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Intern Assignments

Introductions, Experiments Recordings, Comments, & Feedback

cut and paste 3rd time

Let's see if this works.

Susan with Cheryl

This is a recording of a Skype call that I recorded with Cheryl Lykowski. It was recorded with Call Recorder and edited in Audacity.

cut and paste 2-way phone calls

well, I haven't completely managed to record a two-way discussion; however, I have recorded each way separately. In addition, I've been playing around with audacity, so there is some profit, even if I haven't quite managed it properly. 

I've recorded my 1st try with mrsdurff , which unfortunalely didn't record me (but there is proof that I was there!) Then I tried the skype lady, who actually let me do both, then I had a wonderful talk with Carla, but only got myself recorded.

Next time I bet I'll manage!!!!

"The Magic is really Collaboration!"

Yesterday it was the day.

We did it! YES! :-)

Here is the recording of  my very first recording of a skype conversation using audacity. What a great feeling of achievement. What a great joy. And all thanks to my dear friends Carla and Dennis.

You are the best!

We are now ready for the next step. Llike Carla said. let's stream! :-)

Thank you all.

Telephony Recording

I am still new at PowerGramo and just kind of using it without reading the directions first. It seems to automatically record a skype call, except for the time I was actually planning on using that recording for the assignment...hmmm. This is a short call to my mom to try to explain what I am doing with the webcast academy. I tried to edit some in Audacity, but found it very dificult to do when 2 people are talking at once! Practice, practice, practice!

Durff's Telephony Envy

Everyone is doing such a wondeful job recording their telephone calls that I got to wondering, could I do that way too? So to prove it to myself, I did. I am calling Dani, a friend in PA. You will hear me ask about Sharon at the end. She is Laura's sister, with whom Dani & I previously worked. Her sister is in a coma at JHU with a 1% chance of survival. 

Interview With Cathy Evanoff

I owe Cathy a note of thanks for her help with this one.  I had a few technical issues at the beginning and she patiently guided me through.  It really helps to have someone who's "been there" when you're first getting started.  

 My husband walked in mid-recording and the door alarm sounded.  So, beware the 3 beeps near the end.  I tried to tone them down a little, but couldn't completely edit them out. 

telephony assignment

Hi all - here's my little talk with skype lady

Dave Baron Recording Two-Way Skype Call

Called Jeff Lebow very late on Sunday night because I was so pleased to have recorded the Skype test lady to Audacity.  Here is a bit of the call with Jeff.  We are discussing the fact that I was somehow able to capture Skype audio (including myself) without the using VAC, which I think may be related to the fact that I have a kind of a snazzy sound-card setup that I use for recording music.  In case anybody is interested, it is a Creative Audigy 2ZS, which is a sound card with a break-out box (a separate unit wired to the soundcard) that allows for inputting

Lisa Parisi - telephony call with Durff

After many trials, I finally recorded a fabulous conversation with Durff.  Had fun talking.  Editing was tricky as our voices were mixed together and I sound much louder than she but for my first attempt, I think it went well.  Enjoy!
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