Class of 1.2, Workshops#1A & 1B - Two way Telephony Recording

Class of 1.2, Workshop#1b
August 2, 2006
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Class of 1.2, Workshop#1a
July 30, 2006
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10:21:47 elderbob: So, am I th only one in the chat room.
10:22:34 elderbob: Woops, I am early.
10:37:27 elderbob: So I will just hang out here and clean my finger nails.
10:58:38 elderbob: Where'd ya go Jeff.
11:00:22 adaptives: Hello Everyone
11:00:38 Paul_Ellerman: Hello Everyone!
11:00:47 Paul_Ellerman: Skype cast?
11:03:20 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone
11:03:23 SusanEttenheim: brb
11:03:55 JL:
11:06:10 JL: skypecast at:
11:06:11 cheryloakes: The screencasts have been great!
11:06:11 elderbob: Hello all.
11:06:52 Dennis: Hi, all. I can't click on Skype URL.
11:06:52 JL: Hello all, Please join skypecast at:
11:07:03 adaptives: Hey guys... will join in on the SkypeCast shortly. I have forgotten my Skype password :-)
11:07:21 Paul_Ellerman: free screen capture tool
11:07:21 elderbob: I am on two computers.
11:07:25 Paul_Ellerman: open source
11:07:30 elderbob: I feel like a split personality.
11:07:45 JL: +99001110003107135
11:09:15 adaptives: That will be great :-)
11:09:46 kiralyfi: Number for Skypecast?
11:09:52 carlaarena: sorry, i can´t access skype here...I´m in my in-laws today, so I´ll just listen to you!
11:09:52 JL: skype:+99001110003107135
11:09:58 JL:
11:10:54 carlaarena: we don´t have usb mics here in brazil!!!
11:11:14 carlaarena: we´ll IMPORT one!
11:11:25 erikacruvinel: I don't have usb mic. Is it ok to skypecast?
11:11:32 JL: yes
11:11:43 JL: please
11:11:52 erikacruvinel: Ok, I'll try.
11:12:35 cheryloakes: whew, finally all skyped in, so I am bck to chat.
11:13:05 cheryloakes: Hi Carla, Erika
11:13:15 erikacruvinel: Hi Cheryl
11:13:21 carlaarena: hi, cheryl
11:13:23 cheryloakes: hi Dennis, Elderbob, Paul, susan
11:13:28 carlaarena: nice to see you around
11:13:33 Paul_Ellerman: Helloe everyone
11:16:06 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone
11:16:45 SusanEttenheim: how do you spell your name?
11:16:52 SusanEttenheim: the person in India
11:16:56 adaptives: Parag
11:19:55 lee: brb
11:20:20 SusanEttenheim: right so does download matter in broadcasting?
11:20:36 SusanEttenheim: and is there a way to actually track what we're getting when we're live?
11:20:53 SusanEttenheim: hi Parag - is your user adaptives?
11:21:20 adaptives: Yes Susan... My username is adaptives...
11:21:33 adaptives: Sorry for the confusion :-)
11:22:19 SusanEttenheim: great! at the risk of sounding very north american, I'm very excited that someone from India is here working with us for lots of positive experiences that I've had over time!
11:22:59 adaptives: Thanks Susan, very excited myself...
11:23:54 JL:
11:25:08 kiralyfi: Lee, thanks for the Skypecast!
11:25:52 Denn: Hope being in Chat does not interfere with being in Skypecast at the same time.
11:26:10 SusanEttenheim: not at all from my experience Denn
11:26:16 kiralyfi: Oops, I mean the screencast
11:26:17 SusanEttenheim: what platform are you on?
11:27:17 Denn: Denn is DENNIS. Bad typing!
11:28:01 JL:
11:28:25 erikacruvinel: I think I got there...
11:29:39 adaptives: Jeff, I have not been able to get a USB mike, but I tested my system with a regular mike and Audacity. It works kind of decent, though I do not have a reference for comparing the quality with a USB mike.
11:34:02 Paul_Ellerman:
11:35:15 adaptives: I've got SoundMAX integrated digital audio
11:36:57 Denn: I'm in CAHTROOM. Just for information - WHERE does one ask for the micro?
11:37:32 cheryloakes: Denn y ou have to be in the skypcast to ask for the mic.
11:37:46 Denn: I am!
11:38:24 cheryloakes: I don't see you, at the top of the list of names there is a button to ask for mic
11:38:35 cheryloakes: do you see that?
11:39:25 kiralyfi: I don't see the button on my Mac
11:39:45 cheryloakes: what version of skype are you?
11:39:48 SusanEttenheim: aww elderbob let us all come cheer you on!
11:40:07 Paul_Ellerman: I don<t see the button either
11:40:15 kiralyfi:
11:40:36 SusanEttenheim: kiralyfi - the button is in the skypecast window - are you there?
11:40:55 kiralyfi: Yes
11:41:04 Paul_Ellerman: I have version 2.0.
11:41:07 Denn: 2.50.72, Cheryl
11:41:09 cheryloakes: I am in skype beta and in Safari browser
11:41:20 cheryloakes: skype beta for Mac
11:41:41 kiralyfi: I will look for a later version!
11:41:52 Denn: I'm Beta, too - and definitely in there. That the source of my sound.
11:41:59 cheryloakes: good luck you will be happier if yo uare using OS x tiger
11:42:12 Paul_Ellerman: I guess i need to update mine also...
11:42:32 kiralyfi: Tiger 10.4.7
11:42:42 SusanEttenheim: lol
11:43:40 cheryloakes: lol 10.4.7
11:45:13 kiralyfi: Paul, how did you send your contact info through Skype?
11:46:44 adaptives: I teach...
11:47:15 cheryloakes: my school begins after labor day
11:47:49 adaptives: at the moment to companies...
11:48:37 SusanEttenheim: adaptives- how does the school year work there? for instance for 14-16 yr old students?
11:48:40 JL: sorry folks
11:48:52 JL: I got booted out of the skypecast and it has expired, so I cannot rejoin
11:49:12 adaptives: For 14-16 years, the academic year begins in June and ends in April
11:50:11 JL: Do we want to break and recongregate or move to a new skypecast and continue... or stay where you are and I can focus on my coffee drinking
11:50:12 adaptives: It's that way in most educational institutes... but some have more recently started accepting admissions in Jan also... but these are usually autonomous engg. colleges.
11:50:15 SusanEttenheim: shall we create a new one and all move over?
11:50:20 JL: done
11:50:28 JL:
11:50:37 JL: +99001110009978647
11:53:16 adaptives: Should we log of the old SkypeCast?
11:53:45 JL: yes
11:54:58 JL: hello Erika - new skypecast skype:+99001110009978647
11:56:16 kiralyfi: I seem to have been logged out of the Skypecast -- but, hey, this was a great experience! My appetite has definitely been whet!
11:57:18 JL: new skypecast is at:
12:01:32 adaptives: I have a question on using disparate tools instead of one tool...
12:01:44 adaptives: for education...
12:02:48 erikacruvinel: Cheryl mentioned the instant messages in our class page...
12:03:38 erikacruvinel: Yesterday, I could see her online and I got her message at the top of our blog page, but I was not sure how it worked.
12:03:41 Paul_Ellerman: erika if you look to the left side of the screen
12:03:54 Paul_Ellerman: under who's on;line
12:04:16 erikacruvinel: Yes, I can see that.
12:07:19 Randy: I must go. Thank you everyone for an informative session.
12:10:56 JL:
12:11:28 erikacruvinel: Bye evreyone! Thanks!
12:12:22 Paul_Ellerman: Interesting... if you the instant message while you have the chat room open, it kicks you out fo the chat room (or at least for me it does)
12:14:07 cheryloakes: s you all later on, thanks for the information.
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