Cosmo and Friends During the Webcastathon

Download mp3 (21.1MB, 46:14)


Here's the audio of a some fun I had during the Webcast Academy webcastathon earlier this month. I logged on to host a session during the webcastathon and had the good fortune to encounter Calamari and PN, after they skyped into my 'cast and invited me to join them in < a href = "">2nd Life.

It was a blast as we explored "in world" and met some great folks in our travels. Many, many thanks to all my guests, and hope you enjoy the audio of "Cosmo and Friends"

Calamari of PlanetNeutral of Chris2x of Todd of ComZero of, creator of

Join me ("Cosmo Commons") for a great discussion about the 'net, 'casts and 2nd Life--in 2nd Life--during the Webcastathon on May 12/13, 2006 in celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the Worldbridges 'net radio network.