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Intern Assignments

Introductions, Experiments Recordings, Comments, & Feedback

Telephony Recording

A very boring recording. A good example of someone (me) not putting her mic in the right place to avoid breathing sounds. I'm sure Jeff will cover this topic (I am a prime offender) in a later lesson.

nzchrissy's Introduction

What an amazing first session with Cheryl, Susan and Jeff. I don't think I've ever had so many windows open at once and the chatroom was just humming!  So many awesome connections made today. 

I hope I've uploaded my introduction correctly!



Hi everyone! I am Cheryl Lykowski from Michigan. I am an elementary school teacher and I am working on my Master's degree. I begin my thesis research this August in International Collaboration. I am excited to be a part of this internship and I cannot wait to start connecting, collaborating, and learning!

Assignments (so I can find them)

Tentative Curriculum Topic#1 Recording telephony calls and basic audio editing Topic#2 Basic Streaming Topic#3 Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills Topic#4 Post-production and advanced audio editing Topic#5 Different webcast environments and telephony programs (i.e. Second Life, Paltalk, Gizmo) Finals Week Relay May 18

In which Vance achieves Eureka moment in recording both sides of a Skype conversation

This recording captures the aha moment in when Vance managed to get Audacity to record both sides of a Skype conversation, with the help of Jeff and Graham. Graham, Vance, and Jeff then go on to talk about controlling audio levels through the various applications running, and then recap settings in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel, in Windows Volume Control, and in the applications Audacity, Virtual Audio Cables, and Skype, in the hopes that this verbal description might help others who are similarly stuck as I was - Vance

The lonely Skypecast

The was perhaps the loneliest and quietest hour I have ever spent! Thank you to the one brave soul who showed up to talk a bit. And GStanley, get better! I assume that no one wants that great vastness of silence to be uploaded, you will only hear me typing as I answered my email. Well, one good thing, a kid I thought would never do his homework, just wrote a blog entry (homework) - I sit amazed! What is my next step towards webcasting with kids?

Chris Craft's 1 minute phone conversation

This is a recording of a skype conference call I hosted and recorded. I just randomly chopped out around 2 minutes. Audio quality is good, fairly even, but since we were all over the world, sometimes the Internet connections caused a blip.

2nd phone call Barbara Green-Studer

This recording is more balanced than the first I posted here, where my partner is heard much louder than my own input. Here I called a regular phone from my skype account and increased the level of my USB Logitech mic to about 80%.


Hello everybody! I just wanted to share with you my experience today! I'm so happy to have found people so patient who indicated me what to do and why, thank you to all of them!


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