Webcasting Meeting & Class of 1.2 Orientation

Webcast Academy Meeting
for incoming Class of 1.2 interns and graduating 1.1 interns
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Interns, please post an audio introduction to your Webcast Academy Blog
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Next Week - Recording telephony calls and basic audio editing
Meeting Times
Sunday, July 30 4pmGMT
Thursday, Aug. 3 2amGMT

09:29:41 elderbob: I seem to be the only one here?
09:31:20 elderbob: Im here but I am not sure if I am in the right place.
13:57:10 JL: Hello Randy
13:57:18 JL: Skypecast at: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
13:57:33 Randy: hello
14:01:22 JL: Randy have you tried joining the skypecast?
14:01:59 JL: Hello
14:02:08 cantab: Greetings
14:02:19 JL: Skypecast is here https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
14:02:55 cantab: Trying to get to Skype
14:04:08 cantab: Mmm. Link to Skype isn't linking....
14:04:43 JL: try typing skypecasts.skype.com
14:05:24 JL: sign in, click 'on air' tab
14:07:11 alicebarr: Am I in the right place for the WEbcast 1.2 Academy meeting
14:07:17 JL: yes
14:07:25 alicebarr: Thanks
14:07:35 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
14:07:43 cantab: Could you give the Skype addresss again
14:07:55 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
14:11:47 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
14:11:54 Randy: haha...just trying to figure this out
14:12:33 cantab: I'll keep trying, but Mr. Gates is refusing to paste and copy at the moment.
14:12:48 JL: try not to copy and paste
14:12:53 JL: just go to skypecasts.skype.com
14:13:00 JL: sign in, click 'on air'
14:13:01 JL: find us
14:13:03 alicebarr: Me too. I am, at the Skype page and see the worldbridges but now what do I do?
14:13:12 dave: you want to join
14:13:21 dave: ah.
14:13:22 dave: alice
14:13:25 JL: click join this skypecast
14:13:27 dave: have you downloaded skype yet
14:13:54 alicebarr: Yes I have Skype. Not open so will do now
14:14:01 dave: cool
14:14:07 dave: hee hee
14:14:26 dave: once you're on skype
14:14:29 dave: click 'join the skypecast'
14:14:37 dave: and search for webcast academy
14:15:10 alicebarr: Dave I'm sorry I am blind I cannot find the join
14:15:14 dave: k
14:15:20 dave: do you have skype open?
14:15:34 JL: +99001110001277753
14:15:51 alicebarr: yes
14:16:11 dave: can you click 'add contact' and add 'coarsesalt' to your list
14:16:14 dave: (that's me)
14:16:20 dave: we'll troubleshoot
14:16:38 dave: hi lee
14:16:44 lee: hi
14:16:51 lee: do you have askype cast address?
14:16:55 JL: skype:+99001110001277753
14:17:03 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
14:17:39 Randy: still having problems...not sure what is wrong
14:18:41 dave: we'll get to you next randy
14:18:45 dave: just getting alice in now
14:19:13 dave: randy do you have a skype account?
14:19:34 Randy: yup
14:19:48 dave: can you add me to your contact list? 'coarsesalt'
14:19:51 dave: we'll troubleshoot by audio
14:22:48 JL: Hey Graham
14:22:50 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
14:22:52 Graham: hi everyone!
14:23:25 dave: internal mic maybe?
14:29:55 dave: graham! dude. good to hear you.
14:34:53 dave: bad jeff
14:35:45 Graham: great to be here jeff
14:40:25 dave: hey b.
14:41:13 dave: bye all... gotta fly.
14:41:16 alicebarr: Jeff and Dave: I will be back for the 9PM session. THANK you for your help!
14:41:18 dave: talk to you later tonight
14:41:20 dave: ha
14:41:23 dave: yes.
14:41:26 dave: see you then
14:41:42 lee: can u hear me
14:42:02 Graham: I-ve lost audio
14:42:23 elderbob: I can see the chat room, but no Skypecast sound.
14:42:29 Graham: me neither
14:43:18 JL: elderbob, go to https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
14:43:28 JL: we lost Graham and Dave
14:43:32 JL: please rejoin
14:43:32 lee: jeff i do not think i am being heard in skypecast
14:43:59 Graham: I-m back
14:45:59 JL: elderbob, was getting some yucky audio from yo
14:46:01 JL: so muted
14:46:15 JL: please feel free to ask for mic
14:51:25 JL: http://worldbridges.net:8000/admin.cgi
15:05:49 Graham: the skypecast has ended!
20:14:39 elderbob: Im back.
20:17:37 Alex_Ragone: Hello!
20:17:47 cheryloakes: Hi Alex
20:18:20 elderbob: Im just confused....
20:19:58 elderbob: About life.
20:21:01 cheryloakes: i say yes
20:21:24 lee: Yes, I would love to hear them, Dave.
20:21:32 lee: hmmmm
20:22:27 cheryloakes: Hi Lee, it was helpful to read your blog account about webcast academy.
20:24:11 cheryloakes: the screen cast was great.
20:24:31 elderbob: Maybe a learners choice?
20:25:04 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
20:25:13 Alex_Ragone: Hey What about me?
20:27:38 Brad_Hicks: weird got booted from skypecast
20:28:35 JasonR: What was the link to Lee's account?
20:28:52 JasonR: Account about webcast academy...
20:29:07 lee: hi cheryl
20:29:13 lee: thanks!
20:29:23 cheryloakes: Hi Lee
20:29:26 lee: i will get it
20:29:29 lee: hi cheryl!
20:31:00 lee: http://www.webcastacademy.net/node/197
20:31:37 lee: You mean the webcast report?
20:31:48 lee: That is the link for the report
20:32:22 JasonR: ecamm's software seems to have worked okay for me so far... http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/
20:32:34 lee: I was answering Cheryl Jeff! :)
20:32:40 JasonR: I'm on a Mac, anyone else?
20:32:47 lee: yes, I am
20:32:50 cheryloakes: I am on a ci
20:32:59 cheryloakes: I am on a mac
20:33:05 alicebarr: I am on a iMac
20:33:16 dave-on-air: sometimes
20:34:42 JasonR: Bye Dave
20:34:57 lee: Bye Jason
20:34:59 elderbob: I am sorry, but I missed the part about where this list is.
20:35:11 lee: oh..
20:35:12 JasonR: Just found how to post the Webcast Report
20:35:16 lee: bye dave
20:35:23 JL: http://www.webcastacademy.net/class_of_1.2_orientation
20:35:47 lee: ah ha
20:35:49 lee: well.
20:35:59 lee: actually I just figured that out
20:36:46 lee: You may open nicecast and skype initially
20:37:24 cheryloakes: lost my connection
20:37:27 lee: you have to make sure you check your advanced feature in the effects box...
20:37:42 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
20:38:00 cheryloakes: thanks
20:39:27 lee: I will make anew nicecast video tutorial in the next day or two..to include all the minute details of broadcasting with nicecast, mac, and skype!
20:39:51 lee: not to worry!!
20:40:11 elderbob: Is there a wiki for the academy?
20:41:26 elderbob: Lee will do advance audio editing.
20:41:46 lee: Yes..that is fine!
20:41:55 elderbob: Ill be glad to help out on it.
20:42:15 elderbob: Ok.
20:42:29 lee: yes.. soon to be released
20:42:42 lee: should be done by tuesday
20:43:00 JasonR: There was also a recent MacBreak video podcast on nicecast, Macbreak #11... http://www.macbreak.com/
20:43:59 lee: great jason
20:44:19 JasonR: Timidly raises hand to host Topic#4, "Post-production and advanced audio editing"
20:46:08 JasonR: Yuppers
20:46:13 JasonR: Thanks, JL
20:46:27 alicebarr: Yes thanks!
20:46:47 cheryloakes: back
20:47:04 JL: http://www.webcastacademy.net/node/172
20:47:10 cheryloakes: ye,s I second this thank you
20:47:23 cheryloakes: just listening to the stream and in chat
20:48:40 cheryloakes: I like 2 sessions per topic
20:48:50 alicebarr: I do too
20:48:53 elderbob: The two would take some burden off the rest of us, who have other things in our lives as well.
20:49:17 elderbob: If you miss one, you can catch the second one.
20:49:45 elderbob: It's only 9:00 PM for me now....
20:50:16 alicebarr: I like this time
20:50:28 Paul_Ellerman: I think I can do this time...
20:50:28 elderbob: And did I understand that all of these sessions will be podcast?
20:50:31 JasonR: Buy more servers :)
20:50:45 cheryloakes: I like this time too
20:50:51 elderbob: Or burn the podcast to CD to be able to listen to it on my car.
20:50:52 alicebarr: But I like the idea of having 2 sessions so as many people as possible can participate
20:51:24 cheryloakes: I like that too, Alice, and it is summer for us in NAmerica so I am more flexible.
20:51:59 alicebarr: me too
20:52:08 elderbob: But lots of time I need recorded reminders in addition to live help.
20:52:29 elderbob: Remember, I am old, and it takes me many attempts to finally get it.
20:52:43 alicebarr: I like this idea of being able to hear the session again
20:53:43 JasonR: Felt that way about the library tour of SL...anxiety about recording. Glad Snapz worked.
20:54:16 arvind_grover: so sorry i am late guys!
20:54:17 JasonR: How do we all become Skype buddies with each other?
20:54:22 JasonR: Post IDs?
20:54:29 JasonR: Skype me: cephalopodcast
20:54:38 alicebarr: Forums but there should be a regular meeting time
20:54:38 elderbob: elderbob ....here.
20:54:45 DS: dougsymington
20:55:09 cheryloakes: cheryloakes is my skype
20:55:18 JL: worldbridges
20:55:26 arvind_grover: and become friends on http://elgg.educationbridges.net
20:55:27 JasonR: Maybe we include them in our profiles
20:55:28 Lee: skype....lbaber
20:55:29 elderbob: Could we post a list of Skype IDS somewhere, so those that dont yet have them can get them out to all of us.
20:55:40 arvind_grover: and post Skype ID's on the Elgg site
20:55:51 Lee: well... how bout the google calender for times you will be testing
20:56:01 cheryloakes: good arvind, to post in elgg, it is looking good
20:56:34 JasonR: So what's next?
20:56:53 cheryloakes: dave thornburg
20:57:11 elderbob: Do we know when we meet again?
20:57:14 arvind_grover: http://www.k12opensource.com/ is where they will be interviewing David Thornburg
20:57:19 arvind_grover: Steve Hargadon
20:57:37 cheryloakes: When will we meet next?
20:57:38 elderbob: Same time as todays?
20:57:41 JasonR: Saturday or Sunday nights work for me
20:58:01 arvind_grover: I said PC on my app but I could do Mac or PC. What do you recommend?
20:58:10 JasonR: Mac :)
20:58:23 arvind_grover: I heard it is a little flaky :)
20:58:27 arvind_grover: on Mac that is...
20:58:41 elderbob: Yes.
20:58:41 JasonR: Sorry, that was noise...PC has a lot to recommend for webcasting
20:59:01 cheryloakes: yes to newsletter
20:59:12 JasonR: Plays nice with Windows Media and RealPlayer formats
20:59:18 alicebarr: yes Monday night
21:00:12 arvind_grover: double sunday not so good
21:00:22 arvind_grover: one sunday then another day better for me
21:00:29 cheryloakes: Mon. nite is good
21:00:48 elderbob: No matter what time you set, one way or another, it will be a problem for all of us on some date.
21:00:55 cheryloakes: one day afternoon, one nite a different day?
21:01:46 JasonR: Can we do a poll on the sidebar of Webcast Academy website?
21:01:58 JL: good idea
21:03:14 elderbob: Post it and they will come.
21:03:37 JasonR: Sundays-ish sounds popular
21:03:49 JasonR: Cool
21:04:05 JasonR: Said we would have flying cars too
21:04:12 alicebarr: What was the Thurday?
21:04:34 alicebarr: Tahnsk!
21:05:23 Brad_Hicks: what's happening with CMS?
21:05:28 JasonR: Skype N00b question...how do I make friends/buddies out of you all?
21:05:28 elderbob: and there will be another newsletter before then?
21:05:46 Jseal: Good question re: CMS?
21:05:51 cheryloakes: Jason look for me cheryloakes in skype
21:06:04 Lee: Paul, folks can im the 1.1 interns
21:06:18 Lee: to help catch up if needed!
21:06:34 cheryloakes: thanks for this
21:06:35 elderbob: What a seque.
21:06:44 Paul_Ellerman: Ok. I guess i better get an Im installed... refomratted and just never got around to it again...
21:06:50 alicebarr: Thanks
21:06:51 cheryloakes: bye
21:06:55 Paul_Ellerman: bye
21:06:56 elderbob: So it still has not started.
21:07:42 Brad_Hicks: I did it the other week no problems on bluehost- when did that change
21:07:45 Brad_Hicks: Jeff?
21:08:42 Jseal: Any good recomendations for a hosting for the drupal?
21:09:10 elderbob: Fantasticos comment was that they wont carry any application that does not have the bugs out.
21:09:25 elderbob: I did not know they had dropped it...becuase I set mine up from Fantastico.
21:10:57 JasonR: brb
21:12:18 JL: If anyone's interested in joining, skypecast is at https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
21:12:49 JasonR: Sorry...so where/how do I begin with drupal?
21:13:03 DS: drupal.org
21:13:16 arvind_grover: wordpress is much simpler in my opinion, a simple blog software (for 1 blog) that allows multiple bloggers
21:13:20 arvind_grover: drupal is much more powerful
21:13:26 elderbob: Its a really hard question. I have Wordpress, Typepad, Joomla, Drupal...Moodle....I think it is a matter of personal choice.
21:13:34 arvind_grover: but drupal is more complicated as a result
21:13:43 elderbob: Frankly, I like Joomla better than Drupal.
21:15:29 Jseal: Thanks
21:15:33 arvind_grover: i still have drupal on my fantastico on http://site5.com (my host)
21:15:35 Jseal: hello
21:16:38 arvind_grover: how do i join the skypecast?
21:16:45 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
21:17:19 Jseal: That's what I've read
21:17:38 Lee: Hello Arvind
21:17:52 Lee: alex
21:18:45 arvind_grover: hi lee
21:19:13 Jseal: My wife is also a library director with a very static web 1.0 website that she wants updated.
21:21:12 elderbob: I think the Security issues will come up in communication from the applications....sign up for their newletters and they will usually make you aware of it.
21:21:57 elderbob: Get their newsletters.....Security would be a really good topic for the CMS acadamy.
21:22:35 arvind_grover: security is challenging with the web and with open source. there are always concerns. not as much with certain environments though. i.e. don't keep credit card numbers in your drupal site!
21:22:41 Brad_Hicks: issues based on your knowledgse ofe ttin g up too Jeff
21:22:52 Brad_Hicks: setting up*
21:22:53 elderbob: Just getting in there and Trying it on....thats the best way to learn it.
21:22:59 JasonR: That's it for me...drupal.org is overwhelming. Imagine it will be like playing with Wordpress. Don't need to know PHP to start taking baby steps.
21:23:07 elderbob: You can always delete or unpublish what doesnt work....
21:23:10 Brad_Hicks: yep
21:23:44 Jseal: I'm also a very beginner and get overwhelmed
21:24:12 Jseal: should we get sites set up before the end of registration?
21:24:15 elderbob: I just looked at my server host, and Fantastico still carries Drupal.
21:24:17 Lee: yes
21:24:48 elderbob: They are all essentially the same....
21:25:11 elderbob: The terms vary...and there is a lot of dicussion about standardizinng the terminology.
21:25:18 Brad_Hicks: I'm starting to try and use it
21:25:21 elderbob: Yea, what he isays about taxonomy.
21:25:21 Lee: hear hear
21:26:25 DS: comes back to the notion of "recipe" -- what Arvind was saying about taxonomy
21:26:36 DS: and how it can be used
21:27:06 elderbob: Elgg says the next version will have a much improved UI.
21:27:34 arvind_grover: i like it, i thikn it has room to grow (elgg)
21:28:37 Lee: i agree arvind
21:28:41 elderbob: My ears are growing bleary, and since my time is really flexible, I will let you all post the time somewhere, and I'll be there with Drupals on my toes.
21:28:49 Lee: i am using it for my classes...started last yeaer
21:28:51 elderbob: I am now bailing out of here.
21:29:02 Lee: bye bob!
21:29:04 arvind_grover: goodnight elderbob
21:29:05 arvind_grover: see you around
21:29:07 Lee: Thanks
21:29:12 elderbob: Nice to meet you all and I looke forward to hearing much more from you all in the future.
21:29:14 elderbob: night.
21:29:29 Lee: but am glad to have other elggers to learn to use it
21:29:47 elderbob: and if it matters, I already have a drupals set up.
21:29:54 DS: thanks everyone for a wonderful discussion
21:30:20 Jseal: Thank you as well from me
21:30:43 Lee: Just a big Thank YOu
21:30:53 Brad_Hicks: Thanks Jeff
21:31:01 Lee: I feel challenged to finish, start, and continue
21:31:04 DS: thanks Jeff
21:31:05 JasonR: Goodnight
21:31:07 Jseal: goodnight
21:31:08 arvind_grover: goodinght all
21:31:09 Lee: everything!
21:31:09 DS: goodnight all
21:31:41 Lee: night
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The screencast looooooks good! And very informative. I now have the extension on my computer as well as BBEdit which is a great mac text editing tool. Thanks!