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Maquina 501 #2 El Mariachi Desde Jalisco su Tierra Natal

Spanish Programing from Guadalajara, Mexico.  MAQUINA 501

WEBCASTERS: Alan Acevedo, Issac Gonzalez, Juan Bosco. Apoyando produccion Jose Rodriguez. 



Origenes del Mariachi

Grandes exponentes

Acerca del Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi en Jalsico

Mariachis en el mundo


(Fragmentos de música popular de mariachi entre cada bloque)


Maquina 501 #1 La Revolucion Mexicana; Musica Y Cultura

Spanish Programing bringing the Culture and Music of Mexico. Maquina 501


La Revolución y su historia como se ve y se siente desde el pueblo.

Participantes de la Revolución.

Corridos Revolucionarios

Francisco Villa

Emiliano Zapata

Cine de la Revolución

Historias y mitos del pueblo en la revolución

Socio economía después de la Revolución

Audio of planning meeting for It's Elementary

This is an audio recording of the planning session we had on It's Elementary. This will give you an idea of what you need to talk out before the show. This is a link to the version of the planning wiki page the discussion was based on:

Streaming Flashmeeting

Durff rejoins the webcaster universe

Susan generously gave off her time to help me and then Jose joined us too. I grudgingly accepted his advice. The result is posted here.  

Mac Webcasting Group

Hello Everyone!

Worldbridges PodcampNYC Webcast Part 1

Part one of our coverage from PodcampNYC. Recorded during a live webcast on April 7, 2007.
This portion includes discussions with:

The 100th Day Celebrations this past week in 1st grade!

A podcast by 1st graders describing how they celebrated the 100th day.

Audio Test

this is an audio test

Lifelong Member of Webcast Academy

I still have not gotten to the place where I can use Audacity to record both ends of a Skype conversation. But I did not want our Puffin Adverture to go un-recorded. So I gathered all 103 third grade students in the media center, dialed up Susan of Project Puffin and left the rest to the kids. I used a Belkin microphone attached to my iPod and edited the file with Audacity. It is far from perfect - but learning was done by all! Dumb me forgot to hit the record button on the iPod for the intro - duh!
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