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Open Web Publishing Week 1 Webcast with Clarence Fisher

On Saturday (January 20th) the Open Web Publishing EVO2007 session held a synchronous session with special guest speaker Clarence Fisher.

The Absolutely Intercultural session

This was my first live show. It was short and I had responsibility for very little but still I had problems concentrating even though I have quite a bit of experience hosting live online multimedia meetings. A huge thank you to Jeff for seeing to the webcast hosting, streaming and recording. What was there left to do? Hosting and keeping an eye on the chat. I discovered that all my attention was centred on the hosting and I missed most of the chat as a result.

Skype was not optimal but the recording is usable (which is one of my main goals). Have a little question about how I download Jeff's audio file. It behaves differently on different computers and here at work it opened in in Windows media player and I was able to go to files and 'save as' but then got only the first ten minutes?? When I tried save as again I was horrified to find 3 Gb waiting to be downloaded so stopped the second attempt. (The first attempt had told me the file was about 37Mb which seemed reasonable).

I listened in on the Women of Web 2.0 Webcast

Last Tuesday while I was staying in downtown Atlanta for the GaETC I listened in on and chatted with the WOW 2.0 women, cheryl, sharon, Jen and Vicki. The next day we tried to meet up but in a sea of 2000 it's hard to find someone you've never met. Coincidently, later that evening while relaxing and getting a bite to eat I found them (except Cheryl in ME) sitting right next to me! They fueled my fire and I'm now recruiting people for a webcast. I plan to do mine in January. This will give me time to collect the people, train them if need be and prepare an outline for the topic (TBD).

Audacity Controlling my Sound Control Panel...

Audio Recording Control

Hi --- I was webcasting last week through an pa system -- so I was going directly into my soundcard via a 1/8 inch audio cable from the mixing board. I selected the Stereo Mix Audio Recording Control and put the volume up and was not getting any input from my sound card to Simplecast or Audacity. I panicked, restarted Simplecast, checked my audio settings -- nothing seemed to work. So I closed and opened Audacity, and then I saw that the microphone was selected in the audio input in Audacity. I changed that to Audio Mix and that fixed the problem.

Audio Input Selector in Audacity

So what does this all mean? I think that Audacity may take over some of your Audio settings on your computers, so checking the settings there before you start streaming is important. I hope that this helps some of you.

- Alex

Glitch in Audio Posting

Hello All,

    Very much enjoying the audio introductions. Just want to let you konw that I'm aware of the glitch that is leading to double posting of most introductions. Looking in to it know - should have it sorted out soon. In the meantime, please do take a look at the ID3 Tags screencast - noticing a lot of untagged audio.

Compression - What's the Big Squeeze?

Here is a little audio I created to help explain the use of a compressor in audio editing.

Class of 1.3 Open House

Webcast Academy Open House
Information about the Upcoming Class of 1.3

October 15, 2006

Download mp3 

Conference webcast discussion - last call for interested participants

Brad Hicks and Paul Reid will be webcasting for the Educational Computing Association of Western Australia's (ECAWA) state conference on Monday the 6th of November. The topic for the webcast will be 'What is the current state of ICT's in education and what can we predict for the future?' The webcast will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. West Australian time (GMT + 8).

We would like to have a number of overseas participants join us for this webcast. We believe that international participants will add to the scope of the discussion and also demonstrate the power of webcasting as a forum for collaborative discussion. If you are able to join us for this discussion I would appreciate confirmation of your participation by e-mailing Brad at

Please refer to the attached document for a rough outline of some of the issues that might be discussed during this webcast. The support of the webcasting community would be greatly appreciated. Coversion for local times can be found here

Self motivated learning

In a recent post, Leigh Blackall talks about the decentralization of education. He shows a vision where learning is freely available to all through the best teachers on the Internet.

This can be made possible if teachers loosen their coupling with institutions and create an independant prescence on the web. Each teacher shares her research interests, and findings with everyone over her blog, podcasts and the like. Teachers also build communities of learning on their website. Learning is promoted by conversations; synchronous and asynchronous. By giving assignments and publishing micro-contents that explain various concepts in the form of text, audio, video.

Levelator does work

In a recent post I described my experiment with live online training.

Anyone who has tried recording both ends of an audio conversation would know that the voice of the person on machine the recrding is being done gets recorded significantly louder than the other participants. Leveling this difference is a manual process where we normalize and amplify certain sections in Audacity.

A new tool called Levelator automates this process. You give it a WAV file, and it gives back a leveled WAV file. It does work and pretty well too.

The best part is: it's free for non commercial use.

The software is available at

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