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Intern Assignments

Introductions, Experiments Recordings, Comments, & Feedback

Justine, a Brazilian Leading a Team in India

I gave a complete overview of the Interview on my personal blog  

Hope you enjoy listening a talk on cultural differences in the business world.



cut and paste 3rd time

Let's see if this works.

Susan with Cheryl

This is a recording of a Skype call that I recorded with Cheryl Lykowski. It was recorded with Call Recorder and edited in Audacity.

cut and paste 2-way phone calls

well, I haven't completely managed to record a two-way discussion; however, I have recorded each way separately. In addition, I've been playing around with audacity, so there is some profit, even if I haven't quite managed it properly. 

I've recorded my 1st try with mrsdurff , which unfortunalely didn't record me (but there is proof that I was there!) Then I tried the skype lady, who actually let me do both, then I had a wonderful talk with Carla, but only got myself recorded.

Next time I bet I'll manage!!!!

"The Magic is really Collaboration!"

Yesterday it was the day.

We did it! YES! :-)

Here is the recording of  my very first recording of a skype conversation using audacity. What a great feeling of achievement. What a great joy. And all thanks to my dear friends Carla and Dennis.

You are the best!

We are now ready for the next step. Llike Carla said. let's stream! :-)

Thank you all.

Telephony Recording

I am still new at PowerGramo and just kind of using it without reading the directions first. It seems to automatically record a skype call, except for the time I was actually planning on using that recording for the assignment...hmmm. This is a short call to my mom to try to explain what I am doing with the webcast academy. I tried to edit some in Audacity, but found it very dificult to do when 2 people are talking at once! Practice, practice, practice!

Durff's Telephony Envy

Everyone is doing such a wondeful job recording their telephone calls that I got to wondering, could I do that way too? So to prove it to myself, I did. I am calling Dani, a friend in PA. You will hear me ask about Sharon at the end. She is Laura's sister, with whom Dani & I previously worked. Her sister is in a coma at JHU with a 1% chance of survival. 

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