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Intern Assignments

Introductions, Experiments Recordings, Comments, & Feedback

My First Webcast by Jason Hando

So here it is - took me two serious attempts, with the wonderful help of Chrissy from NZ, Lisa Durff, Susan and Cheryl, we finally got it here is the 2 minute recording of my very first webcast that was done today while I was at school. Big thanks to all involved!!

Down Under Banter - homework from Jason for week 2

I had great fun as you can tell and I think I did my homework correctly as an added bonus - that's the best homework to get, right?

p.s. someone should ban Chrissy and I from having so much fun - my side hurt after this recording! Edited down from 1+ hours to 4 minutes!! 

Julie's Streaming....Finally!!

It was a long road, but THANK you to everyone who helped me search, hunt, and dig for the magic button to get my recording and streaming up and running. You guys are the best!! For the streaming I call my dad to 'interview' him and my husband listening downstairs on the lap top to make sure it was actually 'streaming'...what a relief when it all went smoothly. Another thing I learned was that I really really need a headset and not my speakers, you can hear the repeater in the background in the beginning....but that is an easy thing to tweek!

Assignment #2 - A. Mercer's Streaming Audio

Here is recording from Audacity of stream.

Mistakes made along the way: Forget to set wavein and waveout in repeater in an earlier version. Doesn't pick up anything that way, you get a voice saying "trial" over and over on stream instead. 

Volume is still low for me. I will definately try to fix that better in my next attempt. 

Webcast Academy Class of 2.2 Openhouse

Listen to Cheryl, Jose, and I discuss audio issues I hear no echo....

Streaming with Durff and Cheryl

Thanks Durff for providing the forum to do our homework and also  Doug, Jose Antonio, Illya, Cheryl, Marielle, LisaP, Maria and others that checked-in.

Success!!! Dennis interviews Illya

For no apparent reason, it worked.

It was a wonderful chat with Dennis :-) 

recording a skype call homework

I finally figured out how to record a skype call using powergramo.

Justine, a Brazilian Leading a Team in India

I gave a complete overview of the Interview on my personal blog  

Hope you enjoy listening a talk on cultural differences in the business world.



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