene  Bye Isabel, have a nice afternoon
 elizabethanne  have the eassessment coordinators spoken?
 Nina  Bye, Sasa & Isabel
 Moira  See you in BaW Sasa!
 Daf  yes, Hyman talked
 buthaina  Hi, Elizabeth..
 mariairene  Bye, Sasa
 birgul  who can tell me what i should do with skype to be involved in the skype cast ?
 elizabethanne  oh dear - missed it
 buthaina  Bye, Sasa
 bleiva2003  Patricia, it is great to have people who know about blogging so you can leave comments and help out colleagues who are newbies, right Carla?
 liliclotilde  newbies like me :)
 CarlaArena  Certainly, Berta!!!
 Nina  I will also be happy to help when I can
 paulaemmert  I'm on now if you'd still like me to talk
 buthaina  I'm trying to bring Etedali here to this chat room.
 CarlaArena  I'm sure we'll have lots of collaborators!
 etedali  I am here.
 paulaemmert  sorry
 Moira  yes!
 buthaina  Hay..Welcome, etedali..:)
 Nina  Sounds like the stream is winding down now so I will say goodbye to all, have a lovely afternoon/evening/night and cu soon!
 Moira  Bye Nina
 etedali  Thanks.
 D-Oliver  It's great to hear your voice, Paula!
 etedali  Hey everybody.
 maryanne  Thanks for the chat everyone :D
 D-Oliver  Hey, etedali!
 Moira  Hello Etedali
 liliclotilde  aglaia, can i add u?
 bleiva2003  Bye color twin
 Aglaia  sure
 Aglaia  lili
 liliclotilde  thx
 Nina  Bye, Berta! Talk to you soon!
 Moira  We have echo
 Bee  I am going to have to leave you now...lunch time here
 buthaina  paula, I got the Essential Teacher today, and can't wait to read the review by you at English Club!
 AndrewP  Paula: mute your windows media player
 patriciaglogowski  great!
 Moira  See you Berta
 etedali  It is a great first-time expereince being here.
 Bee  Have a great EVO session
 D-Oliver  Yes, it's wonderful!
 Moira  lol
 AndrewP  bleedng edge distance ed
 buthaina  Andy! How are you doing?
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  Bye Berta. See you later
 Aglaia  LILI is Aglaia2007
 marypinto18  yes I agree with you ... etadali
 AndrewP  I'm doing great how about you Buth
 CarlaArena  Thank YOU, Jeff!!!
 teresadeca  thank you, jeff!! :-)
 AndrewP  still chopping wood and carrying water
 elizabethanne  THANKS:D :D :D
 D-Oliver  I agree with Carla, Jeff: Thank YOU!
 Moira  Thank you all!!!!
 buthaina  :D
 bleiva2003  Thanks all. This was a great experience. See you in the different EVO sessions. Congratulations Daf on an excellent kickoff
 Bee  Thank you Jeff
 Hessah  Thank you all!
 CarlaArena  Thanks, DAF!!!
 Moira  Thanks Daf and Jeff
 Bee  and looking forward to meeting you all
 Graham  thanks everyone
 Bee  in one of the sessions
 teresadeca  bye, everyone! "felicidades" / best of luck to all. the show's in cyberspace :-)
 etedali  The creditgoes to Buth who informed me today.
 D-Oliver  I agree with Berta, Dafne: ¡Felicidades!
 Bee  lol
 paulaemmert  Thanks everyone!!
 liliclotilde  bye teresa, it was nice to meet you
 mariairene  Thank you very much for your help and wonderful kick off
 elizabethanne  bonne continuation!!!!
 Daf  thanks everybody for coming
 Horacio Idárraga Gil  I think it is time for leaving. Thank you so much to Daf, Tere and all. See you later.
 Daf  it was very exciting to meet with you all today
 jennifer  thanks, it was great
 Moira  Bye Horacio
 laragr  yes, see you soon. congratulations.
 marypinto18  Thanks ... Daf and your great team....
 paulaemmert  Graham has the James Bond voice going on!
 Daf  and our great appreciation to our host, Jeff
 Moira  :-)
 paulaemmert  Thank you so much Jeff!
 Moira  This has been a wonderful inauguration, thank you all and let's get going!!
 nelliemuller  Hi Moira
 D-Oliver  Yes, thanks to EVERYONE who made this session a very special one indeed!
 Moira  I thought your voice wasreally tired, Carla!!
 Eiseldora  :)
 Cora  Thanks, Jeff and Daf! Thanks everyone!
 paulaemmert  I need to go but thanks for the wonderful kickoff everyone!
 CarlaArena  Moira, I went to bed at 2 in the morning preparing our session!!!
 teresadeca  bye agai, everyone!
 Graham  Thankyou Jeff for hosting once again
 marypinto18  I have problems with pc... I am very happy to be here... It's wonderful
 Moira  Yes, normally your voice is doing the samba and at first I didn't recognise it ;-)
 D-Oliver  I'm also leaving, but I want to say again that this session has been terrific!
 Moira  Make sure you get your sleep!!
 Daf  thanks guys, you are all great!
 sroseman  Someone told me you gave a tour
 paulaemmert  Bye everyone!
 CarlaArena  yes, Moira...Also, it's because I'm on another computer
 patriciaglogowski  it was very exciting to listen to the kick-off and meeting everyone! thanks, everyone!
 CarlaArena  Thanks, everybody. It was a fantastic Kick off!
 lee  hi jeff
 Daf  thank you, Patricia!
 lee  we are in sl
 Moira  Thank you all and Hi Dave
 lee  I have just met Graham, Nick, and Vance!
 patriciaglogowski  looking forward to meeting you in seattle!
 lee  there
 mariairene  The six weeks we have ahead look very interesting and with plenty of new things to learn
 Moira  Goodbye all!
 Valentina  Thank you Jeff and thank you all moderators
 Moira  Yes, life continues with marking :-(
 mariairene  See you around Dafne, and Jeff thanks a lot for your time and help
 AndrewP  Well I'm going to sign off now and wish all my old Webheads and new BaW '07 students a wonderful experience for this round of BaW
 marypinto18  Goodbye everybody...
 mquiroga  Hello and goodbye from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thank you all for a wonderful kick off session.
 Hala  Bye Moira
 Moira  Thanks Mabel
 CarlaArena  bye to everybody
 Moira  Bye Hala, Mary, Carla and all
 VanceS  is my mic on?
 mquiroga  Thank You!:D
 CarlaArena  See you in Seattle!!!
 birgul  i have managed to join the skypecast but it seems somepeople are talking at the same time
 Moira  See you in Seattle!!!
 Hala  You need it,Dafne
 Daf  yes
 Moira  clap clap clap clap
 Hala  Don't forget to have a big piece of steak with pepper,Dafne
 Daf  ;-)
 Hala  Bye Bye
 cem  Thank you Daf
 dave  :)
 Moira  Hear hear!!
 teachrtechr  Can't wait to start! Great job!
 liliclotilde  bye dafne and im leaving too
 Daf  bye guys
 Moira  Bye Jeff and bye all and bye Vance. I'm leaving now too
 Daf  I would like to say hi to Isabel Perez
 Daf  I had not seen you, Isa
 Daf  nice to see you here
 isaperez  Hi everyone, just arrived 10 minutes ago
 Hala  Hello Isabel
 Daf  Isa is a guest speaker in BaW
 isaperez  I'm impressed by everything
 Jane  I,ll sign off now too--Bye everyone!
 Daf  :-)
 liliclotilde  i think this is fantastic, thanks for the opportunity, i'm loving it!
 liliclotilde  bye
 Moira  Bye all
 lynne.kahatapitiya  couldn't say hello before. so,bye! :)
 Daf  I am leaving. bye!!!
 isaperez  Hala, I have to answer your message tody
 isaperez  today
 jennifer  bye x
 Hala  Right, we are waiting
 jennifer  Hi Isabel
 isaperez  Hi Jennifer
 lynne.kahatapitiya  i lost the audio....is the talk still on?
 birgul  yes, it is still on lynee
 Hala  yes
 beyza  yeah
 D-Oliver  Bye, everyone. CU L8TER.
 birgul  bye oliver
 Hala  Bye Dennis
 Hala  Salam Buth
 lynne.kahatapitiya  ok....i'm a newee...so ....wish me luck
 D-Oliver  Güle-güle!
 Hala  Wish you the best of luck,lynne
 Eiseldora  webcast academy starting?
 birgul  i am no different from you, lynne, no worries
 lynne.kahatapitiya  thanks hala...heard you talking b4
 birgul  just keep listening and click on evo2007 Launch Skypecast Here on top of the page
 Hala  I was so overwhelmed
 birgul  you may easily join in if you have already downloaded skype
 lynne.kahatapitiya  hey, birgui.thanks... i feel less alone....
 Hala  How is everything buth?
 birgul  pleasure, lynne..
 Hala  Tell us a litle about your session,Buth
 Monika  Hi everyone! I'm Monika, from Mar del Plata, Argentina
 birgul  i can hear people speaking at the same time
 Hala  I had it too
 birgul  it makes things a bit complicated though
 Hala  I couldn't log in Jeff
 lynne.kahatapitiya  still can't hear birgui
 Hala  I just add your skype ID to my contacts
 Hala  Buth tell us about your session
 birgul  i am not into tailking yet as i am still figureing out what everyone is talking about
 jeff  skypecast at: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 osnacantab  Vance asked - What is the difficulty with webcasting? Answer: The programs do not always work....on my PC
 buthaina  Oh, I'm logged in now and can post text!
 lee  is anyone chatting?
 osnacantab  Greetings, Buth.
 mariairene  Or sometimes when they work it's late as happened to me with the skypecast
 lynne.kahatapitiya  greetings
 buthaina  Hi, Lee! Yes, you and me are chatting now :)
 buthaina  Hi osnacantab!
 lee  Great.
 lynne.kahatapitiya  birgui. still there?
 lee  Welcome
 Hala  Hi
 lee  Doug.. Hello
 lynne.kahatapitiya  hello everyone.
 DougS  Hi Lee, and everyone
 birgul  hi again and again
 Aglaia  Is the conference still on at Skype?
 greenstuder  Hello everyone!
 birgul  it is more like a discussion now
 buthaina  Hi Doug!
 DougS  Hi Buthaina--great to "see" you
 buthaina  Me too, really glad to see you :)
 Hala  Bye everyone
 lynne.kahatapitiya  birgui. i keep disappearing...bye hala
 Hala  See you all online soon
 buthaina  Hala, take care, and tell us when you start your PhD program
 birgul  lynne, i am waiting to talk now on skype
 Hala  I will for sure
 birgul  things should be clarified
 Hala  Take care
 birgul  why is everyone speaking at the same time ?
 buthaina  thanks, Hala :)
 lynne.kahatapitiya  i'll try again
 birgul  bye hala
 buthaina  Yes, hear you well, Vance
 lynne.kahatapitiya  birgul...talk about beginner...i'm a total wreck...
 Aglaia  Lynne don't worry I had problems too, it's my first time today
 birgul  talk about beginner ?
 Aglaia  Hi Birgul we can make a club of beginners! I am too!
 birgul  i simply dont know what to do next. should i follow the emails only or will we be given assignments or when will we meet, how etc ?
 birgul  good idea
 Aglaia  it's true
 birgul  aglaia, just say how and i am in
 lynne.kahatapitiya  thanks aglaia...it's my first time today birgul and i think everything's in the wrong ports, as it were
 Aglaia  someone here was telling me that from now on it will be on our e-mails but I'd like to be sure
 Aglaia  Bigul, do you have Skype?
 birgul  yes aglaia
 lee  yes they are
 Aglaia  ok, see that on the top there's a link?
 lee  and on worldbridges as well