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Hey, guys, Today I listened to the EdTech Talk and had the chance to record it using Audacity, with my regular mic and no extra things, just adjusting the settings according to Jeff´s instructions. Cool!!! Everything went smoothly and I was happy to see that I could record it with no problems, although I had to give up my laptop and work on the other computer... Here are the screens of it. Later on I´ll try to play around with the audio. Thanks for all your help! Carla

Using Nicecast on a Mac

The Digital Chalkies and I tried broadcasting on the Sanbox Channels. It worked pretty well!

Things that worked:

We did not use Audacity at this time

Whenever you open Nicecast, you need to check your settings. Often the default settings appear even after you have reset them


Source: Choose Audio Device: Choose your Mic.
Info: Name: Put in the name of your Broadcast
Preset: Custom
Bitrate: 64 Kbps
Sample Rate: 44.100 Khz
Channels: Stereo
Cpu Usage/Quality: Least (up 2 notches)

Go to Window: Show Server
I used Sandbox B so the name I chose is SandBox B

Greetings and intro files

Hello Jeff & co. This is my introduction. Looking forward to the conversations. For more deets, visit my website at Thanks!

Liz and Randy - First Telephony Call Recording

This was our first attempt at recording a call. We think it turned out pretty well considering the problems we had over the last few days figuring how to get the settings correct.

Liz and I plan on hosting webcasts dealing with high school reform, technology and the realm of 21st century learning. So our first recording has Liz sharing some of her positive interactions with department chairs at her high school in a meeting she had today.

We enthusiastically await your feedback!

Audio recording

I used a small piece of a skpe conversation that Lee and I had while she was helping me with WireTap Pro. The first attachment is the segment edited and the second attachment is the same audio unedited.

There are 4-5 places where her speech is slurred. It really bothers me but I was unable to correct it. I hope someone else has some ideas about how to avoid the "slurring sound" or how to fix it.

I opened the aiff file from wiretap pro in audacity and then in both cases exported as mp3 files to post here.

Doug Symington: Introduction

My audio introduction. I'm a member of the class of 1.1 and am really looking forward to working with each of you.
Download Audio (748 kb, 1:35)
My web page contains links to posts, pictures and links to some of the things I'm doing online.

Alex Ragone - Introduction

Here's my introduction. I look forward to working with the class of 1.2. Cheers!

Download mp3

Where I live...

Hi - Here's where I live!

You can't post attachments to a blog response. It appears that in order to post my pictures, I need to be posting in my blog rather than responding to Paul's blog entry. Is that true?

In the end, I may have made these pictures a little too small. How do you all decide on a good size (both size and file size) when you post pictures to a blog?

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