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Intern Assignments

Introductions, Experiments Recordings, Comments, & Feedback

Recording Two Way Audio

Robin Ellis and I (Jose Rodriguez) spent a few minutes trouble shooting how to record two way audio using Audio Repeater and Audacity.  I go through the settings on a PC.  Have a listen as everything clicks into place!  

Skype Recording Cheryl Lykowski updated

Let's try this again.

A little encouragement

I made a little announcement. If I am in my account and I click onto create content, then select audio, I can type a short message, then go on to add my audio message. This way you can see the automatic flash player!

Cheryl Lykowski Skype recording conference call

This is a Skype conference call between myself, Cheryl Oakes, Robin Ellis, and Durff!

Smooth Ride

 Recording a telephony call  using PowerGramo and Skype.  More details in my blog post.
Thanks Jason - you're an awesome partner!  And I'll let you have the vegemite! 

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - Best

Okay, I ran this through a great program called Levelator. This evens out volume levels. I think you can hear the difference.

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - Better

Okay, when you have audio like on my last file, you try to locate the source, so I asked someone else if they would chat with me in Skype so I could record it. Sharon Peters pitched in. Still you can hear some significant volume issues. The weird background noise is gone though.

This is done in Audacity on a PC. 

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - AWFUL!

Kids, don't try this at home! Lisa Parisi has been having significant audio issues, so when we went to record, this is what I got...

Maria Knee's Telephony Victory!

Thank you Lee Baber for posting info in the forum (38 weeks ago) the screencast for setting up Nicecast for the Mac.

I had one minor issue with the mic settings but then I was "Good to Go."


This is a short recording I made with Lisa Durff. Thank you Lisa. As always, you are so supportive.



CarlaArena_Recording a Telephony Call - All about Brigadeiros

Dear all,

This time is full of WooHoo moments! Today I had a great time recording a skype call with Erika. I checked my settings before, opened the volume control, opened audacity and then the Audio Repeater (Yes! Don't forget it!). Then, I could see all the waves going on my screen from my side and Erika's end. Perfect! And the conversation? Even more fun!

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