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Intern Assignments

Introductions, Experiments Recordings, Comments, & Feedback

Lisa Parisi's Ultimate Harry Potter Show

This is my first show.  My guests were Alice Mercer, Jennifer Wagner, and, my daughter, Ali Parisi.  Without them, I would have had quite a chat with myself and listeners would have been bored to tears.  So thank you, Guests, for making my show enjoyable.  You are all great conversationalists.

Practice, Practice, Practice

A few days ago, Alice Mercer and I arranged a practice session for ourselves so that we could continue to practice streaming, capturing audio and general trouble shooting. Alice has the first part of the conversation and what follows is the audio from when I kicked the stream and took over. Little did I know that I would lose Alice for a bit and would have to babble by myself. We were joined by Lisa Durff who reported that there was no sound but we were pleasantly surprised that the sound was there all along. I did some editing so that this audio could be about 10 minutes long.

Hicks - Practice Streaming and Recording

Finally, I was able to get my settings correct with Lee's help and get my practice streaming session done. Thanks, Lee!

Making a telephone call to the lady downstairs

... I'm dizzy... Trying , with Jose's help, now, to upload a version friendly to all players

Lisa Parisi's First Successful Streaming!

With help from so many people, I finally was able to stream.  Thank you to Susan, Lee, Cathy, and Chrissy (at 2:00 AM for her), who worked with me through Yugma to solve the setting issues.  And thank you to Susan and Sharon for volunteering to be recorded.  Our fifteen minute conversation is edited here for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!

My First Webcast by Jason Hando

So here it is - took me two serious attempts, with the wonderful help of Chrissy from NZ, Lisa Durff, Susan and Cheryl, we finally got it here is the 2 minute recording of my very first webcast that was done today while I was at school. Big thanks to all involved!!

Down Under Banter - homework from Jason for week 2

I had great fun as you can tell and I think I did my homework correctly as an added bonus - that's the best homework to get, right?

p.s. someone should ban Chrissy and I from having so much fun - my side hurt after this recording! Edited down from 1+ hours to 4 minutes!! 

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